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Comment Podcasts (Score 5, Interesting) 268

I walk around a lot, so I've started listening to podcasts a little bit more. I've been listening to Leo Laporte for the last decade or so, TWiT and his various podcasts like Security Now with Steve Gibson are sometimes educational and entertaining. Outside of the tech genre I've been listening to a lot of Harmontown, the podcast by Community and Rick + Morty creator Dan Harmon. It's a feel good kind of show, which I definitely need these days. I'd like to listen to more tech/security oriented podcasts, but having to subscribe to them is a pain in the ass and eats away at my limited space on the iPhone 6S.

Comment Re:Is systemd separate from Linux? (Score 1, Informative) 43

Systemd is kind of like the glue between applications and the kernel. It has replaced the init system that was the standard on many popular linux distros. You don't need to worry about that, this is the core of the linux OS and will do everything it's supposed to do on its own. You don't integrate this with an existing linux system, it's a standalone. Also, since you're a linux noob, you should just stick to Linux Mint or maybe one of the versions of Ubuntu that doesn't ship with Unity, like Kubuntu or Xubuntu. You can find them here --> Kubuntu Xubuntu If you have a working Windows or Mac computer, you can use virtualization software like VirtualBox to set up a VM of pretty much any distro you want, running in a window (or full screened) on top of Windows or OSX. It's a great way to test out a full install without hosing your primary partition. This project (RSL) is not for beginners, so stick with an established desktop distro instead.

Comment everything will be fine (Score 1) 307

Don't worry Apple polishers! We certainly won't lose sight of our goal to sell you otherwise affordable hardware with our glowing corporate logo on it for a premium price. We won't leave desktop and laptop users out in the cold by focusing on our mobile products, which make up the bulk of our profits, no sir!

Comment Re: pipes and their dreams (Score 1) 212

Hi there, I don't have any comment on this argument, but your sig rubbed me the wrong way. I BELIEVE the phrase "pipe dream" is a reference to opium, not hallucinogens. Opium users nod out into a dreamy state, I've seen one picture from China Town in SF in the early 1900's of an opium cart that says "Dreams $5" or something like that... anyway, carry on.

Comment encryption (Score 1) 229

Sure, built in encryption and/or uploading to a file locker/server that you control would be ideal... but what's stopping these photojournalists from ... encrypting the data themselves on a laptop or tablet? Why is this written as if once they take the photo, there's nothing they can do to protect it if there isn't an option in the firmware? C'mon guys, if you're fighting for great justice, maybe learn how to use a computer, get an aircard and upload that shit?

Comment Re:What better way to help soldiers (Score 1) 151

This is an ignorant comment. Abusing MDMA/taking it constantly, yes, is bad and causes various health risks and can put you in a deep depression. If you bothered to read the article, or do any research at all, you would know there is a one time, therapeutic dose of MDMA that has long lasting effects. Don't buy into drug war bullshit, MDMA should be used in this way, it could help millions.

Comment Re:Thanks (Score 1, Interesting) 55

Then clearly you need to get out more... or.. less, I'm not sure in this context, or why that's relevant, but it's a shame that anyone is using resources to shut these sites down. I suppose it's all in the name of copyright. When it comes to text books, scientific knowledge, they should always be free, anyone, regardless of wealth or affiliation, like the link says, should have access to this stuff for free--- of course the publishers and authors need to be paid for their work, so it's a sticky wicket. Wickets stuck or not, this is more or less what Aaron Swartz fought and died for, we need a solution... and no, I don't have one, other than throw all of it on a torrent tracker with Magnet links and a web host outside of the US/five eyes... but that's just me.

Comment Trekkin' (Score 1) 204

So, I was born in '82, that being said, when I hit double digits or so, Star Trek:TNG was the new hotness and I didn't care for "Kirk chases green women" episode #306, so I grew up along with TNG. Sometimes my mom & dad would take me over to a family friend's house to watch TNG the night the new episodes aired and we had kind of a Star Trek dinner party. I have very fond memories of sitting in dark or dimly lit rooms, various beige boxes blinking in the distance, watching TNG in my room or with friends. Like many others have stated, the early seasons are hard to watch, the main point of contention for me is Dr. Polaski, boy does she suck. Anyway, it doesn't hold the same magic it did when I was a kid, but I rewatched The Inner Light recently and was still captivated and entertained. When the first new Trek movies came out, my IRC friends (no more geek friends IRL) and I all agreed that it was good hollywood fluff, decent visuals (OW DAMN IT JJ, CUT DOWN ON THE FSCKING LENSE FLARE) and pretty decent as a standalone sci-fi flick, but it wasn't Star Trek. Much like Star Wars, either the old spirit of the franchise is dead or the creator (RIP Gene... ) is and Hollywood doesn't give a fuck, they just see dollar signs, so the bloated corpse is dragged through yet another galaxy far, far away. With any luck, the new TV series will be decent...

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