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Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 73

Individual applications don't but open your task manager and look at how many processes are running. The more cores you have the more processing power the operating system has to distribute all those processes, and their threads, across. Furthermore some graphics programs and game engines sometimes use upwards of a dozen worker threads.

CPU power in general hasn't lept by great bounds in the last decade like it did 20 years ago when every new computer would be outdated in a year, so now the best strategy is to add more cores so each individual core isn't as burdened as it would otherwise be, and it will likely be the only strategy when we reach the limits of silicone based CPUs in the near future due to quantum tunneling unless someone comes up with something better. Stacking transistors could also be a possible solution sort of like a CPU skyscraper.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense to me. (Score 1) 28

What they lack is customers.

That is because they're an awful anti-consumer organization from a bygone era. Why do you think T-Mobile has been pounding them in the dirt ever since they started this whole "Uncarrier" thing?

If T-Mobile is allowed to be absorbed by some monolithic giant disconnected from its consumer base then I'm cancelling my subscription with T-Mobile. Should this happen it'll be a huge step backward for the cellular market, but heh if you can't beat 'em then just buy 'em out with an offer they can't refuse, right?

Comment Re:What is up with this anti-gluten bullshit? (Score 1) 292

IIRC High Fructose Corn Syrup and cane sugar with the only difference being that with cane sugar the glucose and fructose molecules are bonded together, which makes cane sugar crystalline in like manner of table salt, whereas in HFCS the two molecules are not bound to each other giving it a liquid property (hence syrup).

Anyone who knows more about chemistry please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Comment Re:What is up with this anti-gluten bullshit? (Score 3, Informative) 292

Yes it is a hipster thing exploited by the marketing of food companies. I've even seen "Gluten free" on packages of meat.

In fact a couple of double-blind studies of gluten versus a placebo found little evidence to suggest the existing of gluten sensitivity outside of celiac's disease. What we're probably seeing here is the nocebo effect perpetuated by mass hysteria.

Comment Re:India has everything to lose (Score 1) 477

You mean to tell me that I need to elevate India's standard of living when they are perfectly capable of buying books on Amazon and Alibaba and educating themselves and then spreading said education to their population? That's nonsense.

No, I never once said that nor do I believe that we need, or should, do anything about it. We got our own problems here to deal with enough as it is without importing other nation's problems.

Comment Re:India has everything to lose (Score 1) 477

Before you call me a racist, I have high respect for other cultures and enjoy their cuisine a lot. I love Indian food and I think Indian people in general are pretty cool. What I don't like is when the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is throwing all the American citizens under a bus by hiring less skilled workers for a much cheaper price at the expense of American citizens so they can turn even bigger profits when the corporations the Chamber is comprised of are already sitting on vast piles of wealth. It's really a slap in the face. They've taken advantage of the Land of Opportunity so much that it is no longer the Land of Opportunity.

I hear you. One of my former colleagues was an Indian and he was a very skilled Java developer, and believe me I have high respect for anyone that can manage to work with Java skillfully and yet remain sane. He was pretty cool too but I guess he was skilled enough that he found better opportunities, so it's not that Indians are inherently bad as may be implied but rather its just poor training and low standards that hold back their potential as individuals.

Comment Re:Conservatives need to realize cheating occurs (Score 3, Informative) 125

Buy a plug-in electric car, SUV, or truck (they sell them for $9000 in China today and in First World nations like Canada) and stick it to the man.

And where do you think that electricity comes from? The vast majority of it is from fossil fuel electric generation plants. Until nuclear takes over fossil fuels in power generation any arguments about the merits of electric vehicles is moot, except maybe, from an economic standpoint, electricity generated from coal plants.

As a side note about your comment about imported Russian gasoline, it appears most of the fossil fuels in the United States is actually imported from Canada.

Comment Re:Just spyware (Score 1) 99

On the one hand it is annoying but on the other I think forcing updates on people helps remove vulnerabilities from the wild. The Professional version, iirc, you can disable automatic updates rebooting your PC with the group policy editor, and given the typical casual user of Home edition it's probably a good thing that only the Professional version has that option otherwise you'd end up with angry users complaining that Windows is responsible for their personal information being stolen despite the fact they never bothered to update.

Furthermore I think forced automatic updates are probably why we see more social engineer attacks against clueless users now than in the past (like those Indian guys calling people up and claiming to be Microsoft support and that they detected a virus on your PC) but unfortunately not even software can fix stupid.

Comment Re:Why even bother, your edits get reverted anyway (Score 2) 85

Last time I went to edit some Wikipedia articles, putting in actual content, the pages got reverted with little to no explanation why. A few months later, mysteriously, the identical content, word for word, I added (which was yanked) was present, put there by another editor.

Exactly what I was thinking. Wikipedia sells itself as an open encyclopedia anyone can edit but in my experience it is one of the most user hostile environments ever once one tries to contribute. You can even be a PhD on a subject and make an edit complete with references and it will still get reverted because it's some self-proclaimed editor's pet project and you can't be apart of it.

This doesn't seem to be a problem specific to Wikipedia either but to the whole Wiki platform as a whole because I've experienced this at other Wiki type sites, so I no longer ever bother to contribute anything.

Comment Re:I have a remote option but go in anyway (Score 4, Insightful) 250

I work from home and I get what you're saying but I'll tell you that keeping your workspace clean and professional (Having it in its own dedicated room is even better) and sticking to a morning routine like; getting up, having breakfast and getting dressed as though you're on your way to the office, can go a long way to improve your work-at-home ethic.

Comment Re:I wish (Score 1) 60

Samsung has totally abandoned their core following in favor of chasing after Apple and trying to make themselves into a fashion accessory, as a consequence it appears Samsung now also has the "courage" to remove the 3.5mm mini-stereo headphone jack.

Right now I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4; the last good Samsung phone device IMO along with the S5, but it'll probably be my last Samsung device unless they return to reality which is unlikely.

I'm thinking for my next phone it'll probably be an LG V20, or whatever is equivalent from LG if and when I decide to upgrade. I like being able to have expandable, and swappable, storage and also having a pocket full of spare batteries when traveling or hiking.

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