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Comment Needed environment for me is 7, 7pro, 8, 8.1 only (Score 1) 386

Meanwhile Win 3.11... Is still running fine on test equipment. The manufacturer says do not upgrade to any other version of Windows.

I have a gang-programming-and-testing production tool from one of the top three (or so) manufacturers of BLE systems-on-a-chip. Our startup needs this (or a suitable alternative) to go into volume production of our initial products.

It comes with an application - in source in a build environment. This allows it to be customized, to add tests for the peripherals added to make the final assembly, and to integrate into production processes and databases.

But the build environment is only supported in Windows 7, 7 Pro, 8, and 8.1, using Visual Studio 2012. The executables and DLLs produced run only on those or XP.

The executable/DLLs use .NET, too, and the way they use it breaks the GUI under wine, even with genuine Microsoft .NET installed. They run correctly, but the status display is corrupted in a way that makes it unusable. So at the production site it needs to run on genuine Windows at one of those levels. B-b

As of the last time I checked (a couple months ago), the manufacturer is unwilling to port to another OS or version - even though all of them (except maybe 7 Pro) have been end-of-lifed by Microsoft.

Comment Re:Still too low (Score 1) 525

This program is always sold to the public as a way for American companies to get world class talent. We are encouraged to imagine that we are hiring Einstein or von Braun.

A friend of mine is running a startup. They needed someone with serious competency in two peculiar fields. I think they picked up a kid out of eastern Europe and brought him to LA for like $150,000 per year. They'd have paid five or six times that if they had to, because he was one of like three people in the world who could do what they needed done.

Set the floor at $300,000 and that's who we will be bringing to our country, the guy who can do the job that literally no American can do, not thousands of mid/lower level line workers. We've got plenty of those here already.

Comment So you'd deny the benefits to all but big cities? (Score 1) 525

I would restrict H-1Bs to only areas of the country where residential rents (per sq. foot) are in the lower 50 percentile.

So you'd give all the jobs-for-locals benefits to residents of a few big cities and leave the rest of the population in competition for high-value jobs with underpriced H1-Bs?

Looks to me like you completely missed the point of the Trump Win. He was elected by exactly those people you propose to leave out in the jobless cold, over a set of issues of which loss of jobs to foreigners by H1-B visas, illegal immigration, and outsourcing topped the list.

This election - not just the Presidential, but all down the ticket - was largely a revolt by the rural and the downtrodden against the urban elites. Trying to fix the problem only for those living in pricey cities and leave it in full force for these voters is a recipe for more extreme shakeups.

If the soapbox and the ballot box both don't work, and the jury box is unavailable, the only one they've go left is the ammo box.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 2) 525

... do a skill assessment of their foreign contractors. The number that turn out to be "exceptional talents" with hard to find degrees or special training/experience is actually rather small.

And the number who ACTUALLY HAVE the hard to find degrees is even smaller. The middlemen who bring in the H1-Bs sometimes pad their resumes with non-existent credentials in order to get the necessary approvals from the government (or the employer to do the hire). often to the chagrin of the employee in question shoud he or she eventually find out about it.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 371

Only a few people get it discounted. Most people have insurance, either private or through government. They get a prescription, and they pay their $5 or $10 copay to fill it, the insurance company pays the difference between the copay and the negotiated price (typically 10-20% less than the list price). Note that I said "negotiated price" - they could get themselves a better deal if they wanted to.

The insurance company (including Medicare or Medicaid) isn't happy when the price goes up, but it is still vastly cheaper than the alternative, and for them, it is a tiny drop in a huge bucket, and apparently not even worth the effort of negotiation.

Meanwhile, the company that developed it got a huge cash infusion to finance future projects while everyone is putting on a show of indignant outrage directed towards the company that figured out a clever way to make a little profit by funding medical research.

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