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Comment Re:AT&T U-verse Central Illinois (Score 1) 97

Why would that approach guarantee that your speed is consistently high, and why would a no-cap method be limited only to "ultra-cheap" ISPs?

Giving everyone a 1TB cap doesn't prevent congestion, and all ISPs oversell capacity, relying on the fact that people don't use the full capacity most of the time. The capacity is instantaneous available bandwidth, not bytes per month. If I didn't watch any movies last week, those bytes I didn't use aren't still sitting around waiting for me this week, only to magically disappear next week at the end of my billing cycle.

Caps don't solve capacity problems. Cheap under-provisioned ISPs may use no caps as sucker bait, but only because of the prevalence of capped services. Require transparency (statistical guarantees of various levels of throttling, for example) and you can properly choose the level of service you need.

Comment AT&T U-verse Central Illinois (Score 1) 97

12Mbps down (though I usually get around 13-15) and around 1.4Mbps up, $52/month, 1024GB per month. I own the modem, so pay no equipment fee, but only because I'm grandfathered in, if the modem/router breaks I'll have to pay a modem rental fee as well. Service is very reliable, though.

I rarely go over 60-70GB, but I still don't like the idea of caps. You should be paying for speed, with everyone limited to a percentage of their paid-for speed when there's congestion, while the limit would be increased during low-usage times. Add in priority for low recent usage for a short time to allow bursting.

Comment Re:Wyoming = big coal country (Score 3, Insightful) 417

Wind power in particular could also be a great way to ensure that grazing rights on lands are maintained, since there's no reason why a wind farm and ranching would have to be incompatible, and with the land already being several stages away from being pristine, no reason not to continue to leave grazing rights.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 64

Just spoke to someone on another forum -- Ontario resident who has the misfortune to own a house with electric heat. And in the past year their bills went from high but tolerable, to just under $700/month -- with the heat turned down as far as it can be without all the pipes freezing up, and their kids walking around wrapped in blankets.

The anti-warming types who raise such a fuss every time we have a hot summer are silent when an unusually cold winter kills a lot of people, whether through direct cold or financial hardship.

Comment Re:That's no moon... (Score 1) 293

It would take a lot more material than that for a Dyson Sphere. It would take far more material than we have in the entire Solar System.

If you compare to the fictional Ringworld in Larry Niven's N-space universe, a strip that's 1,600,000 km wide, fans have estimated the mass to be the mass of Jupiter, which is just over 2/3 of the mass of the Solar System sans the Sun itself, without respect for composition of the Solar System.

To look at something more practical, in David Weber's Honor Harrington universe, a superdreadnought starship weighs a little under 9,000,000 metric tons. If the entire mass of 16 Psyche is usable then one could build over two trillion of those fictional starships, asteroids like that would make for a sound basis as natural resources for a space-based economy, assuming that one could manage to perform the materials refining needed without landing the mined ore on a planet's surface.

Your Deathstar example would probably also work.

Comment Re: In the interest of infringing further: (Score 1) 142

Really? I've heard the last few Trek outings were absolute shit. I've been too busy to see many movies, but after Paramount's shenanigans began I couldn't see making time to give them any of my money. The fans made Trek - if they want to shit on the fans, then the fans can u make Trek. Except that most of them are p'tak.

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