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Comment If they do that... (Score 1) 266

...It'll be the last time I use Chrome.

They recently took away my ability to hit backspace to go back a page. Now I have to use Alt+another key to do what I took just one to do. I had to install an extension to put that feature back.

Now mind you, I can understand why most people don't use those features. But then again they're not the same sort of users as I am. As others are. There are people who will open dozens of tabs to compare things or to have multiple sources of information available. Then when it's no longer needed...we close the other tabs and call it a job done.

For example. I'll look at a dozen sites to provide references for things that I say on discussion forums. Once I'm done with my post and I no longer need those tabs and want to go and look at another discussion topic, I'll "close other tabs" and go on my way.

I'd hate to have to click over and over and over when there is a simple way to do it.

The only thing that will keep me with Chrome is if someone creates an extension to put back what Chrome takes away.

Comment Re:Americans are insane? (Score 1) 190

Oh, my God...really?

I've avoided anything political for years because I'm sick of the BS all around...BUT could not resist and just hit the back button.

Here is why:

Er, how is that news? Look at what happened November 8th, 2016 for insanity index. Forecast; High.
Rod Serling voice: Imagine if you will you live in a red'ish area and have been pushed around by your "betters" in blue for 8 years.
A "Republican" president is elected in what was (as Micheal Moore said) was the biggest FU to both sides and it would feel good.

Well, it did feel good and I laughed heartily and long with many chuckles for the past 35+ days.

I wish I could find the meme like where it said
  "The blue areas want a civil war to oust President Trump, but the red areas own 95% of the guns. How's that gonna work out?"

Chance of dunderheads: 100%

Agreed, but before Nov 9, 2016. Then it changed.

Protectionism, Xenophobia, and nut job anti-consumerism regulations to be expected for the next two years.

Secured boarders and deporting illegals, visa overstays and countries that sponsor terror, Xenophobic only as it relates to those that want to hurt/kill is usually called common sense.
Anti-consumerism? Not wanting to buy a product that anyone paying attention would have (and DID) tell you was a P.O.S not even meant to help?
Johnathan Gruber...look him up.

Sticking busybody noses into random vaginas guaranteed.

Something like this, eh?
Or the Bill Clinton school of humidors?
Or sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, unless it is stuck in an intern.

Skyhigh medical bills and health insurance: Paid for by lobbyists that stand to gain.

Oh, so you are aware of what Obamacare was all about when the Democrats rammed it through on a PartyLine vote on Christmas Eve. Good for you!! You finally understand or just tripped over the truth.
R.R quote:

Hilarity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered.

I think you meant: Hillary-ity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered. (NOOOOOOTTTT).

Global shunning: On the way.

America! F*ck Yea!!! (tongue firmly in cheek w/ smug sarcasm as a bonus)
Trying to make the EU like the USA is working about as well as the reverse.
Then again, most people don't recall the point of the Statue of Liberty. (Hint: Not to make the US more like France, but quite the reverse).

'moose. (American, Veteran and currently residing in one of the two solid red states)

(aside: Mr. Moore was right...once...dang that felt gooood)

Comment Well so far, it's been smooth. (Score 1) 504

Honestly I can not complain about the update.

I haven't seen any of the improvements (I use a Bluetooth keyboard so I don't see the predictive keyboard that often) but on the flip side I haven't seen anything bad as a result.

The only problem that I've had to date was the Kindle Software not running properly. If I was in the middle of a book it would crash and I could load it again and read the book. However since they did their update to be iOS 8 compatible...that problem vanished.

I really haven't noticed anything positive or negative as a result of the update.

So...can't complain.

Comment They are and they aren't. (Score 1) 502

They're still worth the investment under certain circumstances.

The first one is the obvious one. The onboard sound fails or there is a problem with it. In my case I had to buy a cheap card since for some reason, the onboard sound wasn't compatible with Windows. It would play sound, but the line-input and the mic-inputs wouldn't work at all. At least under Windows. Under Ubuntu it worked fine, but the drivers from the manufacturer's website were rejected by Windows and the built-in ones only ran the sound output to the speakers.

Since I needed it to all work (was using a chat program when I was playing WoW), I had to buy an inexpensive sound card and disable the onboard to fix the problem.

The second one is also obvious. If you're doing something with audio on a professional level. Things like mixing or sound processing.

The third is a little less obvious and one of the reason that I want a high-end card. Since I don't buy Cable Television, I have a media-PC running things. It's the hub for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, as well as my Blu-Ray/DVD player. Since it's the hub of my multimedia system, I want it to run through some decent speakers and get reasonable sound. Since I'm in the IT industry, I can get a set of 7.1 speakers and a Creative Labs card for less than I could get a decent surround system at Walmart, Target or Best Buy.

Comment Re:adaware (Score 1) 184


Similar story here, when I left an IE session open on Drudge and went to sleep.

Woke up and saw "Antivirus 2009" or some such crapware.

Turned out to be 2 0-day exploits to javascript and pdfs to load executable code.

