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Comment Re:Still an early prototype. (Score 1) 40

We have a lot of rabbits living around our neighborhood that have destroyed many trees and gardens.

They would probably chew this robot and attack the garden daily unless..... I wonder if the company will create a defensive mode for this? Strobe lights and water or air gun could blast animals breaking the perimeter?

Comment Re:Don't believe it (Score 2) 23

Garibaldi was awesomely acted by Doyle and he will be missed. RIP. Too young to die at age 60.

Time to binge B5 for my respects. I would love to see a prequel called "B4", mostly because I like puns. Any remake would be able to examine closely the tropes of POV and "anyone can die" as they reimagine the series as a space epic. Game of Thrones in space is something that could potentially get a huge audience and would definitely be welcomed by all.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 0, Interesting) 180

They also knew how to escape this theft (income and wealth taxation is theft). Nobody ever paid the insane marginal corporate taxes. Nobody paid the 94 or 96% corporate taxes, nobody paid 50% corporate taxes, etc. American Revolution was fought over a puny tax, what was it 3 or 4%? The modern tax... theft system is completely out of control compared to those times. What was the point of fighting against taxation without representation at 4% then just to become a slave today?

Comment Re:"Model rocket" eh (Score 1) 79

It just goes to show, depending on who builds it, something may be an enlightened amateur rocket or a dangerous enemy weapon.

- false. This rocket is long, but it only weighs 1200 pounds. V-2 weighed almost 27,600 pounds and it had a 1000kg warhead on it that could be delivered to a 300km distance from launch.

I don't think it's just the name here that makes the difference.

Comment Re:I think the most popular product... (Score 0) 358

shoes, hats, underwear,
glasses of all types,
bolts and nuts and washers,
coat hangers,
clothing pins,
needles ...
I can go on, but all of the things I mentioned beat iPhones by orders of magnitude.

Comment Bestest ever of all time, ha? (Score 0) 358

Ok, so how about this:

Bread: >100 Trillion pieces for sure (over 8000 years of history of humans making bread)
Milk: > 100 Trillion glasses for sure (over 8000 years of history of humans using non human milk) ...
Shoes. I don't know, almost everybody has feet, almost everybody wears maybe 100 pairs of shoes in their lifetime.....

I mean iPhone is the *best selling product ever* is not even close.

Comment Pointer "safety." (Score 1) 308


There's nothing "unsafe" about pointers. Compromises of safety occur as a result of using pointers *wrong*.

There's plenty unsafe about programmers who don't understand what they're doing, and/or are careless, and/or assume that libraries that are black boxes beyond the API level to them are inherently safe.

Unfortunately, the typical metric for hiring programmers is "do you have a degree" rather than "do you know what you're doing."

Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 0, Interesting) 245

They'd save on gold and silver.

But seriously, the amount I care about the Olympics: 1.01-1.011%

Olympic games are all about politics, nothing is about sport (and I don't care watching people perform sports, but I realize many do).

If games have to happen they should be happening in Greece, there should be permanent stadiums there, they could be maintained by everybody who cares about the games.

But this way how could the governments steal billions from the populations and redistribute that money to their close friends? That's the real problem, apparently governments still need some pretext for stealing for some reason.

Comment Re:Black is the worst threat level...? (Score -1) 133

Black is the new Red, this is political of-course, it doesn't have any other meaning. Colour coding means something because of the colour properties (red is the most visible colour due to its wavelength and our perception of it). I guess what Obama is saying is this: the white people are scared of the blacks so much, they must perceive black as more dangerous than any other colour...

Comment BB reputation is *disturbed* (Score 0) 94

BB CEO was disturbed by Apple just a few days back.

John Chen said he was disturbed that Apple valued its customers' privacy and its own reputation above government demands for backdoors. I think I can safely say that BB's reputation is now 'disturbed'.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said he is "disturbed" by Apple's tough approach to encryption and user privacy, warning that the firm's attitude is harmful to society. Earlier this year, Chen said in response to Apple resisting the government's demands to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters: "We are indeed in a dark place when companies put their reputations above the greater good." During BlackBerry's Security Summit in New York this week, Chen made several more comments about Apple's stance on encryption. "One of our competitors, we call it 'the other fruit company,' has an attitude that it doesn't matter how much it might hurt society, they're not going to help," he said. "I found that disturbing as a citizen. I think BlackBerry, like any company, should have a basic civil responsibility. If the world is in danger, we should be able to help out." He did say there was a lot of "nonsense" being reported about BlackBerry and its approach to how it handles user information. "Of course, there need to be clear guidelines. The guidelines we've adopted require legal assets. A subpoena for certain data. But if you have the data, you should give it to them," he said. "There's some complete nonsense about what we can and can't do. People are mad at us that we let the government have the data. It's absolute garbage. We can't do that." Chen also warned that mandatory back doors aren't a good idea either, hinting at the impending Investigatory Powers Bill. "There's proposed legislation in the U.S., and I'm sure it will come to the EU, that every vendor needs to provide some form of a back door. That is not going to fly at all. It just isn't," he said.

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