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Comment not bad... (Score 1) 33

One of the many reasons I'm not a console peasant anymore is because after the XBox 360 faded away, no one was able to hack or mod the XBox 1 or PS4 firmware to allow "backups" (read: piracy) and I'm not going to drop $60+ on new games. So the gaming rig I built for myself works fine, if there's a truly great game that relies heavily on multiplayer, I'll buy it, but that's about it. With this model. I might consider picking up an XB1 some day. I wouldn't mind paying a monthly fee to have access to a modest library of games that keeps updating as new games come out. There are loads of used XB1 systems out there on CL and eBay, I could practically get a new one with a large HDD for a song-- so... maybe this new thing is for me.

Comment Re:One more reason to never own a smartphone (Score 1) 104

Such a brave stance that--- Well, although many of us are indeed too dependent on our smartphones, they offer real utility beyond taking pictures of our food. I would be completely fucked without GPS + maps. Also I don't drive, so ride sharing apps are a life saver. The other things like twitter, reddit, music, banking etc are nice, compromise my security and I could live without them, but to just flat out say that people attached to, or I assume anyone who uses a smartphone is pathetic, well... fuck you?

Comment Podcasts (Score 5, Interesting) 268

I walk around a lot, so I've started listening to podcasts a little bit more. I've been listening to Leo Laporte for the last decade or so, TWiT and his various podcasts like Security Now with Steve Gibson are sometimes educational and entertaining. Outside of the tech genre I've been listening to a lot of Harmontown, the podcast by Community and Rick + Morty creator Dan Harmon. It's a feel good kind of show, which I definitely need these days. I'd like to listen to more tech/security oriented podcasts, but having to subscribe to them is a pain in the ass and eats away at my limited space on the iPhone 6S.

Comment Re:Is systemd separate from Linux? (Score 1, Informative) 43

Systemd is kind of like the glue between applications and the kernel. It has replaced the init system that was the standard on many popular linux distros. You don't need to worry about that, this is the core of the linux OS and will do everything it's supposed to do on its own. You don't integrate this with an existing linux system, it's a standalone. Also, since you're a linux noob, you should just stick to Linux Mint or maybe one of the versions of Ubuntu that doesn't ship with Unity, like Kubuntu or Xubuntu. You can find them here --> Kubuntu Xubuntu If you have a working Windows or Mac computer, you can use virtualization software like VirtualBox to set up a VM of pretty much any distro you want, running in a window (or full screened) on top of Windows or OSX. It's a great way to test out a full install without hosing your primary partition. This project (RSL) is not for beginners, so stick with an established desktop distro instead.

Comment everything will be fine (Score 1) 307

Don't worry Apple polishers! We certainly won't lose sight of our goal to sell you otherwise affordable hardware with our glowing corporate logo on it for a premium price. We won't leave desktop and laptop users out in the cold by focusing on our mobile products, which make up the bulk of our profits, no sir!

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