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Sort of like for trains, in the autopilot systems I worked on with UPS, there are systems in place to ensure pilot inventiveness. If you don't touch some control for around, I think it was like 10 minutes IIRC, the master caution sounds an alert. If the pilot falls asleep or whatnot, the system will wake them up. Basically, in Tesla vehicles, if you don't touch the steering wheel for 4 minutes, it sounds an alarm and then warns that it will cease autopilot control unless the driver takes specific action. Sounds like they are taking precautions to me.

Submission + - Twitter censors #DNCLeaks trending topic and hashtag (hashtags.org)

bongey writes: Twitter censored the 2nd trending topic DNCLeaks hashtag. The trending hashtag #DNCLeaks was climbing over 90k tweets when it disappeared from the trending topics. It was replaced with PraisinTheAsian(17k) and TheWalkingDead(38k). https://www.hashtags.org/analy... https://www.hashtags.org/analy...

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