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Comment SSD reliability (Score 1) 467

I have 4 SSDs, 2 x 128 GB OCZ and 2 x 16GB Samsung

I get lots of problems with FreeBSD 7.2 on one OCZ (random drive crashes but easy to fix with fsck) but the other OCZ works fine on Ubuntu 8.04

One of the 16GB SSDs lost a partition a while back when running Fedora 9 needing a complete re-install.

In summary: SSDs are not particularly reliable.

Comment Cant live in the 21st Centiry (Score 1) 322

I think this just another pathetic whine from companies who just cant live the 21st century. They are crying to the Government to bail them out of their own incompetence and lack of vision.

Sites like Google News, Reddit and Digg dont take anything away from these news papers, they send them traffic and if they can make any money from that traffic, thats their own stupid fault !

Sooner or later, someone will find a way to pay journalists directly for their efforts without the need for a newspaper. When that happens, the newspapers will be totally redundant and totally dead !

Comment A wonderful lock-in opportunity ? (Score 1) 419

This must be any vendors wet-dream :-
  1. Make it free or low cost to get all your customers to use it.
  2. When they are totally dependent on you, force them to upgrade to your new, improved, very expensive service or lose their data !
  3. Profit big time !!

Call me paranoid if you wish, but I would feel very uneasy to have my data hosted 6,000 miles away by a greedy, convicted monopolist with a dubious security record.

You also need a long chain of complex, fragile technology to be able to access your data. What happens if any company in that chain goes bankrupt ?

I think I will keep my data on my machines.


Submission + - Is Yahoo Censoring Open Source ? (

Peter_JS_Blue writes: According to avid Yahoo'er, Amanda Kerik, Yahoo seems to have developed a policy of censoring answers in their "Yahoo! Answers" service, if that answer contains a suggestion to use Open Source alternatives to Microsoft software.

The gist of it is, that a fellow Yahoo'er posted a question about what to do with a PC that had run into unsolvable Windows problems, since that user did not have a Windows install disc. Amanda suggested, quite amiably, that the hapless user should simply install Ubuntu Linux, since it looked like they'd need to start over from scratch anyway. Amanda was subsequently rewarded with a warning from Yahoo that her answer was "in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.", and they promptly deleted her answer.

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