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Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 128

The whole "Hyperloop" thing is a ridiculous joke that will never, EVER be built.

Such statements are usually wrong. It will be build some time in the future, on some planet where the environment is so bad that air travel is an even worse option. It's basically another example a solution looking for a problem.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 2) 769

What the email actually say are normal intra party politics, back stabbing and intrigue. They have not found corruption, extortion or even racist jokes being forwarded. In fact for an email dump it is pretty innocuous.

Doesn't matter. People have already made up their own fantasy world around this, and no one is ever going to get them to change their minds. Facts are meaningless when you make your decisions based on emotion. Hate and fear being the easiest ways to control those emotions, and people.

Comment Vomit (Score 1) 406

Many people don't remember the 90's when the news was full of whatever vomit spewed from this man's mouth. When he cashed in his all his political favors for the millions of dollars that he was given by big corporations after serving in office, I thought we had heard the last of him. Makes sense that the worse of the worse would come crawling out of the woodwork. Thanks Trump.

Comment Re:Glad to see it's bipartisan (Score 1) 212

It's quite frustrating to see my country turn into an Orwellian nightmare. Most voters don't care, either because they don't understand the ramifications of a surveillance state, or because they fall into party lines and turn it into a petty squabble. So seeing a coalition that's equally composed of reds and blues is a very good sign I think. But we'll have to wait and see if this goes anywhere.

Let jump right to the Godwin, and look at how the Nazis came to power. You create boogie men for the common folks to distract them, and then they don't even realize when their own government is the one fucking them in the ass.

Comment Re:Only if it's affordable (Score 1) 265

Please solve the problem of shopping for groceries if I can't drive to the grocery store and no one from the grocery store can drive to my house.

I'm all for reducing traffic, but I kinda hate starving ...

At one time there were small grocery stores every couple of blocks. Only when people proved willing to drive for a simple task like shopping, did they all go out of business and consolidate into a single neighborhood super market that's nowhere that anyone can walk.

Comment Re:Unless you screen like the Israelis (Score 0) 307

... Society is becoming increasingly uninhabitable because some people can't seem to get it through their heads that a society is not just a question of whom you allow in but whom you do not allow in.

Personally I'd like to kick out all bigoted fucktards like yourself. Guess what? I'm not an AC. Paranoid fuck,

Comment Re:saving the world (Score 1) 180

What is the deal with every startup or tech company or whatever trying to take the moral high ground on whatever they happen to have found some marketable niche for? "...The most vulnerable people in society"? Give me a fucking break.

Back at you. It is as they say. Our car was towed in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and it was $500 to get it out. Did you get that? $500. Imagine someone working for $18/hour (sarcasm obvious), and needing that car to get to work. Hell, the car might not be WORTH more than $500. There was a couple crying at the pound in that exact situation. That was one of the most depressing and infuriating moments of my life.

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 155

Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong to scrutinize what people do during their own time, and then use that information to decide how they are to be treated on company time?

For a normal person, of course. But we are living in a society where the ultra rich control most aspects. If we do not hold them accountable for their use and abuse of their wealth, then when does it end? It's called Noblesse Oblige, where the nobility have a responsibility to the peasants.

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