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Comment Re:Microsoft has two strategies to choose from: (Score 1) 156

Windows phone was more like the Zune strategy repeated 3 times in rapid succession failing harder each time.

Its perplexing to me that Microsoft fought it out so hard with the xbox and then did nothing more than half heart fight in phones. Consoles don't really do much for Microsoft's other businesses IMO, and I'd actually argue their success hurts Windows in some direct ways by weakening the need for a Windows gaming PC for some people. I don't really see what Microsoft at large really wins with the xbox.

Throwing their all at phones makes sense. Throwing their all at web browsers make sense. But they seem to half ass both efforts and then act surprised they fail each time.

Comment Re:Doom 3 continues to be overrated one decade lat (Score 1) 42

I actually felt the games initial levels had some clever scares and settings, but by the time you got the "Even More Delta Labs 97" it was clear the level designers had lost interest in the same way as the player had and they were just looking to get this over with. I feel like the overall experience would have been improved if a lot of those levels were edited out. Obviously there were some unique levels at the end but that huge slog in the middle did them no favors.

Comment Re:Microsoft could throw $$$ at AMD to make x86 ph (Score 1) 123

Intel just dumped 10 billion dollars into a sink hole trying to run ARM out of town only to end up running back home with their tail between their legs. AMD might have again have a competitive product on the desktop next year but they've been in poor shape for a long time. I can't imagine AMD management wanting to sign up to repeat Intel's expensive failures. Maybe if Microsoft offered a deal where they took all the risk/cost off their hands this might sign on. But Microsoft doesn't seem like they want to actually stick their neck out there and do the hard work to fight it out in mobile so I doubt they would offer that. They just want to show up and win because for some reason they think people actually want Windows on their phone.

Comment Why they failed (Score 1) 245

Many people say its the lack of apps. I think that was their own fault for dumping and rebooting the platform a million times thinking they just had to get that sauce perfect and and the world would love them. They've been drinking to much of their own koolaid.

I think the lack of apps is simply what finally put them out of their misery though. I'm not convinced any significant amount of people actually wanted Windows on their phone in the first place.

Comment Re:Can you turn autostart off (Score 1) 76

Man, you guys. I just install the FlashControl (don't let the name fool you, it works on HTML5 as well) add-on and then temporarily disable it in the rare, rare case click to play doesn't cooperate and I really want to see that element.

Everyone complains about this but its been a solved problem for years on firefox at least.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 1) 446

Those tape adapters work better than the utter trash FM transmitters that you can barely heard and sound like crap. I installed an aftermarket stereo in my car because there's no way to get a 3.5mm input jack on the car without doing so. While I was at it I got with MP3 CD and USB so it became a moot point. If I had a tape deck in there instead of a CD player I would have just deployed the 1990s tech solution because it would have been easier than removing my whole dash.

Comment Re:Microsoft Hardware - Never supported (Score 1) 58

It remains to be seen if the surface phone is anything more than the product of a few people's imagination. My opinion is that Windows on phones is dead. Whether Microsoft will admit this or not is probably not relevant in the end. Intel flinched and stopped dumping Atoms into the market at less than cost. They've given up, which puts Microsoft in a worse position now. And they already looked pretty hopeless.

Comment Re:Excellent sensor package, terrible design... (Score 1) 58

Its not just hardware.

Games for Windows Live!
Games for Windows Live again
Was there a third one? Nevermind, no one cares.
Xbox Media Center (had a better run than some of them, but they got bored all the same)
I'm sure there's plenty of others, those are just the ones that spring to mind.
A lot of these things seem more like they were weak gambits to hamstring a competitor than actual products MS wanted to sell.

If a Microsoft product doesn't take off pretty quickly, they'll abandon it and leave you holding the bag. They have shown repeatedly in recent years that they don't have the patience required to fight it out in a market that has competitors. The logical response to any new Microsoft initiative is to ignore it until you can't, because its only at that point you can begin to believe that they'll continue to support it.

Microsoft seems to be oblivious to this effect they're causing. They say they want apps for their latest Windows phone whatever its called. But they keep resetting because their late to the party also ran didn't immediately steal a huge chunk of marketshare from two established mega corporation backed platforms and they're convinced they just need to start again to win. How many times do you think you can burn the people that actually want to develop for your platform before they stop trying?

Comment Re:Bad habits are forced (Score 2) 210

Paypal, the assholes, only allow 20 characters max. Apparently they were running out of bits and have to save money somewhere. Anyway, that's not the aggravating part. The aggravating part is when you enter the password, it just truncates to 20 without telling you. Then you go to log in with the password you just set and find it doesn't work. It doesn't work because you've entered to many characters, but it lets you enter them when setting the just throws the extras away and performs the set! But when you go to log in, it DOESN'T throw the extra away and fails the login.

Comment Re:Terrorists win (Score 1) 122

Sony has been embarrassed several times, so have those other organizations. There's no evidence they've fixed anything in response, because nothing really happens to them. Only thing that's changed recently is that they've taken a page right out of HBO's comedy VEEP and now blame every one of their fuck ups on the Chinese/Russian/North Korean governments.

Comment Re:All recycling costs should be born by manufactu (Score 1) 166

I think that is generally a good idea. Although America has the most innovative slimy corporations in the entire world, its really what we do best. It should be a simple matter of creating a shell company, moving the extra revenue set aside for recycling away from it and then spinning it off so it can fail to alleviate the problem of actually paying for your own mess.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 166

The Athlon 64 was introduced in 2003. And you can still buy 32 bit Windows at least. I have as much disdain for new not-better crap that's pumped out as a lot of people, but the move to 64bit has been much slower than I thought. I'd say most applications are still made 32-bit unless they have a real good reason to go 64-bit.

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