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Comment Re:When people are dumb enough to rely on the clou (Score 1) 122

Apple sure do a good job of marketing it as a backup...

Yeah, they market it as a means of backup for iOS devices, if you can't do local backups (or really, really hate iTunes) What does that have to do with the iCloud backup of a Mac the OP pretends exists?

Comment Re:Destroy all competition! (Score 1) 74

Destroy all competition, or DAC is the precarious stage of a product life cycle in which the company has already recognized its products as stagnated and turns into destroying all competition instead of inventing marketable novelty. DAC stages are more typical for products of big companies with established ecosystems and revenue streams. -- Fake Marketing 101, Chapter 13

I think this is more alternate facts than anything, because the business case makes zero sense.

Apple invested a billion dollars into softbank. I don't know about you, but a billion dollars is a YUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE amount. All for what? To kill a smartphone company who hasn't even released a phone yet? That makes zero business sense - they don't have a phone, they don't have a prototype, they don't have anything. And you don't know how much it costs, or what market they're targeting.

It makes even less sense when you consider the YUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE Apple investment we are talking about went into a $100 billion fund. IOW they are only a 1% investor - how much leverage dies that buy you in an fund that maybe has a dozen investors?

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 151

No, but people are arrested or censored for saying things someone doesn't like. Just look up George Carlin's 7 words you can't say on television.

In this case, it was a picture sent (most likely) with the intent to injure or induce a seizure. There's a difference between offensive and injurious intent.

Nobody was censored for sending an image, the image was send to censor somebody who wrote the truth about Trump.

Comment Re:AFK != IRL (Score 1) 151

simple assault is not a federal crime even if we were to stipulate that it applies here.

What about an assault crossing state borders? Sending something harmful with the intent to injure via the USPS is a federal offense, is sending one with e.g. UPS also? If it is, can this also be applied to forms of telecommunication?

Comment Re:AFK != IRL (Score 1) 151

Except all the financial fraud done over the internet which is barely investigated. Organized crime is boring, but if a trivial incident makes the news then a prosecutor hits pause on his porn player and files charges.

Here's a tip: if you do something illegal, try to stay anonymous. Complaining the cops should try to catch those who do first when you are caught doesn't prove you're not a criminal, it proves you are a whiney dumb criminal.

Comment Re: Why even have 3rd party dealers / distribution (Score 1) 49

Well when I order them they get delivered to my home or office. I haven't yet seen a way to reach into my monitor and pull the item from "on-line". Just curious how someone could steal my stuff on-line before it gets to me. DUH!

Why would somebody believe "Selling on-line" means ' reach into my monitor and pull the item from "on-line".'?

Unless they are a Russian troll?

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