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Comment Re:Recruiting (Score 2) 26

Smart move from Apple - even if it was to replace a previous dumb move.

Apple can do fine living in isolation developing hardware enclosures and user interfaces, but the world of AI is much bigger than Apple and it's where the majority of progress in the computing world is going to happen now.

I'm happy Apple has realised this. Apple vs "the rest of the world" in developing AI was not going to end well for them.

Comment Re:Am I the only one (Score 1) 331

So getting somewhat off-topic, Scott Adams' argument appears to be:
Some people call Trump Hitler - when he's not (which I 100% agree with Scott on that one)
The DNC have spent a lot of effort spinning opinion against Trump.
Because of that, clearly the arguments against Trump are an illusion that's shared with most anti-trumpers

My counter argument would be:
Comparing him to Hitler isn't the only argument against Trump. There are many others which I believe are valid.
GOP have been smearing her for her political lifetime where as the DNC have only been smearing Trump since it was clear he was going to win the Primary.
Plenty of people call Hillary corrupt devil politician in ways way over the top.

Still I agree, Slashdot could have done without this story.

Comment Re:We're going to nuke Russia (Score 1) 396

Pretty sure the instant -1 is due to the subject being "We're going to nuke Russia" which is obviously mass hyperbole, and that "Because Hillary and the DNC was embarrassed when trying to commit crimes." without any discussion of what crimes the DNC apparently had exposed by the hack.

The OP did give an opinion, but added nothing to the discussion.

Comment Re:Garbage (Score 1) 148

Because this wasn't a surprise Apple just dumped on people, this was a well established by the open Swift community.

The core language itself has only really had minor tweaks, how the standard Apple libraries are referenced is what's caused the major change (e.g. not so much the language was horrible in v2 but awkward naming conventions from bridging the Objective-C way of doing things) as well as some naming changes for Swift standard libraries.
Presumably if they went with Swift it was for an iOS/OSX project where Objective-C was the alternative. I find I'm much more productive in Swift than Obj-C, and time spent migrating Swift 2 to 3 for me is dwarfed by the time I saved using Swift.

So to answer your question: If the upgrade doesn't take long he should take a pay cut because: this wasn't a surprise that jumped on them, this was a well known and documented set of upcoming changes that shouldn't take much time to implement - especially given the (not always perfect) migration tools provided.
If the OP wants to say that everyone else is wrong all the time and get a pay raise when he's proven right then he should get a pay cut if he's proven wrong.

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