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Submission + - Slashdot's new interface could kill what keeps Slashdot relevant (

An anonymous reader writes: Technology Lab / Information Technology
Slashdot’s new interface could kill what keeps Slashdot relevant
Flashy revamp seeks to draw new faces to the community—at the cost of the old.

by Lee Hutchinson — Feb 12 2014, 6:55pm E

        Web Culture


In the modern responsive Web Three Point Oh Internet, Slashdot stands like a thing frozen in time—it's a coelacanth stuck incongruously in an aquarium full of more colorful fish. The technology news aggregator site has been around since 1997, making it positively ancient as websites are reckoned. More importantly, Slashdot's long focus on open source technology news and topics has caused it to accrete a user base that tends to be extremely technical, extremely skilled, and extremely opinionated.

That user base is itself the main reason why Slashdot continues to thrive, even as its throwback interface makes it look to untrained eyes like a dated relic. Though the site is frequently a source of deep and rich commentary on topics, the barrier for new users to engage in the site's discussions is relatively high—certainly higher than, say, reddit (or even Ars). This doesn't cause much concern to the average Slashdot user, but tech job listing site (which bought Slashdot in September 2012, along with Sourceforge and a number of other digital properties) appears to have decided it's time to drag Slashdot's interface into the 21st century in order to make things comfortable for everyone—old and new users alike.

Comment Re:The police have no ability to control motorcycl (Score 5, Interesting) 110

From TFA:

One Harley Davidson motorcycle that had been reported stolen passed license plate scanners a total of 59 times between Oct. 19, 2012, and March 13, 2013. It was often recorded on sequential days or multiple times in a single day, all by the same scanner and almost always within the same half-hour span in the early evening.

The issue here is not cyclists driving like assholes.

Comment Re:Good Guys With Guns? (Score 1) 1435

i don't know any 'gun guys' who feel this way.

Training, information, and knowledge, as always, is useful in this regard. From the moment I ever laid eyes on a rifle (I was 8 maybe?) the following was DRILLED into my skull (and this was from an Uncle - I was not raised in a household containing firearms):

2) Do NOT point a gun at something unless you are prepared to destroy or kill it
3) Do NOT place your finger on the trigger unless you are prepared to pull the trigger to discharge the weapon.

Firearm "accidents" are EFFECTS that are CAUSED. A firearm does not magically go off. It is a mechanical device just like any other. Police and Military have no term "accidental discharge", they use the term "negligent discharge".

Comment Re:Good Guys With Guns? (Score 1) 1435

To receive a CCW permit in my state, I am required to fill out a form, get two references to sign it, and write a check for $20 to the County Sheriff (to him personally, not to his department, which I find amusing, but I digress.)

Where I live, not being black helps a lot, but that's also beside the point.

Most states have similar requirements.

Of course, a high school degree (maybe a GED?) is all that's required of a police officer, and I've read that higher-scoring individuals and college grads are often NOT chosen for policework as they don't follow orders as well.

Comment Re:strawman (Score 1) 1435

What I find amusing: the gun owners are claiming publishing the list makes them the target of burglaries/robberies, endangering them. Bit odd, considering they own their guns for "home defense", don't you think?

How is this odd? The last thing I ever want to do with my pistol (Or, hey, my AK-47 style rifle, for that matter, but I own that rifle mainly for kicks) is to end a human life.

The fact that I own a gun for self defense does not imply that I actively want to kill an intruder breaking into my house.

I wouldn't post a sign outside that said "rob me" and I wouldn't place my $2000 guitar and $2500 computer in the front fucking window of my house for this same reason. For that matter, I can't do anything about the possibility of theft while I'm not at home.

(See also: the reason I threw away the box to my 50" television in a dumpster instead of leaving the box on the street in front of my house for a day)

Protecting oneself is not an invitation for an attack.

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