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Comment A life without steak ? (Score 3, Informative) 189

Look you can be vegan or whatever if you want, but I think I'll take the risk and eat my juicy barbecued steak. As for the methane : it contribute only roughly 25% of the warming that CO2 does. The reason are simple : the half life of methane in the atmosphere is short and the quantity of methane are 1/200 of those of CO2. And then enteric fermentation is barely above 16% of total methane emission (all farm animals counted, not only cows). Coal mining , oil drilling and treatment is above that , about 19%. Then there are other sources, rice cultivation (12%), waste treatment and landfill (12%), burning of biomass (9%) look up wiki if you wish for more details and more importantly : the sources of citations. Sure we should keep in check, as long as we don't concentrate on "cow" and follow other venue , like reducing coal and oil CO2/Methane emissions.

Comment xkcd is funny but does not always present reality (Score 4, Funny) 254

Think about it, our modern world mostly exists because of the huge automation processes going on.

I concur with the GP, if a problem is being repeated, then I seek solution on how to automate it. Over the year i automated a lot of stuff from testing, to revenue accounting. I also learned to always foresee additional cost equal to the initial development, over the next ten year, as debugging or maintenance, and when somebody ask me to automate stuff I ask them to sign it off with the knowledge and understanding of that maintenance cost.

Comment If true fuck them (Score 4, Insightful) 227

Look I know my local economy would suffer a lot (I live in germany) but there is a limit. This seem to be outright fraud, just after another scandal ? That reek of corporate corruption to the highest level. And no excuse : after a first software cheat was found, an audit should have uncovered any further cheats. This can only have had the tacit or implicit high level complicity.

Comment That old urban legend ? (Score 1) 212

The "detection van" urban legend has existed for decades. But OK, let us think about it : how much cost that tech and how much would it cost to *sweep* around single family home ? How much that would give back in money ? keep in mind the beeb license is "cheap" 150 pound per year and at worst they can only ask you, or make such hoax to try to convince people. Not sue you AFAIK. And that's not even counting if such evidence would even be acceptable. And that's single home family. not try to imagine that's a multi home dwelling. This is the license van hoax for this decade apparently.

Comment This has NOTHING to do with worker right (Score 2) 517

The article is about sciences grant, collaborations. Let us say you had a lab in Frankfurt wanting to have a 5 year collab on a subject, and they have the choice between an UK lab and a swedisch one. Which one do you think would be safe form them to take ? Excately : not the UK one. And to add , let us say you are a researcher in UK getting an EU grant. What hapenned afterward ? *maybe* the rgant runs to tis end, but afterward ? Well here you go . no more EU grant and now the Uk has to give more grants to *keep* the same funding amount of science, and the collaboration is not as easy anymore. What this has to do with worker right ? Nothing whatsoever.

Comment Youa re not supposed to joke as a candidate (Score 2) 177

Well at least not that sort of joke. There are certain joke which makes relationship with other country difficult, or makes you look like a fool, and you should avoid as a candidate for the highest office. this is one of those. If you want to see others , see Borris Johnson. Note that nominating such a person may be a political sign , a finger shown to group of people, I leave it up to slashdotter to decide which groups. But as a candidate for POTUS you should pretty damn fucking check what sort of joke you do, and joke about catastrophe or attacks (e.g. 9/11, pearly harbor), jokes about foreign president or countries, or jokes about attacks (be it physical or cyber) are certainly not something one should do.

Comment That sound wrong (Score 1) 182

The maximum allowed concentration in the table I see is 190000 microgram of 1,1,1âTrichloroethane per liter. That's 190 mg.Liter - 190 *grams* per cubic meter of water. Stay away from that water.... I hope i read that wrong or somebody bungled that. That seem way too high. Heck the PEL (although it is in gas form) is around 350 ppm, or about 1.9 mg per liter of gas (1900 mg per cubic meter). Somebody knowing the vapor pressure (100 mm Hg at 20ÂC) fancy calculating how much would go in the atmosphere near the river at such high quantities ?

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