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Comment Trekkin' (Score 1) 204

So, I was born in '82, that being said, when I hit double digits or so, Star Trek:TNG was the new hotness and I didn't care for "Kirk chases green women" episode #306, so I grew up along with TNG. Sometimes my mom & dad would take me over to a family friend's house to watch TNG the night the new episodes aired and we had kind of a Star Trek dinner party. I have very fond memories of sitting in dark or dimly lit rooms, various beige boxes blinking in the distance, watching TNG in my room or with friends. Like many others have stated, the early seasons are hard to watch, the main point of contention for me is Dr. Polaski, boy does she suck. Anyway, it doesn't hold the same magic it did when I was a kid, but I rewatched The Inner Light recently and was still captivated and entertained. When the first new Trek movies came out, my IRC friends (no more geek friends IRL) and I all agreed that it was good hollywood fluff, decent visuals (OW DAMN IT JJ, CUT DOWN ON THE FSCKING LENSE FLARE) and pretty decent as a standalone sci-fi flick, but it wasn't Star Trek. Much like Star Wars, either the old spirit of the franchise is dead or the creator (RIP Gene... ) is and Hollywood doesn't give a fuck, they just see dollar signs, so the bloated corpse is dragged through yet another galaxy far, far away. With any luck, the new TV series will be decent...

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 534

Yeah, I've managed to stay on Facebook, as a lot of my friends from over the years have moved away or whatever, it's still the de-facto social network for most. I don't see this lasting very long, some greasemonkey script or version of uBlock or whatever will defeat their nonsense after a day or two. Whatever happened to advertising isn't cool Mark? Oh well, all popular websites end up signing up with advertisers, we block them out because their networks are ridiculously insecure and hey, ads suck, and we'll go on and on, ad infinitum until the robot uprising changes the meaning of "ad blocking software" to "armor piercing machine guns"...

Comment Re:EEE (Score 5, Interesting) 412

Although I'm sure that TS has the inside track on the games biz, will Microsoft really pull this off? Will they be able to deal with the giant backlash they'll receive from their growing Win10 user base when Steam stops working? There are so many steam clients installed on Win10 machines, I don't see how MS can just patch out Steam until it's too buggy to use, then shuffle in the windows store. There will be anarchy, cats and dogs marrying eachother, fire, brimstone etc.

Comment Re:Not everyone should be a PC Gamer. (Score 1) 729

Exactly! For a little while at the end of the 00's I was worried that the kids (18-24 or so) (technically at 33 I'm a millenial too, but I associate that word with the younger set) who grew up with broadband, streaming video, web 2.0 etc etc were going to take all of the IT jobs. The low hanging tech support and the higher end sysadmin and DB admin jobs as well--- BOY WAS I WRONG. Their parents think they are tech wiz's because they know how to install different browsers and get basic errors out of the way, but they're not real geeks. They never had to get a dial up modem to work in Redhat 3, they bitch about building computers like this guy did and don't pose a real threat. I love building new desktops, it's a lot of fun to piece them together and figure out the best bang for your buck. You don't need $2k to build a decent gaming rig, probably closer to $1,200 or so, but I haven't looked in a long time. So yeah, fuck this Motherboard author, wtf does he know.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

Yes, I have read several accounts of this happening to others. I believe the app scrapes/grabs your contacts and then tries to quietly connect you with people inside that list, who aren't your friends yet. Ever since they started deeply integrating messenger with phone (letting you log in with your phone number, forcing Messenger on you etc) these kinds of techniques have been employed. Ahh yes it would be nice to not be feeding into the industrial marketing machine, wouldn't it?

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