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Comment free market economy is based on the right price (Score 1) 248

Look the way I learned it, when you have a semi functional free market, prices will tend to go toward what the market will bear : too high and consumers go away, too low and firm don't make enough benefit/don't innovate/don't invest/go away. Since when is having firm trying to go for the maximum price the market CAN bear about "sucker" ? This is madness.

Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 1) 513

"Automation has been going on since the industrial revolution, yet new jobs seem to keep on being created"

The problem is, the rate of stable unskilled and skilled job creation does not cover the rate of destruction in some countries. Note I said stable : interim job , gig job, part time job are anything but stable. And now we are entering an era where full automation of some previously unskilled job is a pretty damn possibilities. When that will start, I predict that if by then we don't have a way to provide basic income to everybody, the society will quickly disintegrate : our western society can't be sustained if the rate of stable job destruction continue.

Comment Re: They simply remember your UDID (Score 3, Insightful) 114

They're adding functionality that Apple refuses to do.

Apple refuses to do it for a valid reason, and I see Apple as the ethical winners here. If Uber is experiencing a high rate of fraud, that's a business process problem that needs to be addressed within Uber's own internal systems. Considering Uber can afford a "competitive intelligence" team that buys and crunches data about Lyft, and they can afford to develop "Greyball" deception tools to evade law enforcement, they should also be able to afford a couple of employees to build some better fraud detection into their signup process. A little less offense and a little more defense might be a rewarding strategy.

Thousands of other companies conduct business via iOS apps without resorting to breaking the rules. Uber is showing once again that they don't give a fuck about the rules, and that puts them squarely outside of the "ethical right."

Comment Future of Yahoo Mail? (Score 2) 72

I wonder what the implications will be for Yahoo Mail once Verizon finishes acquiring Yahoo. Aside from @yahoo.com accounts, the Yahoo Mail platform powers most of the baby bells' ISP email. Mail for users @sbcglobal.net, @bellsouth.net, @pacbell.net, etc. is all part of the Yahoo Mail service whether the users realize it or not. I can't see Verizon being too benevolent about taking on "competing" ILEC/bell users' mail hosting. And if they were impressed with the Yahoo Mail platform, you'd think they would have waited and migrated their own users there instead of to AOL.

What a tangled fucking web.

Comment Re:lots of addresses tied up by big companies (Score 1) 129

HP, by virtue of their acquisition of the assets of DEC, has 2 8-blocks, which is probably worth a small fortune in real money.

It's a big fortune, the average price per address has exceeded $10 for awhile now. /24s routinely sell for $4-5K these days, /19s for around $100K. HP's space is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Comment Nitpick (Score 1) 114

Each one customized to do a very specific task

Rather I would say each one was selected for and ended having the function they have now, rather than customized. We even have some protein which started at some function, then with each different selection ended having a different function, which was more important for the survival of the organism, in addition of the original one. IIRC flagella in bacteria was originally a transport protein between intra/extra membrane environment.

Comment Re:Why are these fucking Americans hacking banks? (Score 2) 111

They're monitoring transfers into and out of what appear to be primarily middle eastern banking institutions. This is a legitimate national security interest for the United States. It's helpful to see that (e.g.) Saudi Prince #1,804 is wiring money to AQAP principals or what have you.

This is exactly the sort of activity NSA is supposed to be engaging in, as opposed to trawling through every American's emails and credit card bills.

Comment Disputable (Score 5, Interesting) 366

There are plenty of evidence that some genetic marker are present in certain population, marking certain population to a greater weakness (or sometime strength) against some sickness. But it is disputable that they mark what you would call biological race, as they lack the physical isolation, do not have very specific karyotyp (even the melanine one) in human it is only a more likelyness to have such karyotyp or even a continuum of various karyotyp. The only subset you may do is possibly morphological, but even for that and for the karyotyp, you do not have specific identifier you can assign 100%, you have a continuum. That is why even if you look at various biological book or source, they usually sidestep the issue of human race, not because of the sociological indication, but simply because there is no easy way to separate and quantify those. And no, even skin color do not work that well (morphological races - would put for example part of india with africa).

Comment Re:Maybe not what it seems... (Score 1) 230

They probably aren't on the internet; most of these sirens are radio-activated. If you have a big enough transmitter and know what to send, you're good to go. Much like the Emergency Alert System, security is being retro-fitted as an afterthought in the form of signed control messages. But the rest of your point is on target, the designers unfortunately decided to rely on obscurity (the frequency, the message format and contents, etc.) to secure these things. Until they've all been upgraded, we'll have to put up with the occasional zombie warning or tornado sirens going off at random.

Comment Re:twitter is an official propaganda machine (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Maybe, just maybe, so much of the media coverage of Trump is negative because the things his administration is doing (or not doing) are perceived negatively by a large part of the population. Maybe it's because numerous things Trump promised to accomplish "on day one," or in the first month of his term, or in the first 100 days of his term haven't been done. Maybe it's because Americans are figuring out they prefer having imperfect health care as opposed to none at all, they kinda like having clean water that isn't full of coal fly ash, and they need those Amtrak trains to get to work. Maybe it's because every single day, more shady connections between Russia and the Trump camp are revealed, and the administration bungles more cover-up attempts. Maybe it's because the president looks outright incompetent having his appointees continually resigning, getting fired, recusing themselves, and finding themselves under investigation by the FBI. Maybe it's because the public doesn't quite approve of Trump's nepotistic despotism, or the very troubling appearance that he's christened his son-in-law to do an end run around various posts that are supposed to require Congressional approval.

Nahhh, can't be any of that; it's the (((librul media globalist elites))) who are the problem, right?

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