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Submission + - The Political Leanings of Black Hats?

sv_libertarian writes: A friend and I were discussing the political bent of black hat hackers. Now, disregarding government sponsored hackers, I can find no study or information that suggests most black hats are driven by a particular political ideology. I would think that if anything, the dominant political belief among black hats would be a form of anarchism, and my friend believes a dominant political view would draw from the radical left. Or do the black hats really give a damn about politics?

Submission + - Ballmer, Bezos Fund Effort to Undermine Bill Gates

theodp writes: You know what they say — it takes money to avoid paying money. TechFlash reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and CEO Jeff Bezos have contributed $100,000 each to an effort to defeat an income tax on individuals in Washington state making more than $200,000. The backers of Initiative 1098, which is set for the November ballot, include Bill Gates (Sr.), who has emerged as one of the most vocal proponents of the income tax. Under the proposal, which has drawn the ire of the Bezos and Ballmer-backed Defeat 1098, no tax would be due on the first $200K of income, 5% tax would be owed on income between $200K and $500K, and everything above $500K would be subject to a 9% tax (cutoffs are doubled for joint returns).

Submission + - Australian Internet Filter, filtered (

Pento writes: "In the lead up to the Australian Federal Election, there was a significant movement to vote Stephen Conroy, the man responsible for the Australian Internet Filter, in last place.

The results have been released, and it looks like there was a quite a backlash against Senator Conroy, with ~8% of Below the Line voters putting him last or second last. (In the Australian Senate voting system, this is a significant proportion)."

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - MySQL Community create Open Database Alliance (

Gary Pendergast writes: "Monty Widenius, the "father" of MySQL, has created the the Open Database Alliance, with the aim of becoming the industry hub for the MySQL open source database. He wants to unify all MySQL-related development and services, providing a potential solution to the fragmentation and uncertainty facing the communities, businesses and technical experts involved with MySQL, following then news of the Oracle acquisition of Sun."

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