Insult to injury was I turned off javascript in pdfs explicitly and an update turned it back on. Son of a beeyotch.

Flew under the radar of Symantec 9 or 10, IIRC. Sucked because I was still in .edu and had no time for that kinda shite, but dealt with it just the same.

Now it is the "only if I allow it" kinda rule...even then there is a 90% chance of "oh, hell no!".

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 668

Gulf War Vet who is not missing the point over here.

That money is being wasted isn't the fault of the agencies that are shutting down.

I think the shrimp on a treadmill, study of the drinking habits of Brazilian prostitutes and a host of other forms of waste would beg to disagree.

I mean, WTF...over.

It's the fault of the Republicans who're holding the entire country hostage in a blatantly un-Constitutional attempt to repeal majority-supported legislation

Oh, you mean the *FORMER* democratic majority that rammed it through in the dead of nite on

First: Current congress is not beholden to a previous congress.

Second: "Power of the Purse" is there to keep the Executive branch in check.

Third: "Holding hostage"...are you fucking kidding me? This must be that "calm rhetoric" I keep hearing
so much about.

They've tried dozens of times to repeal the legislation through the normal legislative process and failed miserably each time; now, they're determined to wreck the national economy (with the shutdown) and possibly even the global economy (with the default) if the majority doesn't give in to their demands. They've shot multiple prisoners already (don't forget the ongoing sequester!) and are now threatening to blow up the whole building.

At least 7 of those "failures" have been passed and signed into law by the Prezzie.

New word time: Conflating. Two separate issues, bro.

The sequester was a 2% reduction in growth of the 5+% in spending YOY.

See, here is the thing: recall that a democracy is "two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner" and
a REPUBLIC is "the same situation with a well armed sheep contesting the vote."

Can you say "contesting the vote?...I knew you could."

"Blow up the whole building"...really, again?

Such a shame we live in a place that's rested so much on its laurels and is now so far behind the times.


We have a winner!

That, I agree with. So many "useful idiots" vote 'black prez' first time and 'single issue' the second time over "jobs, economy, competence/leadership" even if you ignore the IRS targeting, NSA wiretaps and FBI investigation of anyone who disagrees with the 'community organizer in chief'.

Shame on all of them for staying home out of fear of reprisal. (I understand, but at least the WWII vets stood
up, as did the Vietnam vets).

Gulf War question: "y'all pissed off enough yet? Because we are next, I think."

To Quote (Dingy) Harry Reid: "We won't negotiate with a gun to our head."

I'd like to test that theory, asshole....just keep pushing vets around.

When you make a 40-something want to give his life for his've fucked up.


Remember your oath: "...against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC..."

Comment Re:Screw You Obama (Score 1) 531

You don't think killing journalists or fixing elections is a little more worthy of note?

(sarcasm tag)
That's one way, another is to sick the IRS after political opponents and the DOJ after reporters after a bit of judge shopping.

What's a little voter suppression based on race, religion or political is not like it ruins lives like killing does?

Ah, just another of several "phony scandals".

Comment Re:Real-world examples, shaky foundations (Score 2) 580


When I started my degree for the second time, I had about 15 years in IT/Support/SysAdmin roles (or all 3 at once).

I had done quite well in CS and math/Calc classes, but had to start from ground zero (Algebra 1 on up) to get into calc,
because while I had the ability, I lacked the skills/exp.

EE was my goal, after being an AT in the Navy...but calc was a brutal first go, but I *GOT IT* the second time around to the
point I could do volumes of irregular shapes and implicit differentiation so well it was ... (GASP) ... FUN (and annoying to those
I studied with, even though Newton's Law of Cooling gave me fits). And, I was in the top 5 students in my Discrete Logic
class (and dating the girl who was likely #1 in the class).

Second time around was a different story in both Calc I and DL, and I had the same teacher my 2ND time in DL I got to
hear the same concern: "Your excellent knowledge and ability in this subject is not reflected in your grade."

I became CS after EE wasn't going to happen, and second time around went for CS, but got a BA because I could not make
it through Calc III because the math was easy, but Sequences and Series beat me down so badly I just could not take any
more abuse. First was a horrible teacher (use the term very loosely) second was great, but there was some lynch-pin missing
to keep everything from flying apart.

I eventually talked to the Dept Head and explained and he said "CS uses calc and discrete as weed-out courses."
I replied something to the effect of "I see that, and I agree...however you are weeding out people who know what the hell
they are doing."

It is amusing now, but I was explaining the calc I and II concepts to other students, but getting a "C" in both and failing calc III
despite strong math skills and obvious poor decision skills with Seq's and Ser's and getting no help.

I seriously think that if "professors who teach" were subject to a GPA that could cause them fiscal (or even physical) harm
from students, the shitty ones would be weeded out in rapid order.

