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Comment The Benchmark Lifecycle (Score 3, Insightful) 50

A good benchmark -- in cameras, CPUs, GPUs, cars, anything really -- is ideally a set of tests which contains a random sampling of real-world scenarios. In the beginning, the benchmark is good precisely because the vendors are unaware of it and don't spend a bunch of time trying to optimize for it specifically.

Once a benchmark becomes popular, companies try to make their product better for the benchmark ("See PHB! I increased our PCBench score by 10%!") but CAN ultimately end up doing so in a custom way that doesn't represent real-world performance (e.g. Volkswagen). Because the company is now specifically trying to optimize for a specific use-case, the benchmark is no longer random and thus no longer representative of real-world use.

Enter a new benchmark, which is really good, and better mirrors real-world performance and the cycle begins anew.

Comment Re:Duverger's Law: hate the game, not the players (Score 1) 338

Our Archiac Pluralistic Voting system includes having parties nominate their own candidates on the tax payer dime
...but if we agree that plurality voting becomes two party because of science, does it not follow then, that party members become the government, and therefore their elections should probably be run in some fair way independent of the party's elite?

Those in power tend to stay in power. We have term limits for a reason, but Super Delegates don't.

Comment Layoffs in the Valley... (Score 3, Insightful) 238

It's odd that as Intel and AMD have shed workers -- they put the "Silicon" in Valley after all -- absolutely useless companies like LinkedIn are sprawling all over Sunnyvale. I understand why a company needs a large workforce to make microprocessors with nanometer thick wires, but I have no idea why you need thousands of people to run a website.

Maybe investors are just dumb....?

Comment Don't blame the Holocaust on Poland (Score 2, Informative) 228

Poland had more holocaust victims than any other country with around 2 million of the victims being ethnic Poles. Poland is also number one in Righteous Among the Nations (awarded by Israel for saving Jews during the Holocaust). Basically, Poland was damn proud to be a Democratic state where you could practice whatever religion you wanted which attracted the largest Jewish population of Europe and earned the ire of Germany. A couple right-wing nutters no more represents Poland than Cliven Bundy represents Americans. /., you're better than to present the Polish as a people who cooperated with Germany during the Holocaust -- a view the victims don't share either.

Comment I worked for Y! as a contractor.... (Score 1) 218

back in 2013 and was able to see this from the inside. Everyone would spend most of their time playing Diplomacy and just like the board game, it was impossible to win without stabbing someone in the back. Even if you survive one round, to survive the next you'd need to betray someone new. I have no idea why anyone would think "Survivor" would be a good work atmosphere -- but that's probably why I don't have a multi-million dollar salary.

I was happy being a contractor because (a) free food was good (b) I had no job security -- but neither did they and (c) pleasing my manager by doing good work was easy enough.

The other problem, was of course, most of their products are completely worthless. As one investor put it, Y! has three businesses worth keeping: mail (most popular provider in the world), Finance (most popular free stocks site), and Sports (again, most popular free site -- more users than ESPN). All three teams could easily fit inside a single building with some room to spare for day-to-day operational stuff (server maintenance and the like).

So cutting divisions like Games (bingo...seriously?) totally makes sense.

Comment Re:Basically no (Score 1) 532

Modern socialism relies on capitalism -- and always has. "Communism" is socialism without capitalism.

In the US, we already have a socialist system -- largely state controlled -- where individuals get free food, housing, and healthcare, but will have a hard time finding a job if they do -- for a cool $30K a year. Emergency room is provided for free, but is much more expensive than traditional care. The words "social justice" are used here to mean that if Johnny smokes pot, he receives a prison term (despite having marginally harmed society) compared to white-collar crime which is almost never punished.

I am not sure how education for all -- we already do, Bernie merely wants to expand this to include college -- somehow invalidates the idea of the self-reliance any more than teaching someone to fish somehow makes them more reliant on you for fish. There's a different between a police state and a socialist state -- it's the reason you don't have to take off your shoes to get on an airplane in Sweden.

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