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Comment Re:Yet another example of EU overreach (Score 1) 89

What? The European parliament *is* elected by the people and they have the final say over what the European Commission legislates. The head of the European Commission is appointed by the Council of Europe which is composed of (surprise, surprise) the governments of the respective European member states. The European Commissioners even have to be approved by the European Parliament.

Where is the democratic deficit in that?

Moreover, European officials are told to leave their national special interests at the door and work for the European people as a whole.

Comment Re: tl;dr (Score 1) 209

Except that the email likely contains a cut-and-paste that may solve your problem

... or a cut and paste that answers a situation that is similar to yours, but not identical, and so doesn't help you at all, and might even mislead.

or at least a helpful web link

... if such existed, you'd probably already have found it by googling. So chances are, that the web link might be just as misleading. ... or they might not actually respond to your mail in the first place.

Comment Re:I'm sure this will be just great. (Score 1) 337

The witnesses are credible. They give specific, verifiable details that others have confirmed.

If these stories were true, these same specific, verifiable details would also allow Appelbaum to find out which of his witnesses were singing. Completely defeating the goal of anonymity and professional backlash from the hands of Appelbaum.

So, that makes me think that their stated reason for wanting to stay anonymous is bullshit. And that maybe other "details" are bullshit too.

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