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Comment Re:Unpopular here, but I'm with Berners-Lee. DRM e (Score 1) 207

Exactly. If we want more Flashes and more Silverlights, by all means, fight against DRM in the browser. I, for one, do not. I will choose the lesser evil. We're going to need it until we "fix" copyright law, which could take literally forever.

One political revolution will end it pretty quickly. For some reason the US thinks they are immune to such a change, even when they see it happening all around them.

Comment Rubber (Score 1) 65

Correct if I am wrong, but as I understand it the patent office just rubber stamps any patent application as long as all the eyes are crossed and tees are dotted. It's up to any other party to prove that the patent should not have been granted. Which is where all the expensive lawyers come in, which is why patents have no purpose except for huge companies to fuck with each other.

Comment Discovery! (Score 1) 27

As a security expert (since anyone can make that claim), I have discovered that since code is written by people, and no one could possibly take the time and spend the money to absolutely secure any application written for any operating system (moving targets), that X (name your application) could possibly (if any number of random factors are taken into consideration) be compromised! Not that anyone has actually proven that any such hack has been accomplished.

How about give us some news when the exploits actually exist.

Comment Growth Mania (Score 3, Insightful) 28

"SoftBank is growing frustrated with Sprint's lack of major growth in the U.S. market"

What is wrong is a stable successful profitable company? It seems that everyone thinks that a company that isn't growing every year is not a good company. There's plenty of wealth and resources on this planet for everyone. The end goal is not to have one winner who owns everything.

Comment Not Social (Score 1) 54

"Social media" is more like mass advertising than social interaction. It is a form of instant gratification, that takes advantage of people's inherent insecurities. My best friends are ones that I know will hide me from the cops if I arrive at their door covered in blood, not the ones that spend the most time making superficial replies to my random posts. Build strong relationships with a small number of important people. You will be much happier.

Comment Re:error in whose ways? (Score 1) 113

Most of recipients are naturally freeloaders, and that's expected. When a merchant in medieval Genoa or a partician in ancient Rome sponsored a work of art, the plebs got to see it for free. In ancient Greece, there were even special funds so the poor can be exposed to culture. Some goods are scarce, and those are naturally limited -- during a famine, I wouldn't share my last bread no matter how loud the preachers speak -- but most artwork doesn't get used up just because some enjoy it for free.

I'm becoming more and more convinced of this. Two examples. There is a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 coming out in a couple of month, fully crowd funded. This is art that people WANTED, and we PAID for it. It wasn't forced down our throats. Another example is my favorite band Killing Joke. One member is an art restorer. One is an active music producer. One lives a no frills life style in Prague. And the last is composer in residence for the European Union. The band is what they do for the LOVE of art, not the PROFIT. They make some money touring, but almost nothing off their records.

Fuck the MPAA. We will have art and culture, and better art and culture, if they were to disappear tomorrow. They are no longer the distribution system of art to the masses. They are the road block.

Comment Before the Borders Close (Score 1) 372

CA will continue to have environmental protection, no matter what the federal government. We still have open borders, so if you need to escape US idiocy, we welcome you with open arms. The same goes for IL, NY, and a few other first world nation states. The rest of the country can go fuck yourselves.

Comment Re:The UK eBorders does this (Score 1) 94

And it's the biggest cluster fuck you can imagine. Only registered travellers over the age of 18 get to use it. Every one else gets to join an EVEN LONGER QUEUE because they can't be bothered to lay on sufficient staff to process people coming through. Entire families stuck in a fucking queue for over an hour thanks to electronic borders. Progress.

Only an hour? That would be a dream come true in the US.

Comment Re:OpenVPN port tcp/443 (Score 1) 68

It's actually not all that difficult to spot vpn traffic. Run some DPI and just simply look at the size of the packets being exchanged.

You are talking simple in THEORY, but not in practice. We're talking about sniffing the traffic of a COUNTRY, not a small office. That takes serious hardware and serious money if they don't want to crawl. Sounds like they are ready to turn on some system. But like all things internet, it will only take a short time for people to learn how to get around it.

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