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Comment Re:Work! (Score 1) 508

Work is both the best and worst place for me.

The good: I have my team on hand so I can communicate freely and make sure everyone is on task. The work environment works as a reminder of the achievements I've gained to get here and feels a bit more "pro". Good days go amazingly and there's high-fives all around.

The bad: People yapping on the phone, resounding office sounds, uncomfortable temperatures due to finicky H-VAC, and all the rest of that good stuff that comes with an environment you can't control.

The ugly: I'm seated in a cubicle right next to the break room with my back to the door so my monitors are visible. My co-workers are constantly going back and forth right behind me all day. I run a professional ship when I'm in the office and yet that odd feeling of eyes peeking at my screen as people pass by is starting to get to me. It's making me one very paranoid android.

So much for being senior. The only people who have worse seats are the management staff next to the colour printer.

Comment TF2 Crabspy (Score 1) 282

The noble and majestic Crabspy is an endangered semi-aquatic species known to occupy the waterways of 2Fort, Well, Hydro, and other exotic locations such as Barn.

These beautiful creatures can be easily recognized by their claws held proudly at a sharp angle over their heads. In one pincer they carry a cigarette case which they display to attract potential mates and ward off predators. The Crabspy employes a full 360 degree range of scuttling motion and moves at approximately the same pace as the theme song to Ulysses 31.

Sadly the Crabspy is an endangered creature often hunted for their luxurious free points. If you spot a poacher please report them to the proper authorities. Keep our waterways safe and clear for the Crabspy!

(Considering how the article is nothing but YouTube links, I think I'll roll with the trend)

Comment Cream on Vim (Score 1) 1131

No cream tonight in my coffee
No cream tonight in my tea
Got Cream to script beside me
Use Cream at work for me

It's snappy-fast and has nice add-ins packed in by default. Props to Notepad++ for getting me through college but Cream on Vim is my long term sweetheart editor of choice.

Mmmm hmm, tabulate those files Cream.


Submission + - $25,000 question: Is this Turing machine universal

An anonymous reader writes: Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica and author of A New Kind of Science, is offering a 25k prize to anyone who can prove or disprove his conjecture that a particular 2-state, 3-color Turing machine is universal. If true, it would be the simplest universal TM, and possibly simplest universal computational system — even simpler than rule 110. The announcement comes on the 5-year anniversary of the publication of NKS, where among other things Wolfram introduced the current reigning TM champion.

Submission + - The rest of the story on Linux and the Indy500

tinahdee writes: "There's been a lot of cheerleading recently for the effort to get a Linux-sponsored Indy500 car, but Linux.com has published the first balanced look at the driving forces behind this effort — so potential donors can consider all the details and make an informed decision about whether they should contribute to this $350,000 marketing plan."

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