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Comment Re:Story's Not Over (Score 2) 181

If I understand this correctly, Akamai threw Krebs out because Akamai could not handle the DDS. This means I'm never sending any business to Akamai because they can't handle it properly. But it doesn't mean Krebs is off the air for long.

For example, I bet Cloudflare would take him on. They've differentiated themselves on the ability to handle DDS.

There's also Google's Project Shield, which is free for journalists.

Comment Re:Do we have to let the winner out of the arena? (Score 1) 49

Why does it boggle the mind? Most of the Android revenue is licensing. Google doesn't have a lot of cost when it comes to licensing.

I think most of Android's revenue is from the Play store, not licensing. In fact, I don't think Google charges anything for the Google apps, and it really couldn't charge anything for Android, since it's open source.

Comment Re:Great idea! Articles could be categorized and d (Score 2) 181

NNTP was pretty decentralized, one of the challenges with it in the later days of NNTP was the relative ease of newgroup injection and crapflooding.

IIRC, NNTP server software on the hardware of the early 2000s scaled poorly and the traffic volumes were growing fast so you started to see ISPs get much more control oriented when it came to retention periods and which newgroup messages they would honor and from whom.

Comment Just start syndication (Score 1) 181

Krebs just needs to change his distribution model. Instead of limiting this info to his own website, just start publishing the content on any interested website. Why hasn't slashdot already contacted him and offered to host his content? Even if they can DDoS a single major site into submission, they won't stand a chance of taking several offline.

For that matter, why wasn't Akamai sending out tons of abuse@ emails during this mess, telling ISPs to stop the flood coming from their side, or face financial liability for any continuing traffic? That would actually SOLVE the DDoS problem, quickly and permanently diminishing the ranks of their botnets, and eliminating the attackers resources, costing them money.

Comment Re:The new left is so violently opposed to dissent (Score 1) 553

It's the way the left has been since the 1920s. Usually it was confined to doctrinal infighting among Leninists, Trotskyites, and other socialist factions. Usually once one faction had established dominance they simply became authoritarians, rejecting any punishing all dissent.

One of the best party amusements has always been exposing conflicting elements among leftists. Years ago when AIDS was peaking, you'd find a leftist, usually a vegan, who favored animal rights, and then an AIDS activist and then introduce the topic of animal testing of AIDS drugs. If you got lucky, the animal rights advocate was straight and the AIDS advocate was not and you sat back and watched the fur fly, so to speak. I've seen vegans screamed at, accused of supporting anti-gay genocide, and pacifist gays accused of being bloodthirsty monsters who back the pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 275

None of those things allow information to move faster than the speed of light,

No they don't, as far as we know right now. But they're observed phenomenon that are themselves capable of FTL, completely shattering your oversimplified claim that the limit of c is invariable. They prove there is room for something else...

Comment Re: Those figures should not be trade secrets (Score 1) 49

Somehow I don't like the idea that people can keep the details of what they are offering me for the purpose of putting it into my body a secret. Not that the tools for managing that information is all that great... and they really ought to be a whole lot better than they are currently. The company that provides my health care is just now getting all their people on one system and there are no guarantees regarding exchanges of information between health care companies.

Comment Re:It's a good idea, even if he's lying. (Score 1) 218

People who use more than 10GB will move to Sprint because it is cheaper.

No, they won't, and the numbers show that they don't, because Sprint's coverage is lousy. If anything, most Verizon users could be convinced to move to AT&T if the price difference was significant.

People also like certainty in billing. People hate the idea that changes in usage from month to month will affect their bill.

Nonsense. Nobody has a problem with metered water bills. What they dislike is huge ballooning overage charges, and overly high bills to begin with, which my idea would eliminate.

Telcos are trying to get you both ways, charging a big monthly fee for much more service than you would normally use, then big balloon overage fees for the occasion you do go over.

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