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Comment Re:Pity my MacPro can't run it (Score 1) 200

It's not just about whether it's powerful enough, but whether Apple wants to support hardware that old, including all the drivers, and testing it thoroughly on those machines. You're talking about a model that's 8 years old.

Isn't it odd that a 8 year old Mac is still perfectly fine, but every one that is still being sold is hopelessly antiquated?

Comment Re:No Steve Jobs (Score 1) 133

How about almost every AMD/Intel chip release ever? Other than the famous floating point debacle and hideous 64 bit chip, Intel has done pretty well.

Sure - if you ignore the time (in 2000) when the Pentium 3 hit a wall at 1GHz, but the already announced Pentium 4 simply didn't ship. Or things like the Skylake bugs just from the start of this year.

Comment Re:Isn't this hypocritical of them? (Score 1) 49

News organisations are always wanting to protect their sources, so now they want the FBI to give out theirs?

No, they want the evidence, not the source. Not to mention that everybody already knows who the source is, and also that he was dead before he even became the source. Completely ignoring that he was the main perpetrator in the case. Why the hell would this source need protection?

Comment WTF (Score 1) 86

First: The Note series is for people who need a stylus - or at least believe they do. What would bringing out the S8 earlier give them?

Second: Hell Yeah, it's always a good idea to ship something earlier than you planned, because that will sure iron out the bugs before release. That's obviously the best way to stop the bad press.

Comment Re:Underwater (Score 1) 217

Look into their W1 tech. It's Bluetooth "with more". As we know, that always works out well for global compatibility...

So the iPhone 7 works with all Bluetooth headphones, and the new EarPods works with all devices streaming Audio over Bluetooth. And yet they are totally proprietary, unlike those wireless devices that only work with the totally standard adapters they shipped with.

Yes, I understand your argument all too well, that Apple will stop at nothing to spread their evil proprietary stuff everywhere, not even at having them work with standards, I also understand why you like those standard non-Bluetooth devices so much, they are the only way to get around the cumbersome Bluetooth pairing. Well apart from what Apple has done, but that only works on Apple products.

Comment Re:Underwater (Score 1) 217

Their true objective is multi pronged and appears to be all about pushing their own wireless standard for audio, with the secondary goal of encouraging re-purchase of wireless versions of accessories from their recently purchased Beats division.

Basically it's all about money.

You mean their non-standard "BlueTooth"? As opposed to those standard non-BlueTooth wireless interfaces other companies use for all kind of shit?

Comment Re:Underwater (Score 0) 217

Yes, we should eliminate all those things which are working great, so there are no ports, because... reasons

He just gave you a reason, smartass: so you can bring the phone underwater.

I have quite a few gadgets that can go underwater (not just splash resistant, but water resistant: full IPX7-certified immersion capable) that do feature ports.

Including the e-Book I gave present to my mother (Kobo H20) : that has ports - a microUSB charging/sync port, and a microSD card port. (As long as the rubber cover is over them, and isn't currently open to swap the microSD card, this thing can survive 1m under water for half an hour)

Always a pleasure to peel the device out of it's tight cover to be able to use any of those ports. And then explaining the water damage caused by that single drop of rain.

Comment Re:Gimme Wireless charging as well (Score 1) 217

It really is a shame that Samsung only makes one model of phone, and that nobody else is willing to compete with them except for Apple.

Well, why don't they then? Why doesn't any Android manufacturer sell anywhere near as much phones as Samsung - or Apple for that matter? Is that really because they don't sell over a hundred phone models but only a couple dozen?

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