In my opinion; CS degrees need calc *only* for mathematical discipline, and Discrete should be taught by other CS people.
(Note: when I went through my degree the second time, this was not the case. I had a Theoretical Mathematician teaching
Discrete. It did not go well, surprisingly)

Comment Re:A hard time keeping on the forefront? (Score 1) 605

I sorta agree, yes it'll run.

Case in point: Q9550 @3.2Ghz, Radeon 5870, 8G mem would chug is several games (last few Assassin's Creed games,
Dishonoured, Max Payne 3, etc). No slouch to be honest, so there I agree.

However, getting a 3770K @4.7Ghz, Nvidia 660 and 16G of mem = SMOOOOTH gameplay in the above games.

The only time I've seen slow downs is when folding on 6 out of 8 cores with GPU folding paused...even that is rare.

The video card is not the only limiter as I found out after a bunch of research for a paper I did a while back, yes the
new cards kick much ass, but w/o modern CPUs and memory to back it up most of the benefits will not be realized.

(However, for the record you are correct, and would be spot on if most games were half-way decently threaded).

Comment Can't say I'm surprised. (Score 1) 55

This is similar to all those people who show quicker learning times for learning how to fly after playing Microsoft Flight Simulator. There are a number of studies being done in the Air Force where high-end machines equipped with MSFS and a planes that match the ones that are used for actual in-air and simulator practice and they're noticing that the students that spend the time "gaming" are quicker to learn cockpit instrumentation locations, how to read the instruments and how to operate the controls.

It's a leg up over someone who goes in never having any sort of practice before entering flight school.

So it's not surprising. Some of those Wii party games require a pretty precise set of motions to achieve the game objectives. Which is again very similar to what they have to do once they get their hands on the laproscope controls and the additional practice gives them a leg up on someone going in bline with no practice on remote, precision movements.

They ought to start thinking on how to incorporate such game-like training into any training program that would benefit from such practice.

Comment I'm happy for him. (Score 2) 85

No really. I am.

Far too often we focus on the crime and the criminal and don't care one toss for rehabilitation or reintegration into society. Kevin managed to do something stupid 18 years ago, got his ass busted for it, paid his debt to society and now is taking his talents and managed to find a legit and legal way to utilize them.

Good on ya mate.

So I'm OK with this. He turned his life around and instead of sitting on his ass and complaining how unfair life is that he got caught, he kept his nose clean, got past his probation (which denied him access to computers), pulled himself up by his bootstraps and made something positive out of the situation.

Whether or not his company is competent to handle that sort of job? Well that's on him and the staff he has hired.

Comment I use a mix. (Score 1) 212

The bulk of my data is stored on redundant, external hard drives. Actually they're normally internal drives but I have the USB to HDD they're as good as. Also I have a Media Center/Fileserver PC that has the third copy of all the important data. One of the drives is in a safe deposit box at the bank.

But while the data is on a couple of drives, I also have some of the data I'm actively using on several other sources.

Music for example is stored on the two drives but at the same time they're on my PC, my Wife's PC, the Media Center/Fileserrver PC and the laptop as well as a pair of iPod Classics.

Works in progress are saved on flash drives as well as on Google Drive. This gives me the advantage of working on them regardless of my access. I could be on a trip, have the taxi back over my laptop case, go and buy another one, access WiFi and I'm back in business once I've DL'd OpenOffice and the Google Drive for PC.

Then too I also have my PC's imaged on to DVD so I can do quick restores (important when kids DL viruses). 15 minutes to restore the image, another hour to pull data from the server PC or from the disks themselves...and I'm back in business.

This didn't come from any level of paranoia or anything. I just had the habit of keeping my data drives from older PC's that were retired. After a while I decided to consolidate them into a pair of 2TB drives that I had a coupon for.

Comment Re:videogames are like #3 or lower on that list (Score 1) 1168

Fuck the karma, I'll name 3 and you take your pick: Obama, Reid, or Pelosi.

Let's see: first re-elected by low information, single issue voters on the dole.

Second: Unions. So much so the AFL/CIO, et al said "We did this!"

Third: Well, it *is* explanation besides "bat-shit insane" elects in kind.
And I lived there while serving, but I suppose I was insulated from the crazy.

I mean really, c'mon we re-elect one prez on another (Clinton) prez's record.

Wow, just fucking wow.

Maybe I should go down to the local gun store and buy the AK-47 I've wanted for a long time and *gasp* NOT kill anything with it, just use it for fun at the range.

  I suppose it is time to move down to Mexico, at least I can get weapons for cheap, courtesy of Fast and Furious' gun running fiasco.

Comment I would have to say no. (Score 2) 445

First of all, unless the cell phone is being provided by my company I feel no obligation to do any work from it (apart from being available to be reached when I'm on call or in an emergency). So unless they provide the phone or subsidize my wireless bill...they're putting a phone in my desk.

Secondly I work in a hospital. We configure the patient call system and the heart monitors to ring to the assigned nurse's handset phone (which is an extension of the PBX system). So going phone-free would be a hardship to our facility.

We may be trending that way but I don't think that the end of the PBX Office Phone network is nigh

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