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Submission + - Microsoft Finally Kills Windows XP Antivirus (

kierny writes: Shed a tear for enthusiasts of aging Microsoft Windows operating systems. That's because Microsoft is finally deep-sixing Windows XP — the antivirus engine, that is. After seven years of related warnings, Microsoft on July 14 stopped updating its built-in Microsoft Security Essentials software, or feeding it new signature updates. Other antivirus vendors are continuing to promise XP-compatibility for their products, as is Google for Chrome — for now.

Of course, old tech never dies — it just fades asymptotically away. But the 12% of all desktops and laptops still running XP show that breaking up [with aging Microsoft operating systems] is still hard to do.


Submission + - iPhone 4.0 OS To Have 'Intelligent Multitasking' (

CWmike writes: If Apple announces multitasking for its iPhone and iPad tomorrow, it will be a limited version that the company controls, allowing some applications to run in the background but denying others, experts said on Wednesday. On Thursday, Apple will roll out iPhone OS 4.0. Most industry watchers expect that Apple will add multitasking, and pressure is coming from developers, who are said to be shifting their attention to Android devices largely because of the iPhone OS's lack of multitasking. 'The iPhone OS has push notification, but that's not the same," said Aaron Vronko, CEO of do-it-yourself iPod, iPhone and iPad repairs company Rapid Repair. 'They'll do what I call 'intelligent multitasking',' said Vronko. Such limited multitasking would set up Apple as the gatekeeper and allow it to approve or deny specific programs the right to run in the background. 'That makes the most sense, because it lets Apple control the user experience and performance,' Vronko added, referring to multitasking's strain on mobile devices and its drain on their batteries. Vronko based his opinion on the hardware inside the iPad, which he disassembled last Saturday to analyze its construction and components. The single-core processor that powers the tablet and the 256MB of system memory, the same sported by the iPhone 3GS, makes full-fledged multitasking difficult, if not impossible, he said. 'That's not a whole lot of memory, [so] I don't think we'll see a general multitasking,' Vronko said. 'But if they use an intelligent multitasking model and limit its scope, the [iPad] hardware can certainly do it.' Seth Weintraub will be liveblogging the iPhone 4.0 announcement on Thursday from 1 p.m. Eastern.

Submission + - How do I determine a fair salary? ( 2

lawpoop writes: After looking at a few salary sites, it seems that I'm very underpaid in my current position. I'm thinking about striking out on the job hunt, but I have a question. Can I trust information from, glassdoor, and the like? They might have an interest in me thinking I'm underpaid; I'm more likely to use their services ( which doesn't apply to glassdoor, but might be subject to similar gaming). Also, doesn't not having the exact skillset for the job posting affect the salary you ask for? A lot of what I'm seeing these days has specific tools and libraries. If I don't have that specific set, will I be able to justify the salary for a more general job description?

I couldn't submit this ask without a link. Link is not necessary; mods please remove!

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