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Comment Re: iOS sucks! (Score 1) 74

You really think that $mega_software_co gives two shits about a half-ass, wanna-be tech site like Slashdot?

They have been known to do so. Why is Apple any different?

Well, Apple keeps doing many things different than other companies. A lot ofanalysts and journalists keep complaining about it, yet Apple is successful either despite or because of it. Eg they don't go to any of the computer, entertainment and mobile phone trade fairs. When everybody got out of retail, they started the Apple Stores. And they don't give out Technology roadmaps.

So "Everybody else does it so $this_guy has to do it too" is a particular bad argument in the case of Apple.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 689

Another argument is that sooner or later the men with guns are going to realize that the environment has to be protected. And then they will find that you muck up the numbers, and will have to be removed from the equation in order to make them come out correctly. Buh-bye!

Yikes! That's a wake up call right there. Always envisioned right-wing reactionary militants as the catalyzing agent for population reduction wars. Just goes to show that any authoritarian agents with power-centric ideologies they value above the sanctity of human life are dangerous as fuck.

And yet another reason for an armed populace.

Ahh, yes. He talks about poor men with guns realizing that the environment has to be protected - and you reply that's a reason why the "populace" aka "the rich" needs to be armed. Yeah, I get your argument all too well.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 689

Around 90% of them would actually mean it (you'd have thought that sociopaths would be a lower percentage of the population of parents than the general population, but apparently not).

Why would you think that? Having children is a sociopathic act when we're overpopulated.

Having no children is also sociopathic - because there would be no next generation of a society.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 689

The problem is the trend, starting from the early 1800s, is actually quite steady, even though population growth (and co2 emissions) has grown exponentially.

This smells like the thorny attribution problem.

Ugh. Just because you can calculate a "linear trend" doesn't mean the actual trend is linear. You can also calculate a "linear trend" for population.

Comment Re:An interest dichotomy (Score 1) 152

Even if you don't buy Apple products, you're still effected by their business decisions. For instance, many laptop manufacturers stopped making a 17" laptop after Apple discontinued the 17" Macbook Pro.

Actually, none did 17" before Apple started doing so, so what would you have lost if they didn't introduce it in the first place?

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

"...and then those crazy ports started showing up on PCs." For the record, PCs had USB ports in "1996," 2 years before the iMac. An update to Windows 95 added USB support.

For the record: most PCs didn't have USB when the iMac came out. To be fair, those with an Intel mobo had them on the mobo, but usually without external ports. And we all remember that all those USB peripherals had translucent blue cases not because of zhe iMac, but because it went nicely with the BSOD Windows liked to give when you used them.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

Cook is making his mark by highlighting the importance of social efforts: LGBT rights, philanthropy, corporate diversity, renewable energy and improving manufacturing conditions abroad.

I thought Apple was first and foremost a technology company?


Anyway, how exactly is he "highlighting" that? Most of what he talks about has nothing to do with it.

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