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Submission + - Facebook launches first nationwide voter registrationdrive (

OWCareers writes: SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook wants you to get out to vote.

On Friday, Facebook users in the U.S. who are 18 and up will receive a reminder to register to vote at the top of their News Feed.

The voter registration drive, Facebook's first to roll out nationwide, is tapping the power of social media to influence millions of people and their friends, especially young people who are less likely to turn out. The reminder will be sent out over the next four days, Facebook said.

Submission + - Controversial canal could stop thousands of sinkholes around Dead Sea (

sciencehabit writes: On the edge of the Dead Sea, the ground is caving in. Trucks and small buildings in Israel and Jordan have fallen into pits, beaches and plantations have closed, and roads been rerouted to avoid the more than 5500 sinkholes that pockmark the region. Now, by building a physical model of the Dead Sea in a laboratory, scientists have figured out what's causing the sinkholes in the first place, and whether a proposed controversial canal can stop them.

Submission + - Sex life of rats, personalities of rocks awarded Ig Nobel prizes (

sciencehabit writes: This marks the 26th year of the Ig Nobel Prizes, the contest that celebrates scientific studies that "make you laugh, and then think." Among this year's winners: A study on the effects of wearing polyester, cotton, or wool trousers on the sex life of rats, work on whether rocks have personalities, and a chemistry award to Volkswagen for "for solving the problem of excessive automobile pollution emissions by automatically, electromechanically producing fewer emissions whenever the cars are being tested."

Submission + - Team Work, A Necessity for Office Culture (

OWCareers writes: You may have noticed how very soothing and ordered the environment is in certain offices. On the other hand, this same ambiance is one of tension and stress in another place. Why is this? What makes one business so completely different from others. You may be surprised to hear it, but the company culture plays a big part in this game. Whatever the business is, how it deals with clients and employees, its tactics and modes of handling problems, in essence, its entire core comes under the heading of office culture. Understandably, the influence that each individual person will have on this culture can be imagined. Of course, all these individuals will interact with one another in the office setting, so ultimately, the entire foundation of this culture lies on its constituent parts and how well they function together.
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Submission + - The future of automotive: Scenarios driving the digital transformation of an ind (

OWCareers writes: We are at the threshold of unprecedented value creation for industry and society, driven by the accelerating pace of change enabled through digital technology. Whether it is about bringing together patient records so they can be shared quickly for better patient outcomes, or changing the focus from disease management to wellness in healthcare, digital transformation is changing how we work and live.check it out here

Comment Re:US education policy... (Score 3, Insightful) 227

Until you have something that absolutely, definitely works, let's just teach kids with teachers who are masters of their subject.

That sounds good, but in practice it's not good. Why? To be a master of your subject, you have to live and breathe your subject. To be a good teacher you need to be a bit of a generalist. You can't be so hyper-focused on one thing that everything else in life gets excluded.
I've got an education degree and some teaching experience, and I've also spent a fair bit of time working in and around grad-school STEM programs. The experts in those programs are the shittest teachers, for the most part. Why? They never learned about how kids learn, because they were busy becoming experts. They never learned the basics of assessing learning because they were becoming experts. They never learned motivational strategies because they were hyper-motivated on an exclusive topic, and it never occurred to them that some students need some motivation the way they would for any other topic.
What we need are not masters of their subjects, but communicators and collaborators who can give kids access to people who are masters of their subjects. I once filled that role, connecting NASA scientists to middle school science classrooms. The NASA scientists weren't teachers and didn't know the first thing about it, and the middle school science teachers weren't scientists and engineers. But when we set up the communication and collaboration between the kids and the experts, amazing stuff happened.
That's one thing we need. The other is equitable funding. I think that it's Germany that does the opposite of what the US does. They still have standardized tests, but the results are secret. The lowest performing schools get more money, and the highest performing schools get less. That makes all of the schools roughly the same, and parents don't know which ones are better, so the rich parents can't move their kids out, leaving behind the poor (minority) kids. The US does the opposite - we openly publish our assessment scores, and we threaten to withhold funds from poorly performing schools. Since we also have wacky local funding, parents create these "ghetto schools", as rich parents move their kids to the best performing schools, and work to ensure that they don't need to pay for the schools they left behind. Great for their kids, but terrible for all the other kids. But who cares when you can live in a gated community with a guard to keep the rabble out, right?

Submission + - How to Gain Greater Success as an Employee (

OWCareers writes: Job success and career growth are both, much-awaited aspects of employment once a person starts working in a long term position. Most can’t wait for the moment when they would excel and be promoted to higher responsibilities, however, what they don’t realize is the fact that it takes so much more than a mere wait to achieve greater job success. Why isn’t every next person chosen for a promotion? Well, let’s just say it’s because they lack the certain growth qualities and company benefiting tactics that are needed for the promotion. So, in the light of these statements, the question at hand is, what really ensures more and more job success?
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