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Comment But of course it won't, and nicely played MS PR (Score 1) 214

I personally really wonder where people got idea about 'free Windows 10'. Price dumping? Really? Do you even want to know how many laws Microsoft would instantly break? Also Windows is their money inflow. Even people paying 20 bucks for it is billions in the end. But this of course have helped Microsoft to hype Windows 10. Because people don't read retractions or corrections or apologies. They heard Windows 10 is free. Lot of people will make subconscious choice of sticking with Windows because of this. Ka ching! Goal achieved. Nicely played Microsoft PR executives. Real mastery.

Comment Some things never change (Score 3, Insightful) 241

Ohhhh, old Slashdot - some things never change. Upcoming Windows release and "ohh so much true this Windows version is a best" posts, for one example. Sorry, people, Windows 10 is just rehashed Windows 8.1, with quite a few subsystems optimized. It is just another Windows. No, it won't convince people to switch. It merely will make Windows fans less frantic about not knowing what to do.

Comment Sadly overhyped (Score 1, Informative) 88

SC is already getting overhyped beyond means, and ship sales are just adding fuel to the fire. This decision alone from CIG has been huge turn off for many players to check it out, because while sandbox space sim doesn't have special "win" scenarios, still it's gives huge advantage right out start at the game for people with bought ships.

I personally don't like this huge in-game assets sale. I know SC fans argue it's for supporting SC development, but...seriously. If you are so curious to support game, do it without getting ship back in return. This is not best advertisment for crowdfunding, because it reminds a pre-order gifts which lot of people loath.

Also SC feature set boasted by fans aren't that unique - for example "Elite: Dangerous" with their current development docs (see archive of Development Decision Forum here looks more detailed and nuanced that SC - still SC gets more hype because of involved people trying to get their friends buy ships.

I also prefer ED ship design (can be seen in-game engine trailer here comparing to SC "planes in space" (don't getting those "car ad" type videos for ships either, only one of them is done ok).

Comment Re:Half Life 3 (Score 1) 271

"This is nice in theory, but HL3 would have to be a SteamOS exclusive in order for Steam Machines to take off at all... and if he's not a total moron, he won't do that. It will be released from Windows."

GTA5 was just released for consoles and earned billion in nearly two weeks. No, gaming don't need Windows anymore. They just need to to timed exclusive. It will be enough to get Steam machines in enough households to people start to enjoy them.

Also please get your facts stright. Valve itself said that NVidia is faster on Linux and that was one of their reasons why they started to draw plans to do this. Windows 8 was tipping point.

Comment But that's progress (Score 1) 625

I think everyone will agree that automation is good at it's core. We can discuss details or is it applied effectively enough to be economically reasonable in each scenario, but in the end, that's how our society has evolved, for better or worse.

So discussion is not about technical progress, but progress of society. In Capitalism it is clear and cut that such scenario will end in disaster - destroying so much paying jobs will bring down economy overnight. So society is lagging behind.

Comment Re:Give the people what they want... and cheaply. (Score 1) 327

1. But that's how it works. We love our old models, but...they just lose out to competition. That's how it works;
2. Charging 200$ is all they got, hell, they cost much more in fact in US. That's their *business* model;
3. Exactly - as soon as you get out of upgrading cycle via contracts, iPhone just doesn't cut it anymore.

Not really - most of current 3GS users are people who don't care about newest iOS.

Comment Re:U.S., cough, international pressure much? (Score 1) 166

I didn't say that you can't ignore treaties. You can. But you can't precisely pinpoint implications. Starting from lawsuits, and ending with political fallouts.

U.S. is biggest IP producer to date, so they will protect their export. I can fully understand them. World couldn't allow such agreements in first place.

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