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Submission + - Russian Triumph of Tackiness- the Holocaust on Ice (thejewniverse.com)

Lew Lorton writes: For Saturday night's episode, the Russian celebrity competition show, Ice Age, will feature a Holocaust-themed ice-dancing performance. Although is is allegedly inspired by 'Life is Beautiful', there are some diversions from reality. The star, former Olympian Tatiana Navka, wears concentration-camp stripes and yellow stars (without the label Jood or Juif) but she wears a non-standard, by concentration camp rules, skirt — to make skating tricks easier, I imagine. And of course, 13 million Jews, gypsies, Poles and others don't die.
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Submission + - Raspberry Pi takes 350 000 Orders (theinquirer.net)

An anonymous reader writes: According to the Inquirer, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have taken over 350 000 orders for the Raspberry Pi computer. According to the foundation, all orders will be dispatched and delivered before the end of July.

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