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Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 112

That theory works great until Really Good Quality Boot company decides to juice up its quarterly profits by outsourcing production to dumpy boot company, effectively selling their reputation for short term profit. And then after you spend $100 on two pairs of Not actually Really Good Quality Boot Company boots before figuring it out you move to Really Good Boot Comapny's closest competitor. Only they instituted the same changes to compete and suck just as bad.

End Result is you've spent $150 for 3 pairs of $10 boots and since reputations don't seem to mean anything anymore you just start buying $10 boots because while they're crap at least they're cheap.

Comment Re:piece of shit machines (Score 1) 242

I have no-name cheap baytrail tablet with Win8.1 I bought for $5AR new during the height of the product dumping. Total impulse buy, no real use for the thing. AMD was forced out of the low end of the market where their APUs might have found a niche, can't compete with $0 you're just bleeding yourself out.

ARM companies just held on until Intel got tired of trying to fill a black hole with dump trucks full of cash. Then last year Intel fired the whole Atom team and shut it all down, admitting defeat.

Comment Re:piece of shit machines (Score 1) 242

Let's also not forget the 1366x768 resolution limit. Which ended up not really being much of a limitation anyway since low end craptop screens seemed to all regress down to that even if they are 15" units around the same time anyway.

Actually, I wonder if starter edition resolution limit didn't actually boost demand for that terrible resolution.

Comment Re:Interestng trend in app development (Score 1) 84

On VMWare: I believe they have a working HTML5 replacement for the Flash client, in addition to the embedded host HTML5 client (replacement for the Windows client)

The bigger issue here is both of these things are still buggy and they're cutting off support for the not buggy C# client with 6.5.

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