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Submission + - Reports of Voting Machines switching votes (

Phantom of the Opera writes: In an eerie homage to the onion, voters in two counties in West Virginia are reporting the machines are switching their votes from Obama to McCain as reported in it world and in the Charleston Gazette. This is also reported in a west Texas county : Houston and Texas News. Wired is reporting votes are being switched from McCain to Obama in Tennessee. Conspiracy? Maybe. Evidence that the darned voting machines are risky? Definitely.

Submission + - Napster in Japan

Phantom of the Opera writes: vnunet is reporting that Napster is launching a service in Japan. It is partnering with Tower Records Japan to provide a mobile service for its downloads. 90% of music downloads in Japan are to mobile phones. More from Napster.
Will subscription beat out a per song service? Is the future downloads to mobile phones rather than desktops? When do we get direct neural interface technology (just imagine the songs stuck in your head).

Submission + - passenger data agreement for Europe to US flights

Phantom of the Opera writes: The US and Europe are about to renew an agreement that requires that personal information for all passengers be avaible to US authorities. What personal information? According to the BBC, this includes "personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, and data concerning the health or sex life of the individual". It's a bit quirky; your vegetarian meal gets noticed, but your Kosher or Halal meal does not.

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