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Comment abstract text (Score 4, Funny) 124

This is the abstract used ( not really) to get teh funding grant for this research.

Two fundamentally different but complementary transition metal catalyzed chemo-, regio-,diastereo-, enantio-, and grantproposalo-selective approaches to the synthesis of a library of biologically significant nano- and pico-molecules will be presented with the focus on reaction mechanism and egocentric effects. The role of the nature of the metal, ligand, solvent, temperature, time, microwave, nanowave, picowave, ultrasound, hypersound, moon phase, and weather in this catalytic, sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly technology will be discussed in detail.

Comment Re:The More Young College Grads I Meet... (Score 1) 671

Business is business, Why should I care about the company "paying my dues" if, when the times get a little tough they lay off employees to increase the share price. Their responce, business is business. My responce, I'll put in 40 hours of hard work a week, but I want an equitable work contract. My first job out of university was 70 hours a week, for six months, then they laid everyone on the project off. I was not upset with the company, any other american company would have done the same. I then ( six years agao) emigrated to an "evil socialist" european county and have been loving my job and life every since.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 147

This isn't news, we have known for a long time that there are different isotope ratios from different sources. This basically means that the atomic weight of say carbon, when looking really closely, is sample dependant, meaning different samples will have differing atomic weights because they have differing ratios of isotopes.

Comment Re:Previous condition (Score 3, Insightful) 594


"The vaccine didn't cause the disorder, it resulted in it. "

I want to ask these parents, this judge, how many horrible deaths of young children from preventable deseases they are then liable for? The parents, lawyers and judge will not cause the deaths of these children, but thier actions certainly will result in the horrible deaths of children from preventable deseases.

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