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Comment Re:Leader at the top is probably clueless (Score 4, Insightful) 57

There's a reason that MS came up with this idea, and its not because they're such great guys. Its because this benefits the weaker player and they're that guy this time. The advantage of the dominate position is people will buy games for your system first because these systems are multiplayer and other players are part of the value. Less players on the less popular console, less valuable. I wouldn't accuse the Sony execs of not being dumb enough to take the bait, but I think they're greedy enough they won't.

Comment Re: gaming in a virtual machine (Score 1) 249

I won't say the host reboot issue is gone. But I will say its not pervasive and from reading, I'd say its no longer a common problem. The issue was that the graphics cards weren't responding to device resets like they were expected to.

I just got this setup. The biggest issue I had was I wanted to use Ubuntu (linux mint actually) and almost every guide is written for arch or fedora. I'm sufficiently new to linux I couldn't easily adapt the guides. Another issue is most of the guides are actually old and do things in a complicated way that doesn't seem necessary anymore, if it ever was.

Brief overview. The hardest part is selecting the correct hardware. After you need to set some modules to load on startup. (kvm, vfio or pci-stub), set a kernel parameter to turn on IOMMU and get devices for passthrough bound to the pci-stub or vfio-pci driver. This is the cumbersome part IMO and could really be improved. I think the main problem is vfio-pci and pci-stub aren't part of the kernel (they are separate modules) and don't always load early enough to grab the hardware before other drivers do. Fedora seems to have a parameter to force it to load early, but there doesn't seem to be a working one in ubuntu/debian?.

Once you win that fight though, most guides seem to suggest building scripts to create VMs which is pretty cumbersome. I think that is obsolete. All I did is install virt-manager, create a VM, install windows, shut it down and add the devices I wanted to the VM. I leave a virtual video card behind, the passed through is a secondary card...which works fine after windows starts. I booted up and installed their drivers. And then I was done. I use a KVM to quickly swap to the VM but there are other solutions.

I will say I found ESXi easier to get up and running (and ESXi 6 actually has some nice improvements here) but its really not designed to be a good tool for this particular kind of setup.

Comment Maybe I'm missing something (Score 1) 482

Can't you just cut this open with a pocket knife?

I even RTFA but it was not helpful on that question.

Perhaps they're just relying on most people not doing that and making it easier to enforce since there will be few people to chase down.

I like the guy whining that in this day and age the cell phone is how he remembers. Apparently, at least some humans consider their wetware memories an archaic vestigial device.

Comment Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies... (Score 1) 192

This is a pack of lies. The stink of desperation wafting off of Windows 10 is so strong it would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. The free offer will be extended...because it was so successful! As an act of good will toward our users! There's no way this nightmare will end after only one year.

Comment Re:Another example of rigging the system (Score 1) 106

Amazon's website review system is quite irritating in general. One of the most annoying things they do is group multiple reviews for items with the same brand and category but different implementation or outright functionality together. It leaves you sorting through piles of completely irrelevant reviews if you even want to read them.

Comment Re:Most important features... (Score 1) 95

I didn't complain until they announced they were ending the old extension model in favor of chrome's. I hate many changes made in firefox but I dealt with them with a combination of changing settings and extensions. The powerful extension system let me run the browser how I wanted. Once that's gone it will just be "that bloated chrome clone with extra features that I hate".

Comment From the developers who ruined firefox... (Score 0) 95

...comes the sequel, a browser that removes the "legacy cruft" that is the only reason anyone was even still using the first one. There's no longer a need to sneakily remove often used features that you're to incompetent to fix the bugs in, those features will never exist in the first place!

A new chrome clone turd, sleek and efficient. Free of any imperfections such as "functionality" or "existing user base" that that might slow these brave new developers down.

Comment Re:Console Sales Figures (Score 1) 105

Which is the real reason Microsoft has started this now. Playstation is kind of in critical mass territory. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the consoles so in my mind if you want to play online games you'll just go with the most popular one. And that one ain't Microsoft this time around.

Anyway, Microsoft isn't really doing anything here. They say all kind of things, following through with them? Well, not so much. Sony is going to have to do likewise I'd imagine for this to even happen, and that have nothing to gain by doing so. So they won't. Microsoft will certainly tie the PC side to the windows store boat anchor, because they are arrogant enough to think tying two of their losers together will create something desirable instead of increasing their suck factor exponentially.

And since it sounds like its up to developers to do all the work anyway I doubt many will take the bait regardless. For every customer that wouldn't buy a game because of the lack of cross platform play on the Xbox I bet there's at least 3 that would just buy it on playstation instead or maybe end up buying it on both effectively increasing sales.

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