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Comment Re:Umm... (Score 1) 562

who exactly would they sell their products to?
Corporations aren't -IN- the US anyway, they're all multinational, based somewhere that doesn't tax them.
Look at GE.

We have the market, they want access to that market. They have bases of operation and employ people here simply for that reason.
This whole fear of corporations is utter crap. It's not true, it has no basis, it's propaganda.

Comment Pronunciation (Score 2, Informative) 139

For those of you struggling to figure out just exactly how you're supposed to pronounce this creatures name..

Zh is a tough sound to make for English speakers. The h represents aspiration of the z, and the z is pronounced as a 'ds' sound. Mix ds with a j, and you're pretty much there.

Fucking hell, why did they have to name this thing with -the- most difficult sound in the entire Chinese language?!

Comment How does this work? (Score 1) 196

A question that I've always had about this, 'the light took J billion years to get to where we are now, so it's this close to the big bang!" thing is: wouldn't that assume that where the earth is now is where it would have been had it existed at the time of the big bang? The matter that now makes up the earth was a part of the big bang and so moved outward away from the site at a speed lower than that of light in a vacuum, no? So no matter how far back you look, you're NEVER going to see the beginnings of the universe, because the light from everything that happened around the time of the big bang radiated out past us and is already gone. The only things we can see are things that happened far enough away that the light has not yet reached us until now. Considering how slowly the universe must have expanded in real terms (unless they're saying it expanded near c), how is it even possible that it's anywhere close to 600m years after the big bang?
Someone please explain.

Comment Re:Voting options out of order (Score 1) 465

Could you not forsee a time when computers and robots have become so advanced that they contain all the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of several human doctors, thereby being programmed with theoretically hundreds of years of real world experience?

Unfortunately, a good deal of the things learned by experience are extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to explain. I know that there are many things in cooking that I know how to do but can't explain because at a certain point chaos is operating such that I can't understand what's happening logically, I just have to 'feel' it out. Teach that to a robot.

Comment Re:Still alive (Score 1) 763

Sorry, false. :(
I cook kobe steak just about every day, and it'll hold up just fine. Intramuscular beef fat isn't the most quickly rendering stuff in the world, and the heat doesn't get high enough even in a well done situation to render it to 'shred apart.' You'd have to braise it to do that, and then any soft cut would shred after a braise.
There are various grades of kobe, so the amount of fat you get in a cut will depend on the cut itself and then the grade. If you want some seriously fatty beef.. check out grade A5 Chiba beef.

Comment Re:Still alive (Score 5, Insightful) 763

I'm sorry, but that's not an upscale restaurant. That's a restaurant that gives the rest of us a bad rap. A great restaurant sells one thing above all else: hospitality. It's the customers food, we want them to enjoy it. If they enjoy a kobe rib eye steak well done, fine. We'll wince, moan, and parts of us may die in the process, but we'll do it. Why? Because it's our job.
Any "chef" that can't get over his own damn ego to please his customer needs to go back down the ladder and relearn the basics. The customer is always right. I don't give a damn if they're an idiot. They're right. Make them have a good time, not a bitch of a time because the chef has a stick up his ass.

Comment Re:not so green, huh? (Score 3, Insightful) 477

the first is just the irony of the country touted as having "A Bad Human Rights Record" (when in fact they are just using common sense to keep control over 1.3 billion people)

What the...?
People don't say that China has a bad human rights record because of the One Child Policy. They say that for, among other things, the One China Policy. Did you hear about the unrest of the Tibetans and the slaughter they endured as a result? Did you hear about the Uyghur towns in XinJiang Province wherein the government went in one day saying that everyone needs to be in their homes tomorrow or be shot and then coming through the next day and killing everyone on the streets?
You seem like a relatively informed person, did you hear about the rocket tests that destroyed entire towns?
How about the supremely corrupt officials covering up reports of lakes polluted to the point of poisoning absolutely every last person in the bordering towns?

Don't get me wrong. I love China. Wonderful place, great people, amazing food, and a beautiful land. But that government is abhorrent when it comes to treating its people right.

Comment 5 x 11 (Score 1) 287

When working a 50 hour work week, 5 x 10 is much better than 6 x 8..
Sure, the 10 might turn into 11 or 12, but it's better than the 8 turning into 10 and never finding a day to recover and then getting slowly run down until you have to find a new place to work because you're exhausted every day from not being able to be off.
Of course, those working 7 day work weeks have me beat. How people pull that off I have no idea.

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