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Comment Deactivated it (Score 1) 301

Had one, watched the 'feed' content become less and less updates from my friends, more and more video, copypasta, and things I don't care about. Deactivated it 4 or 5 months ago. The only thing that makes me think about going back is that I'm missing out on event invites.

Comment Re:The majority? (Score 1) 277

See "Losing U.S. popularity - According to a Rasmussen Report from 2013, only 37 % of Americans see the purpose of DST compared to 45 % the year before."

While springing forward and falling back may be losing popularity, if it were abolished I am guessing that the debate between whether to permanently revert to standard time or always stay on daylight saving time would evoke a lot of strong reaction.

Comment likely vs guaranteed (Score 3, Interesting) 219

So public disclosure of the terms is "likely to lead this to go immediately into the public debate on an ill-informed basis", and yet aren't secret terms and meetings guaranteed to result in ill-informed debate? If the agreement were truly in the public interest, then it sounds like Groser is saying is that the public is too stupid to be persuaded to support the agreement via educational campaigns. The reality is that these agreements are trying to achieve aims that are in the interests of corporations and other mega-donors, not further the interest of the people, and that's what they don't want known.

Comment Re:If you enjoy your job, then why not? (Score 1) 948

if I won the powerball tomorrow, I doubt I'd even go back in to collect the few personal things I keep at my desk.

Maybe you need to look into getting a different job.

I was thinking about this type of response, commonly given when someone says they don't love their job, when I was reading another article where 'college grads with degree in X can't find work'. There the common advice was "maybe you should have gotten a degree in something more practical."

Comment Re:Egregious (Score 1) 383

BP, to its credit, has accepted responsibility even though its almost certainly not to blame.

Just like the companies whose foreign factories run sweatshops and use child labor aren't to blame? If it's BP's well, they have a responsibility to ensure the other companies they hire operate in a responsible fashion, even it it entails having a full time BP employee stay on the rig to inspect and monitor what's going on.

Comment Re:Too late for "innocent until proven guilty" (Score 1) 332

Since when is gun registration violating innocent until proven guilty?
Is it the same way as driver and vehicle licensing violates it?
That is... not at all?

Driving is a privilege that can be revoked, registration to allow the authorities to verify that you're still worthy of the privilege makes sense. Gun ownership is a right. The only benefit of registration is so that police can identify suspects if a particular type of weapon is used in a crime. There's your presumption of guilt.

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