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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 4, Informative) 227

North Carolina shares your view (NCGS 75-36) and has done so since 2003.

In fact it was Lexmark's business practices that prompted the General Assembly to enact this law, so you know it's gotta be bad when even politicians enact a law aimed directly against the interest of a big company with big pockets.

Unfortunately I fear a SCOTUS ruling might invalidate, or otherwise be used against, state law on this matter.

Comment Re:Why not let the market sort this out? (Score 1) 266

I think the problems with airlines is the result of a lack of government intervention when the previous administration allowed a dozen or so airlines to merge into 4 huge monolithic airlines (American, Delta, United and Southwest) three of which all seem to have the same policies, prices, fees and outright contempt for the consumer. The ideal of the free market only works when the consumer has choices available to them and but under these circumstances I honestly feel the airlines have formed into a cartel, and while the DOJ declined to pursue any further investigation into anti-trust behavior there is a class action lawsuit working its way the the courts accusing the major airlines of collusion.

Comment Biased? (Score 1) 51

Maybe I'm out of the loop on something but I can't help but feel this review is inherently biased because they're comparing the 16nm 1080 Ti versus the much older 28nm dual-GPU Fury X (and it should be noted most games can only run on a single GPU without serious problems). With that said wouldn't it be more appropriate to measure it against the 16nm Polaris-based RX 480?

Comment Re:Good on Paper (Score 1) 337

Not that I don't agree with the objective of the ADA, but as a developer the ADA is such a pain to conform to sometimes. I especially hate having to make products work with overpriced text-to-speech software, and what is worse I'm not blind so I don't use screen readers that often so I'm not really sure if what I'm building will work in practice for a disabled person so sometimes I almost wonder if I should ask my manager to hire a disabled person just to test ADA compliance.

Comment Re: One word (Score 1) 474

In theory, Intel and AMD could probably make 64-core CPUs a retail reality within a year or two... but with current programming languages, it would be almost pointless.

I see this sentiment a lot but I see the potential for a circular problem here; software engineers may not see the point in building multi-threaded applications because of the relatively low number of cores in most computers now and as a consequence CPU manufacturers may not see the need for more super multi-core chips because of a lack multithreaded applications, but even otherwise more cores give the operating system's scheduler more room to work with which means you can have more processes running without bogging down the responsiveness of the system.

As it stands right now gaming is probably the most common example I can think of and some Unreal engine games, iirc, can use upward of 15 threads all handling specialized tasks, and you can bet that game developers would love more powerful end user hardware. There are other areas too where multithreading would be practical like data compression (7-zip natively supports up to 4 cores iirc) or video encoding which is more common in today's YouTube generation. I also like to use multithreading for faster building which both MSBuild and GNU Make support.

Comment Re:facts vs sterotype (Score 1) 377

Interestingly, maybe somewhat related to your point, the director for the 80's film Red Dawn was highly vocal against the Brady bill when it was moving through Congress and he included a scene in the movie where a Soviet officer told his troops to go to every gun store in town and collect all the ATF 4473 forms for the purposes of tracking down all gun owners in the area of occupation thereby nipping opposition in the bud.

Comment Re:There might be light but it is not the big pict (Score 4, Informative) 166

Furthermore HFCS and cane [table] sugar are essentially the same thing and both are highly processed. In the case of cane sugar the glucose and fructose molecules are bound together creating a crystalline structure whereas with HFCS the molecules do not share a bond and therefore the substance is much more pliable.

Really eating any excessive amounts of any type of sugar is bad a person's health but there is a huge financial incentive for producers of cane sugar to discredit the much cheaper HFCS even though they're both highly processed, plant based and, practically, have identical chemical composition.

Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 77

Individual applications don't but open your task manager and look at how many processes are running. The more cores you have the more processing power the operating system has to distribute all those processes, and their threads, across. Furthermore some graphics programs and game engines sometimes use upwards of a dozen worker threads.

CPU power in general hasn't lept by great bounds in the last decade like it did 20 years ago when every new computer would be outdated in a year, so now the best strategy is to add more cores so each individual core isn't as burdened as it would otherwise be, and it will likely be the only strategy when we reach the limits of silicone based CPUs in the near future due to quantum tunneling unless someone comes up with something better. Stacking transistors could also be a possible solution sort of like a CPU skyscraper.

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