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Comment Re:locally, about the same thing happened (Score 2, Insightful) 192

six years ago, a group of college students (for class credit) followed a CRT TV (GPS unit embedded ) from recycle bin to its final destination. it was never recycled
since the GPS continued to work. they lost the signal after it left San Juan when it was sent outside the USA.

How much do you want to make a bet it landed in the Atlantic Ocean?

Comment Tell your TL to man up (Score 1) 140

It's his job to be in 6 hours a day to be in meetings. Not you which is what seems to happen in an office. Alot of companies love to eliminate that title and have the uses, PMs, IT leadership, and have them interact directly with the programmers instead to cut costs. So you spend 5 to 6 hours talking about what you are going to do with little results. Working from home forces a Sr programmer to be a lead anD go to guy.

Using this title and making him a supervisor will give you the freedom back to do your job. Hey Mike can you do X before Wednesday sorry I promised the client etc? Your answer is to ask Bob the lead?

Comment Re:Innovation (Score 5, Interesting) 356

Linux os not full of innovation.
It's full of great work, executed properly.

I was not a believer. I hated the fact that he was pushing such an outdated design for a kernel.
Yet he proved that great execution of an existing idea is much more valuable and has a much greater impact (worldwide, long lasting impact) than a beautiful, innovative design.

Comment Re:SSRIs (Score 1) 47

Don't take them.

2 months clean and part of my super negative thought cycles are now gone. They are somewhat back but manageable. SSRI s permanently change brain structure. They stop working after several years and can permanently ruin your sex drive the longer you are on them.

SSRIs work for just several months repairing damage but can cause other damage

Comment Re:SSRIs (Score 1) 47

Well from personal experience I backup grandparent. Yes myself is not valid scientific B's yada yada.

I got fired from a job the first time I tried SSRIs when I was younger. I came in late and knew I was supposed to be at work but laid in bed going meh. I was mad at myself for years thinking I was immature and deserved it in which I did.

I never got connection. I tried SSRIs again recently. Low and behold within a few days I quit studying for my certifications, my apartment became messy, and had a verbal warning about coming into work on time. I even stopped watching TV and just slept in all weekend all in peace. I stopped them with all the brain zaps and shocks that come from stopping all of the sudden. I had to be responsible.

Within 48 hours I was back to normal. Who cares about rats speeds? The real effects are like going hungry. Serotonin and dopamine are linked to rewards. If you always feel full the urge to eat goes down. The brain has enough neurotransmitters it won't go thru the effort for work or pleasure

Comment Re:Conversations before Appointment (Score 3, Interesting) 890

The Republicans took over using the same fear and tactics Democrats are using now with their tea party early in Obama's tenure and still own both houses today.

My prediction is Democrats will swing both houses back if Trump is a divider and will hold him in check and roadblock until a liberal is president again.

Comment Re:Conversations before Appointment (Score 1) 890

My prediction is a return to a Republican civil war. Ted Cruz will lead the charge in 2020 and perhaps Mitt Romney on the moderate sane side will run against Trump in the primaries.

All of this will charge an already zealot left which will shift the country back far left. Bernie is the same resentment and anger at Washington from Democrats as the right was about Trump. There are 2 civil wars for m what I see. The haves and have nots. Those whose benefitted from globalization are pro Cruz and Clinton. Those who suffered are anti establishment Bernie and Trump. It's a mess with hate on all 4 sudes

Comment Re:It's a pain because recovery has to be an optio (Score 1) 216

That is not the pain .

Where I work it is the clueless clients who send us (another company) encrypted emails and then demand an answer ASAP and blame IT when it doesn't work.

Cisco iron mail is horrible! Requires outdated Java and times out on our network. MBAs have no idea the work required. Just to penelize my users if they don't respond ASAP with no warning

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