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Comment Re:Nope, and missing the point (Score 2) 68

IMO tipping in its current form should be outlawed thereby making restaurant operators pay their help at least the state mandated minimum wage. Sure the cost of going out to eat will rise to make up for it but really you're already paying those prices anyway because of tipping but at least food workers will be earning a consistent living.

As far as the pizza industry is concerned; they absolutely prey on their help. My mom used to work for Papa John's for several years and then Dominoes for a few years, mostly out of desperation. Both jobs offered absolutely no benefits despite insanely long hours, paid around $3/hr and sometimes something like $.20 per mile traveled when delivering. So people who work in the industry have to get their tips to manage to make any decent money to get by, furthermore since the Great Recession of '08 it's only gotten worse to the point where many pizza joints have a hard time retaining help because they refuse to pay a decent wage and people who order refuse to tip or they actually tip only a few cents. It's also very hazardous work, at least in urban areas, as it is not uncommon to be robbed at gunpoint for pizza if not for money and the major chains prohibit delivery persons from carrying any form of self-defense non-lethal or otherwise. A cop actually told my mom once they he would be terrified to have to deliver pizza for a living on account of how dangerous it is versus being a cop.

Comment Re:All about control and second party apps (Score 1) 25

I hosted a couple of TS servers for several years until I finally moved to Mumble.

For the longest time I had a difficult time getting my friends to switch to Mumble from Ventrilo a few years back but when I finally got them to switch they would never go back. What it was like before Mumble was awful because there were only a couple of proprietary Windows-only voice chat software with outrageous licensing fees for anything more than like 5 users.

Comment Re:Criminal status is not a race. (Score 1) 108

There is no such thing as race anyway; we're all members of the same exact species. The idea of race is an entirely learned idea and if you watch little kids play you'll notice that they are not naturally prejudice against others who are superficially different unless they've been told to be prejudice.

Variety makes the world more interesting and people themselves are no exception.

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 2) 160

Actually states and their relationship with the federal government are defined in US constitution. Local governments however are political subdivisions of each individual state and it is up to each state and that state's constitution as to how much autonomy local political subdivisions should have.

So in short basically local governments, in most if not all cases, exist to keep the peace and handle more mundane matters on behalf of the state's legislature which created those local governments but a lot of people seem to forget that and think local governments somehow have some sort of inherent sovereignty.

Comment Re:My civil disobedience (Score 2) 534

Kinda like yesterday when I strung the Indian "computer support" guy along for 15 minutes by pretending to poking around my windows machine. In the end he asked my what browser I was using, and when I said Safari he swore in his native language and then hung up on me

A friend of mine did this and imagine how angry the guy on the other side was when he realized my friend was describing the panel of a microwave. I find it even funnier because microwaves typically have a "Start" button.

Comment Re:Windows As A Service? (Score 2, Interesting) 150

What other Windows 10 disappointments are on the horizon?

They'll probably remove more group policies from the Professional version so they can gouge people into paying for the Enterprise edition. I fully expect Windows 10 Pro to slowly devolve into the equivalent of a "Home Premium." A more optimistic outlook though is that ReactOS has made major progress the past couple years.

Comment Re:Something that always bothers with these storie (Score 2) 69

Personally I feel that breakthrough in artificial brains may be doomed to be locked with advances in understanding of the medical field; as you've pointed out we've yet to understand an individual neuron's role in the grand scheme or what makes all this mush of neurons self-aware. So far we've only examined cause and effect by pumping chemicals and electrical jolts into a live brain which seems almost primordial compared to what we don't know.

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1145

Is $10,000/year even enough to live on in the US? lists the price of a one bedroom apartment outside the city center as $900/month, i.e. around $11,000/year. There would be no money left over for food, education, medicine, etc., so anyone who is poor today would still be poor under this new system - and living out on the street.

Furthermore I suspect that the cost of commodities will greatly increase because now the rich who manage and control all the companies involved in production and distribution will see everyone has having an extra $10,000 to spend, so as a consequence those who make anything from a nothing to modest income will not only have to work excessively to live as they do now but with UBI they now have to pay more to live top of it.

Granted I'm not an economist so I may be wrong.

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

I'm a remote developer for a mid-sized company doing a boring 9-5 enterprise job and I live in rural North Carolina where I pay $797/mo for a 2,200/sqft 3 bedroom house on an acre of land on a quiet private road. I also have great neighbors, everyone in town knows each other and I have reasonably fast internet with fiber coming within the next 5 years. You couldn't pay me enough to live in, or in any place like, overcrowded and overpriced Silicone Valley instead of where I do now.

Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 1) 157

There is actually a write up that is worth a read by an electrical engineer on /r/amd

So if what he is saying is true it makes me wonder if maybe it's actually many motherboards that are non-compliant with PCI-e. Honestly I've seen some crappy boards with sub-standard components (anybody remember the great capacitor plague around 15 years ago?) so it would not surprise me.

Comment Re:Too Late :-( (Score 1) 135

This should have been happening in the 1980s and '90s

I wonder how things would have turned out in this regard to space exploration had the Soviet Union not collapsed because they had a space station up in LEO in 1971; a full 27 years before the ISS, and had the famous Mir space station up in LEO by 1986.

Comment Re:Rate limit exceeded; please try again later... (Score 1) 565

Yes it is a joke but the fact that it looks authentic to the point it can confuse the typical person is the reason the NRA is threatening legal action. Furthermore what this site is suggesting is likely outright illegal under the Brady Act; as a straw purchase, which the NRA, whether you like them or not, would obviously never advocate.

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