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Comment Not just California (Score 1) 258

California could experience a 8.0 or greater easily. Remember, where the Japan quake struck a 9.0 wasn't "supposed" to happen. Now, we know for certain the Juan de Faca subduction zone, responsible for the Cascade range of Volcanoes is capabable of 9+ magnitude earthquakes and the devastating Tsunamis that follow. The last such even was recorded in Japan about 350 years ago and they occur every 300-400 years. We can tell from the rock record. I can say with almost 100% certainty that the US Pacific Northwest will be hit with such an event with increasing probability over the next 100 years.

Comment Efficient use of power? (Score 1) 407

How about, more efficient use of power + solar + wind + carbon + nuclear? Until we get off this blasted rock and off to mining asteroids and the moon, we are constrained by the limit of resources on this planet. If we reduce the rate of consumption through lower power means of attaining the same work, then we are winning.

Comment Re:A warning. (Score 1) 545

1) I have read and listened to said speech. You are making an assumption. I also know that similar thoughts have been spoken by the Pope and politicians and thinkers on the right. What the president thinks is just a few strokes of a pen away from being policy.

2) Agreed. But I don't trust any of them. My starting position is from mistrust. Even the best politician, to me, is no higher up the ladder of respect than an ambulance chaser, sometimes they are one and the same (John Edwards).

3) Spoken like a true grammar Nazi, controlling the spelling of my words and diverting attention away from the greater passage. This is a discussion forum not a research paper. Granted, punctuation and spelling generally reflect time wasted on studying the rules of the English language, but I have to many other pressing interests to devote the necessary time to proofread and correct grammar and spelling in a brain dump on some dusty and dark corner of the interwebs. Also, I like commas, alot.

I know how to spell bureaucracy 9 times out of 10. Do you know how to spell fuchsia?

Comment A warning. (Score 1, Insightful) 545

Never trust them (those in power) even if we elected them to CHANGE our system.

They hate these new devices because they don't control them yet. Look at totalitarian states all around the world, all politicians' DREAMLANDS because they control every facet of information and the minutiae of everyday lives of their subjects. I don't care if your politician is Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, or Barack Obama. They all dreamed of a place they can control us from. That is why in our society we have to keep them in check. We have to let them know who is boss and that they are chosen to SERVE US. If they can't get over the yellow press, the "rumors" the "false information". if they can't calibrate their message to appeal to the mass of us, that is THEIR problem and not ours.

Barack Obama, your Chavez is showing. At least we know how to recognize it, we learned it in the time frame between 1763 and 1789.

Now to be down-ranked into oblivion by the enlightened leftosphere...

The Apple iPad, it doesn't burn at 451 degrees but by golly we'll figure out a way to eliminate it's subversive information delivery capability!

Oh, and BHO... The Xbox is an entertainment platform. Maybe the Whitehouse should mandate what games are played on it, like:

The Healthcare Bill: Acquiesing your personal freedoms to the bueracracy 2011. Learn how to avoid fraud detection by the Healthcare Police. Work your way up from menial claims clerk to head of the HHS, or in Death Panel mode, decide who gets the life saving operation and who doesn't!!!

Sounds like a lot of fun. maybe even more than Madden NFL 2011.

Of course what was written above is just a warning and not a foretelling of events to come.

Comment Amiga (Score 4, Interesting) 397

In an earlier stage of life I worked at RadioShack, when they actually sold electronics and radio equipment. One of my co-workers was a ham radio enthusiast and would spend hours talking about the rise of the Amiga and how it would come back. It was always just a few months away from releasing a new OS or platform. I would wager if I went back to that store... Or perhaps the store that replaced it, since RadioShack is just a shell of its former self he would still extoll the virtues of Amiga and it's imminent resurgence. Then he'd mutter about how Gateway killed it because the technology was too advanced for the average PC user to accept.

Comment Re:Great Depression? (Score 1) 873

Wow, so you have never heard of innovation, ingenuity, or wealth generation. Rags to riches? I am sorry you have been brainwashed to believe these things about Capitalism. Capitalism allows wealth to be generated from nothing but the application of ones mind and hard work carried out by ones hands.

Comment Re:Great Depression? (Score 1) 873

Yeah, well I have seen the values of my investments plummet +30% but I am in for the long haul. Many people lived through the Great Depression and look what happened to this country afterwards. Was there ever a time in American history that proved to be more inventive and innovative than the period of time during and after WWII? We are namby pambys today. A bit sad actually. I don't want government bailing anyone out. It prolongs the failure and spreads out the misery.

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