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Comment Re:Interestng trend in app development (Score 1) 84

On VMWare: I believe they have a working HTML5 replacement for the Flash client, in addition to the embedded host HTML5 client (replacement for the Windows client)

The bigger issue here is both of these things are still buggy and they're cutting off support for the not buggy C# client with 6.5.

Comment Re:An "app"? How about DVD's (Score 1) 84

I totally understand DVD is not a growth center and never will be again. I don't think its to much to ask that they replenish the missing disks to a series though or failing that at least remove the series from the library as it effectively doesn't exist anymore.

Its also kind of weird they developed an iOS app for this at all if its just a vestige of past.

Comment Re:Netflix Hasn't Forgotten About ... (Score 1) 84

Worse than this is at least some of the movies they have when they break/lose the disc they just don't replace it. There's a disc 4 missing on a series I wanted to watch that I placed in my saved section over a year ago. Why the hell would I want to start watching a show with no way to get the episodes on disc 4?

Comment Re:Mostly satisfied but. (Score 1) 19

Region locking seems to leave netflix America with a dearth of its own content in my experience. Companies have a big American machine designed to wring the money out of this market so they won't throw their stuff up on another company's setup because they don't want it to compete with their offerings. But if its a market they aren't already established in they'll just grab that low hanging fruit licensing to Netflix there.

Which explains why the majority of the best content on netflix in the USA seems to be from the UK and Australia.

Comment Re:We are back to square one (Score 2) 212

I was under the impression that Firefox was what broke peak IE. It certainly coincides with your timeline. Its popular to hate on Firefox these days but I recall it being the hot new thing for a good long time. Chrome and iPhone/Safari probably accelerated the trend away from IE but they didn't start the trend since they didn't exist when the trend started.

Comment Re:Browsers are fine (Score 1) 766

I run hundreds of tabs in firefox and it runs fine. Things really only take a dump if I load tons of videos at the same time. But that is inane so I don't expect that to work well.

But I don't see most of the problems described either. My tabs aren't all auto loaded when I start up firefox, they only refresh if I tell them too and they only load up at all if I return to them. I do shutdown my machine each day though, so its not like they're all loaded. There's no delay when I create a new tab view, its basically instant. Switching between loaded tabs, also instant.

I'm not sure why compared Chrome, Chrome clone Opera and Safari and announced after basically two browsers that they're all bad.

My opinion is the things that make the browser seem slow are mostly in the web pages themselves. While add-ons add some bloat, by scrapping much of the nasty trash out of a page they speed things way back up resulting in a serious net gain.

Comment Re:without a desktop computer? (Score 1) 307

Expandability, upgradability, ease of repair, price, performance, legacy device support.

Basically, its better at literally everything except portability. Maybe portability is a huge item for you but its not so for everyone.

Personally I think the worst monsters made are the "All in one" PCs. They remove all the things that are still nice about a desktop and aren't even portable like a laptop. They're abominations.

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