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Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

These always struck me as a fad waiting to die, but I'm not trying to be the usual Slashdot curmudgeon, so I'll ask: what are the killer features of a smart watch?

According to Apple's WWDC keynote, if you're in a wheelchair, a watch is far easier to access than a smart phone. That's apparently their biggest market: people in wheelchairs.

Well, there are more people in wheelchairs than people on Slashdot. And there are more people not in a wheelchair who own an Apple Watch than Apple Watch owners in a wheelchair. IOW, who cares what you think your point is.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 0) 128

It's just further proof of the old saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted".

some mumbling about how its more socially acceptable to glance at texts on your wrist, than to take your phone out.

Here's a radical idea. If you're in a situation where it might be rude to take out your phone to look at texts, DON'T FUCKING DO IT. Seriously. Just turn your phone off and stop being an asshole.

Sorry doctor, your patient died because you didn't react to the message we sent you. But on the up side, at least one Anonymous Coward doesn't believe your an asshole. At least not for the reason of looking at your phone.

Comment Re:Sandboxing? (Score 1) 23

Google fixed it right away too, and then pushed the patch out via Play to everyone, and added detection if the exploit to the built in scanner for non-Play apps.

Actually, they had already fixed it two months before, but waited to tell the public until at least some devices where actually fixed. And then they fixed a very similar bug again two months later. And then most devices still didn't even have the first patch. Don't try to kid me, stick to your own illusions.

Comment Re:Sandboxing? (Score 1) 23

Why isn't this getting more coverage? When it's Android everyone shits themselves, even though the danger isn't really that great. When it's Apple, it's largely ignored even though the risk seems to be far greater.

Because it was just reported. And has already been fixed. And everybody can download the patch now and not only in a couple of months, if at all. And isn't used in the wild. And still gets wide press coverage despite your claim.

You can start complaining if after 2 months it becomes clear that the fix (which hasn't reached most devices yet) only fixes some of the problems.

Comment Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 219

It happened with ABS and airbags. People felt safer, so they went faster.

Got any evidence to back that assertion up? Personally I've never heard of anyone saying some permutation of "yeah, I've got ABS and an airbag so I'm invulnerable now". Show me some statistics that demonstrate a significant increase in accidents attributable to ABS and/or airbags.

ABS has close to a zero net effect on fatal crash involvements. Fatal run-off-road crashes of passenger cars increased by a statistically significant 9 percent (90% confidence bounds: 3% to 15% increase), offset by a significant 13-percent reduction in fatal collisions with pedestrians (confidence bounds: 5% to 20%) and a significant 12-percent reduction in collisions with other vehicles on wet roads (confidence bounds: 3% to 20%).

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

So a pedestrian in dark clothes, at night, not hearing an electric car, and jaywalking by stepping out from between vehicles means the driver drives like "a moronic asshat."

you do know that electric cars are almost silent, especially at low speeds, right?

Yeah, and they are also invisible, at least at low speeds.Holy fuck, don't they teach looking both ways before crossing the streets where you live? Hint: that's not just for kids.

Even apes do it . http://blogs.discovermagazine....

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 2) 219

The admission of the driver was that he wasn't looking where he was going.

The driver says him and his daughter were trying to locate where sirens were coming from "when a pedestrian stepped out in front of [their] Model S in the dark with dark clothes and in the middle of the road."

So you are saying that drivers should just ignore sirens.

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

Not hearing an electric car

I think you hit the nail on the head right there. Even digital cameras still made the shutter snap noise when they came out.

There's some noise coming closer on the street - but since it doesn't sound like a internal combustion motor, I'll just run on the street without looking. It's not like even a bicycle or a skateboarder could kill me.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 230

" In the months before the 1933 election, brownshirts and SS displayed "terror, repression and propaganda [...] across the land",[1]:339 and Nazi organizations "monitored" the vote process. In Prussia 50,000 members of the SS, SA and Stahlhelm were ordered to monitor the votes by acting Interior Minister Hermann Göring, as so-called auxiliary police."

Yeah, a truly democratic election that was.

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