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Comment Re:Terrorists win (Score 1) 121

Sony has been embarrassed several times, so have those other organizations. There's no evidence they've fixed anything in response, because nothing really happens to them. Only thing that's changed recently is that they've taken a page right out of HBO's comedy VEEP and now blame every one of their fuck ups on the Chinese/Russian/North Korean governments.

Comment Re:All recycling costs should be born by manufactu (Score 1) 166

I think that is generally a good idea. Although America has the most innovative slimy corporations in the entire world, its really what we do best. It should be a simple matter of creating a shell company, moving the extra revenue set aside for recycling away from it and then spinning it off so it can fail to alleviate the problem of actually paying for your own mess.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 166

The Athlon 64 was introduced in 2003. And you can still buy 32 bit Windows at least. I have as much disdain for new not-better crap that's pumped out as a lot of people, but the move to 64bit has been much slower than I thought. I'd say most applications are still made 32-bit unless they have a real good reason to go 64-bit.

Comment Re:really hitting them where it hurts (Score 4, Insightful) 49

Awhile back Hasbro or Mattel got into hot water, well, slightly warm water for shipping lead painted toys to kids. The end result was that regulations were passed where toy makers had to have independent labs test for lead. This is an onerous cost to small toy makers and a lot of hobby sellers, etc complained about it to no avail. Mattel and the other big toy makers, who were the cause of the laws creation were made exempt from this, the reason being was that they were large enough to have their own in house labs to test. Even though they already proved they don't.

Comment Re:Why no link to the catalog? How to access this? (Score 1) 60

I don't have prime, but it seems like they hide what is actually available to anyone that isn't signed up. Which leads me to reading between the lines that they're embarrassed by what they have available. And I gather many of the shows they do have are listed, but its only the first season and then you have to buy the episodes after that. I have no interest in that type of product myself, and think the first season free thing is a sneaky bait and switch tactic.

Netflix has its own irritations, like hiding expiring titles from the viewer until its ripped out from under them.

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

If you ask for something impossible in this situation, its the only way it can end. Honest employees that refuse to cheat will be fired by the system. They'll be replaced with new employees and the honest ones will again be filtered out of employment.

This goes further up the chain too, like with the financial crisis. How can a large bank compete using legal methods when all the other players are dirty? Even when the whole system explodes the cheaters are bailed out. Then they turn around and buy out the smaller competitors.

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