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Fuck off Time Warner

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  • This is just "usage caps" with different wording... they will have to set it high enough not to encumber those who are doing legitimate activities like listening to or downloading software packages bought online (an increasingly common activity with increase in broadband availability), plus the wording needs to be clear, otherwise users will riot. UK ISPs have gotten burned over that last part, even when their policies were actually not that restrictive. *shrugs*

    • downloading software packages bought online

      Which kind of hits on where I use the most bandwidth. I like downloading my favorite Linux distro, plus various freeware for Windows and Mac (have all three at home). Otherwise, 75% of the time I'm just surfing pages and reading email... mix in a little IM/IRC. I don't do much 'net radio. Of course, with my travel schedule I'm usually only using my home cable connection when I'm home on the weekends. During most weeks I'm on the road. (In fact, I am typing this

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