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Comment Re:Not everyone should be a PC Gamer. (Score 1) 726

Exactly! For a little while at the end of the 00's I was worried that the kids (18-24 or so) (technically at 33 I'm a millenial too, but I associate that word with the younger set) who grew up with broadband, streaming video, web 2.0 etc etc were going to take all of the IT jobs. The low hanging tech support and the higher end sysadmin and DB admin jobs as well--- BOY WAS I WRONG. Their parents think they are tech wiz's because they know how to install different browsers and get basic errors out of the way, but they're not real geeks. They never had to get a dial up modem to work in Redhat 3, they bitch about building computers like this guy did and don't pose a real threat. I love building new desktops, it's a lot of fun to piece them together and figure out the best bang for your buck. You don't need $2k to build a decent gaming rig, probably closer to $1,200 or so, but I haven't looked in a long time. So yeah, fuck this Motherboard author, wtf does he know.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

Yes, I have read several accounts of this happening to others. I believe the app scrapes/grabs your contacts and then tries to quietly connect you with people inside that list, who aren't your friends yet. Ever since they started deeply integrating messenger with phone (letting you log in with your phone number, forcing Messenger on you etc) these kinds of techniques have been employed. Ahh yes it would be nice to not be feeding into the industrial marketing machine, wouldn't it?

Comment Re:The ego... (Score 1) 428

Yeah, you'd think that one of the pioneers of electronic music would have a little more forward thinking perspective on the whole streaming online content thing... Oh well, he's gotten stupid and/or greedy in his old age. As many people have said before, not many people use YT for music, most of it is officially licensed and any free stuff on YT is available a million other places and drives up merch and ticket sales for him. So Trent, get with the times, man.

Comment Re:That's what you get for piracy (Score 0) 92

Hahahahaha Well, for one, the DRM that's included in a lot of games keeps us from backing anything up, secondly there aren't demos for these games anymore, so if we want to try before we buy, we're f'ed. If someone is dumb enough to actually get fooled into running malicious software, then yes, I suppose they deserve it, but don't pass judgement on the entirety of pirates because you have some stupid, outdated hangups about piracy. Chill out.

Comment Re:Why doesn't law enforcement get it? (Score 1) 145

Yeah, you're talking about logic and making sense and all that. That stuff doesn't fly with the Govt. There are too many of us, they are doing too many things in the shadows, presumably because they are scared of the populace? Maybe they are just power hungry, megalomaniacs? I'm not sure why the US's three letter agencies have decided they need to collect all the electronic data possible, but it can't be just from the terror attacks on 9/11. Could it? In their minds, do they justify all of this so we never experience an attack like that ever again? I'm really curious, because since the expansion of powers in 2001, not a single terror threat has been thwarted with their advanced, technological nightmare. What is the atmosphere like at the NSA? I guess Ed gave us a peek into their culture, but do they just follow orders? Does the top brass really just want to protect the American people, or have they gone mad with power?

Comment Even on domain computers now (Score 5, Interesting) 328

I've been fighting off this upgrade on my network at work for months now. I deployed a GPO with a template MS provides to stop the forced upgrade of Win7 machines to Win10, but I still see that damned little icon on my user's system tray. I don't condone, but understand their strategy for pushing out Win10 to home users, they don't want another Windows XP, where a popular but mostly out of date OS keeps a small, bug significant chunk of the market long after support ends. What I don't understand is forcing this update on domain joined machines that are obviously part of a business network and the upgrade should be left up to the sysadmin (me). I know there's little love for MS on this site, but they have gotten worse and those of us working in enterprise/domaine environments shouldn't have to employ registry hacks and GPO templates to keep our client machines from forcefully being upgraded to the latest OS.

Comment smartwatches (Score 3, Insightful) 77

I was really excited when the Pebble was first announced. I was tired of taking my phone out of my pocket for every little message/alert and when I wanted to know the time. It was sleek, lightweight and seemed to have support for my iPhone. I never ended up buying one, mostly because I couldn't afford it or justify buying one, as it's kind of a luxury, I guess. This new model looks even sweeter, I might have to buy one. I don't think I have any use for the Pebble Core, but I think the Pebble guys got the smart watch right, unlike a certain fruit based company that made a mostly useless, but fashionable piece of hardware. It looks great in photos, but in real life, on your wrist, I think it's not very impressive, or useful. I hope these start shipping sooner than later so I can give it a whirl.

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