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Comment Re:What about what Apple stole? (Score 1) 81

So, mods, the +5 Insightful rating for the Parent simply points out (once again), the unbridled Apple Hate that manifests itself in Slashdot's asinine and broken "moderation" system.

Dry your Apple-flavored tears, troll. Approximately every time I say bad things about Apple here I get moderated down by Apple fans who are crying about the resulting sand in their arsecrack.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with your claims being wrong. Facts be damned.

Comment Re:What about what Apple stole? (Score 1) 81

Forgot to mention also stealing their stealing of the fingerprint authentication idea from Motorola. I feel like that is pretty significant. What did Motorola get for that?

Oh, you mean from the Moto phone where the fingerprint scanner was on the back, and you had to swipe your finger across it and the camera lens right next to it? Yeah, Apple totally stole that - only that there were fingerprint scanners decades before, and Apple actually did it in a way that wasn't literally a mess.

Comment Re:Violence: Profitable for the conficted & ig (Score 1) 81

And Hillary and Obama destabilized Syria so they could build a pipline.

Why would one destabilize a country to build anything? You are confusing the theme of your conspiracy theory: they supposedly did it to stop a pipeline.But I wonder how they managed to create the drought at the heart of the destabilization- back when Dubya was still PotUS. . Or how they forced Assad to gas his people.

Comment Re: The damages weren't enough (Score 1) 81

WTF are you talking about. The iPhone was a copy of the LG Prada with a few differences

A phone that was officially announced a week after the iPhone. And was immediately called an iPhone copy. . To be fair - they actually didn't look that much alike. As for the differences: One was an overpriced, underpowered fashion accessory, the other one the iPhone.

Comment Re:It might be something but it isn't anti-trust? (Score 1) 121

... having control over your own platform does not mean you have a monopoly, since they look at the market as a whole ...

I reject that assertion from a legal perspective. An app for Android is not fungible with an app for iOS. It requires spending many hundreds of dollars for a consumer to switch from one platform to the other, which would be required if you want to run apps from the other store.

So your argument is that Apple has an monopoly because Android phones actually cost a lot of money.

Comment Re: It might be something but it isn't anti-trust (Score 1) 121

Apple is known to block apps that might in any way compete with its business model. For example, Apple blocked a developer from publishing an app that allowed wireless iTunes sync before later adding it as a feature exclusive to newer iPhones. Apple also blocks any apps that might compete with their NFC payments, they block voice assistants from having any meaningful functionality, and they block web browsers from having their own rendering engine.

None of these cases "lead to higher prices" as claimed - quite the opposite, because Apple's offerings are free.

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