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Submission + - World's Most Powerful Rocket Ready in 2012, SpaceX (foxnews.com)

Velcroman1 writes: Elon Musk, the millionaire founder of private space company Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX for short) said the long planned Falcon Heavy vehicle would be ready for lift off at the end of 2012. The rocket, which he called the most powerful in the world, would be capable of taking men to the International Space Station, dropping vehicles and astronauts on the moon — and maybe even cruising to Mars and back.

"This is a rocket of truly huge scale," Musk said at a press conference unveiling the rocket. "With Falcon Heavy, we'll be able to put well over 100,000 pounds into orbit," he said, and possibly as much as 120,000 pounds.

"That's more than a fully loaded Boeing 737 — with passengers and fuel" and even luggage, Musk said.

Submission + - Autodesk vs Reseller: Autodesk loses

wandazulu writes: According to an article at OSNews, Autodesk cannot stop a user from reselling a legitimate copy of Autocad on eBay. The judge in the case said that software was a product to be sold, not licensed. The judge wrote in his opinion "Although Autodesk would no doubt prefer that consumers' money reaches its pockets, that preference is not a basis for policy."

Submission + - p2pnet wins precedent-setting onloine freedom of s (p2pnet.net)

newtley writes: Vancouver, BC, businessman Wayne Crookes tried to use Canada's antiquated defamation laws to put a freeze on the net, But his efforts have been killed. Crookes had tried to claim p2pnet defamed him by merely linking to an article. But in a ruling with implications for not only Canadians, but for everyone everywhere with a net account, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia has agreed with BC Supreme Court judge Stephen Kelleher's decision that website owners aren't responsible for defamatory content on other sites to which they've linked.

Submission + - BBC Wants DRM on HD Broadcasts (boingboing.net) 1

NickFortune writes: Over on BoingBoing, Danny O'Brien has pointed out that, the BBC has asked the regulator for permission to add DRM to their High Definition broadcasts.
Apparently this is at the behest of "content providers".

Offcom, the regulatory body in question, has asked for comments, but the window closes today. So if you don't want DRM added to the Beeb's broadcasts, read the
proposal and explain why this is a bad idea.

Submission + - NY Times Identifies Origin of Malware Ad (nytimes.com)

yuna49 writes: As reported here on Slashdot, over the weekend the New York Times distributed an ad that redirected browsers to a page designed to induce installation of a trojan posing as a phony antivirus tool. This morning the Times identified the process by which this ad appeared on its pages. Diane McNulty, a spokeswoman for the company, said in a statement in response to questions about the rogue ads, "The culprit masqueraded as a national advertiser and provided seemingly legitimate product advertising for a week. Over the weekend, the ad being served up was switched so that an intrusive message, claiming to be a virus warning from the reader’s computer, appeared."

I hope this unfortunate incident will make site owners more aware of their responsibilities in redistributing third-party content. In particular, no ad should ever be permitted to include scripting code.


Submission + - A Commercially-Based Lunar Exploration Architectur (nasaspaceflight.com)

FleaPlus writes: Engineers at the United Launch Alliance (which currently launches NASA, DOD, and US commercial unmanned spacecraft), have proposed a commercially-based architecture for lunar exploration. Coupling already-existing boosters with modular upper stages would allow for cost-effective rapid development, sending humans to orbit by 2014 and landing crew on the Moon by 2018 (compared to the current projection of ~2030 for NASA). At a cost of ~$5B/yr, developing and operating the architecture is designed to fit within NASA's current human spaceflight budget constraints. Its commercial nature means NASA would not need to bear the entire cost and that multiple companies would compete to provide components of the architecture, such as propellant delivery (~75% of the required in-orbit mass). In-space refueling depots in low-orbit and L2 would be used not only for lunar exploration, but would also provide an initial market for new commercial launch vehicles and enable future exploration of near-Earth asteroids/comets, Mars, and the rest of the solar system.

Submission + - Showerheads can deliver a face full of pathogens (cosmosmagazine.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Yuck! Shower heads can deliver a face full of dangerous pathogens, according to a study which found them to be ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Researchers analysed 50 shower heads from nine different cities and found 30% harboured significant levels of a pathogen linked to lung disease called Mycobacterium avium.

Submission + - Volkswagen's Diesel-Hybrid Concept Gets 170 MPG (gas2.org)

Jerry James Stone writes: "This week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen will be debuting it's first production-ready version of the L1 concept. The first L1 prototype broke fuel consumption records back in 2002 when it went 285 miles on a single gallon. The production ready model will be ready in 2013 and gets 170 mpg using a diesel-hybrid engine, regenerative breaking and a body made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The scoop: http://gas2.org/2009/09/14/volkswagens-diesel-hybrid-1l-concept-gets-170-mpg-available-by-2013/

the prototype: http://gas2.org/2008/03/12/the-worlds-most-fuel-efficient-car-285-mpg-not-a-hybrid/"

Submission + - Australian Goverment to break up Telstra (abc.net.au)

benz001 writes: The same Minister in charge of the ridiculous broadband filter plan has at least won a few brownie points with today's press conference (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/09/15/2686143.htm). Telstra, Australia's largest ISP and the countries main infrastructure owner is to voluntarily split off its network and wholesale arms or the Goverment will step in with legislation.

The official press release can be found on the Ministers site (http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/media/media_releases/2009/088)

Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Open Sources Grand Central Dispatch (macosforge.org)

bonch writes: "Apple has open sourced libdispatch, also known as Grand Central Dispatch. Kernel support is not required, but performance optimizations Apple made for supporting GCD are visible in xnu. Block support in C is required and is currently available in LLVM (note that Apple has submitted their implementation of C blocks for standardization)"

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