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Comment I already have this problem w color X-Y monitor (Score 1) 184

I own an old Star Trek:Strategic Operations Simulator sit down game. Years back someone bumped into color vector monitor and it stopped working. The logic boards still function but getting a working monitor is difficult, expensive, and they were prone to malfunction/fire.

I hate to say it but the only real future for the game is MAME. The port for ST:SOS works great. The only gameplay problem is working out input from the optical spinner might be more than my meager skills.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 354

99% of users don't use an Operating System. They use the apps and the GUI, sure, but not the Operating System. They have no interest in the plumbing.

User: "Can I run my Favorite Software such as X,Y and Z? And I need to run BigEnterpriseTitle because I need it for work."
Developer: "No."
User: "So what's in it for me?"
Developer: "It's a better, more secure architecture than Windows, OSX and Linux"
User: "That's a non-answer"
Developer: "It's a great answer, you're just too stupid to appreciate it"

Comment Re:She lives in pretend land (Score 1) 572

That's a bit like saying "It is of no interest whose mouth Bill Cosby puts his cock into". There was (and still is) a long list of women who claim to be victims of Bill Clinton's sexual harassment (as well as one rape accusation). Monica Lewinski was consensual, the other cases were not. Those women claimed they intimidated into silence by people working for Hillary.

The harassment and investigation may have seemed like a political joke, but the perjury charges and Bill Clinton's disbarment was not.

Also it is worth pointing out Bill Clinton was not acquitted of anything. He was impeached but not removed from office.

Comment I will lie to phone polls (Score 3, Funny) 292

Political polls are exempt from do-not-call lists and every Sept-early November my phone rings several times each evening. I can ask to not be called and I will continue to get called over and over.

This year I've decided if I can't make phone polls stop calling I will actively work against them by lying my ass off. I'll tell them I'm voting for Darth Vader because he's honest about where he stands on social issues and foreign policy. The most important issue in this election season is freeing minds from the Matrix.

It also never hurts to answer every question with "Hodor"

Comment Re:Time for a change? (Score 1) 234

>> "And another thing, why is education literally never a talking point during elections?"

At this risk of sounding trollish you cannot possibly be paying attention. Around election time we have grandstanding on all sort of education subjects: Evolution and Creationism. When/if kids should learn about reproduction and birth control. Outcome based education. Benchmarking. Multi-culturalism in our history and Social Studies curriculum. Safety in schools. School lunch programs ("Michelle Obama lunches"). "Liberal indoctrination". Teacher's unions. That's just what I can think of on the spot. The list goes on.

Very few things are political hot-button topics on the scale of public education.

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