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Comment Re:Dragon Age (Score 1) 280

I actually enjoyed these games quite a lot. No doubt DA2 was rushed through production (the reuse of maps was particularly annoying), and everyone can agree that the ending of ME3 was a complete failure. Even still, I enjoyed these games immensely. Bioware's character writing is fantastic. I became deeply involved in the storyline of both games. Where there parts of both games that disappointed me? For sure; but my overall experience was overwhelming positive.

Skyrim might have been a better game overall, but I couldn't be bothered to even finish playing it. Same goes for any of the Fallout games. I just couldn't get involved in the story.

I know most people have strong feelings about the latest Bioware games. I'm really not trying to change anyone's mind. I just wanted to speak up for some of the people who did enjoy the games.

Comment I've got some bad news for anyone who eats out. (Score 1) 670

I've worked in the food service industry my whole life. I can say with absolute certainty that most every food handler comes into work when they are sick. This happens largely for two reasons. The first is a lack of paid sick days. The second is that a lot of restaurants really struggle to operate when they are short handed. It's not like an office where some (if not all) of the work can just be left for tomorrow. People who show up today really want to eat today, so there is a lot of pressure to make it in, even if you're sick.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 669

I respect your opinion. You seem like a thoughtful person. However, some accusations are so severe, no amount of retraction can ever fix them in the eyes of some people. For example, a poster (xenobyte) further down has this opinion.

"So we actually don't know anything about what made the kids post stuff like that (pedophile, rapist, bipolar etc.) but if several honor-roll students feel the need to post stuff like this I think something is seriously wrong at that school and with that teacher... Let's give these kids the benefit of the doubt - odds are on their side."

Even if you are innocent, public outrage over accusations of pedophile can never be stopped.

Submission + - A New Facebook Alternate (

activeindian writes: "Well Now what they are talking is something so secretive that its simple. I just cant understand what they are doing. I believe its a kind of Viral or teaser that these guys are trying to do . they have also launched a Facebook Event by the name "I Want Facebook Alternate" which has got 150 attendees in last 2 days only. Now they say they are launching it March 31st , i have already submitted my mail for the notification. Let's See"

Submission + - Apple Deemed Top of Movie Product Placement Charts

adeelarshad82 writes: Apple was deemed top of the product placement charts last week after getting its computers, iPads, iPods and other items featured in 30 percent of the top movies at the U.S. box office in 2010. Apple had roles in movies last year ranging from "Kick Ass" to "The Other Guys" and "Toy Story 3." The strategy is obviously not a new one for Apple, they've had successful product placements in a number of TV Shows and movies over the last three decades like Star Trek IV, Batman & Robin and Dexter.

Submission + - First Alpha of Qt for Android Released ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In the wake of the Nokia's announcement that it will be cheerfully throwing its existing developer community under a bus by not offering Qt for Windows Phone, a project to implement Qt on Android has announced its initial alpha release. Necessitas project lead Bogdan Vatra writes, 'I had a dream that one day, I'll be able to deploy existing Qt software on any Android platform. I had a dream that one day, all Qt applications will use system wide shared Qt libraries. I had a dream that one day, all Qt applications once compiled and deployed to one android platform, will run on any other newer android platform and will last for years without any recompilation. I had a dream that one day, I'll be able to create, manage, compile debug and deploy Qt apps using a first class citizen IDE. Now, those dreams become reality.' The Necessitas wiki offers some documentation on Qt for Android. A demo video of Qt for Android in action is also available.

Submission + - New Facebook App Automates Friend-Stalking 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "PC Magazine reports that a new app called "Breakup Notifier" lets you select people on your friends list whose relationships are of critical interest to your daily life and should any of their relationships change, for better or for worse, you'll get an email referencing the friend and the specific change made. "A few days ago, my fiancee and her mom were talking about setting up a nice guy with my fiancee's sister. Unfortunately, said guy is in a relationship. My mother-in-law to be suggested it would be nice to know when the relationship was over (jokingly)," says app creator Dan Loewenherz. "I blurted out that I could make something that could do that in a couple of hours. By then, I knew I had to do it." The application, built using Django and the Facebook Graph API, polls Facebook every 24 hours to detect relationship changes and Google's app engine powers the mailing portion of the application. "Seriously, this is mostly a joke," writes Lowenherz. "But enjoy, if you do choose to use it for real.""

