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Feed Techdirt: And If We Put Bulletproof Textbooks In Bulletproof Backpacks, Then Think How Saf (

About a year ago we had the story of a candidate for state school superintendent in Oklahoma who was advocating that textbooks be made with bulletproof covers as a method of protecting students in the exceptionally unlikely event of a school shooting. This seemed like a bizarre idea, especially when you way out the costs vs. the likelihood of any such event (and the actual protective ability of a bulletproof textbook). Of course, it appears that others have been thinking along the same lines, as one manufacturer is now selling bulletproof backpacks for your kids as they head back to school. Assuming you're worried that your kid goes to school in a warzone, feel free to pick one up -- but just imagine the protective power of one of those backpacks stuffed with bulletproof books?

Feed Techdirt: FTC Notices That Diet Pill Spammer's Diet Pills Don't Work (

Last week, the FTC announced that a judge had shut down the operation of a diet pill spammer after it turned out (shockingly, we know) that the claims made by the spammers about the pills were either completely false or (at best) unsubstantiated. While the spammers were in violation of the CAN SPAM law, it would seem that they should be in violation of other fraud regulations as well, such as false advertising. Of course, with so much spamming going overseas these days, perhaps what's more amazing is that these guys were in the US and it was possible to find them in order to shut them down. We're sure someone somewhat less easily shut down will quickly fill in the void.

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