Submission + - Why Faster-than-Light Travel is Impossible ( 1

rsk writes: "reddit user purpsicle27 asked "Why exactly can nothing go faster than the speed of light?" and got a slew of excellent replies. One reply in particular, by user "RobotRollCall" (RRC), was a favorite thanks to its simplification of an inherently complex matter and easy to understand examples.

According to other reddit folk, RRC has been notoriously tight-lipped about his real identity but continually drops excellent written comments into the community from time to time. reddit user mazsa suggested that RRC is actually popular science author Brian Greene, author of the The Fabric of the Cosmos. I don't know if that is true, but the reviews from his existing books seem to suggest that the easy-to-understand style is a very Greene trait."


Submission + - Android Honeycomb Born Too Early

adeelarshad82 writes: This year's Mobile World Confress was the stage for dozens of new tablets, unfortunately though Android Honeycomb tablets lacked presence to the extend that amongst the top Android tablets showcased at the show, only Motorola Xoom was running Honeycomb where as others were running either Android 2.3 or older versions. Moreover most of the top apps announced for the OS were not new; just reworked. Gigaom may believe that Honeycomb tablets will be iPad's true competition but in my opinion progress has been slow. Honeycomb was born too early, primarily out pressure of iPad getting a one year head start in the tablet industry.
The Internet

Submission + - Westboro Baptists Stage Fake Anonymous Threat ( 1

lenwood writes: "Last week there was a story on /. reporting that the hacking group Anonymous was staging an attack against WBC ( Turns out that this was a publicity stunt staged by WBC themselves. Anonymous issued a press release disassociating themselves from this."

Submission + - Tolkien Estate Says No Historical Fiction For JRR (

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently the estate of JRR Tolkien isn't just over protective of his works, but of himself as well. It's in a bit of a legal spat with the author of a fictional work that includes JRR Tolkien as a character, and in part discusses his works. The estate is claiming that this infringes on Tokien's publicity rights, but if that's the case, would it make almost all "historical fiction" illegal?

Comment Re:Selenium Light Meter (Score 2) 334

I'm having no luck finding one of those mechanical distance meters for my bicycle - I find the idea of using an electronic meter that eats single-use batteries somewhat disgusting, particularily since I don't need the added accuracy.

I'm not trying to be a smart ass here, but what is your definition of "eats batteries"? My wife has a battery powered distance computer on her bike. She rides over 100 miles a week, 9 months a year, and she has yet to replace the battery even once in the last two years.

The mechanical version DOES sound pretty cool though.



Submission + - The Legend of Zelda turns 25 (

harrymcc writes: "The Legend of Zelda originated 25 years ago today, when Nintendo released the original The Legend of Zelda game for its Famicom console in Japan on February 21st, 1986. Technologizer's Benj Edwards is celebrating with a look at some of the franchises's odder sidelights, from a version broadcast by satellite to the unexpected true story of where the game got its name."

Why Sony Cannot Stop PS3 Pirates 378

Sam writes "A former Ubisoft exec believes that Sony will not be able to combat piracy on the PlayStation 3, which was recently hacked. Martin Walfisz, former CEO of Ubisoft subsidiary Ubisoft Massive, was a key player in developing Ubisoft's new DRM technologies. Since playing pirated games doesn't require a modchip, his argument is that Sony won't be able to easily detect hacked consoles. Sony's only possible solution is to revise the PS3 hardware itself, which would be a very costly process. Changing the hardware could possibly work for new console sales, though there would be the problem of backwards compatibility with the already-released games. Furthermore, current users would still be able to run pirated copies on current hardware." An anonymous reader adds commentary from PS3 hacker Mathieu Hervais about Sony's legal posturing.

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