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Comment Re:Mozilla's 990 Form (Score 1) 101

Did Mozilla Foundation get fair market value for licensing it trademarks to Mozilla Corporation, a how was this valuation arrived at?

Mozilla Foundation, as a 501(c)3 non-profit, would not base their decisions solely on valuation or profit, nor would they be required to, and indeed they could get in trouble with the IRS if they did. The decision to license to their own operating corporation was so that they could achieve the purposes in their constitution, which have to do with net freedom.

Don't like my answers? Do your own research.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 101

Off the top of your head, can you name the CEOs of Coca Cola

The CEO of Coke has not become as well known as Elon Musk, but I went on their web site and clicked on press releases, and he's generally quoted in the releases that discuss any significant financial event in the business. They have "brand ambassadors" for lesser things, but the CEO is definitely representing the brand, and particularly when the brand is marketed to stockholders and investors.

You will find similar things about the CEOs of the other companies you mentioned.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 101

Your values seem to be: "Free speech is only permitted when it doesn't hurt my feelings."

No. You're simply not recognizing that our actions can be free speech as well. When we do our very best to cut off all associations with a person, and to deplore their speech and actions, that is our free speech.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 2) 101

they're the guide behind the scenes that makes the brand profitable.

I used to work for Steve Jobs. Never for one second was that guy anything behind the scenes. I worked at Pixar, but I hear that Apple did a ton of work to keep people from thinking that the company would founder* with his death (and IMO, it has).

I just can't think of many "behind the scenes" CEOs, whatever size the company is.

* Sometimes, you've gotta love the English language.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 2) 101

So he was the CEO of subway?

He was paid spokesperson. Usually this goes to a celebrity, they tried an "everyman" who followed their plan for weight loss. Too bad he had a yen for kids.

Yes, public spokespersons have to represent the brand. That's their only job. You might have noticed how fast the celebrity ones get dropped if they are in the news for drugs, deplorable sexual stuff, and violence. Brandon Marshall in the NFL lost two sponsorship deals for following Kapernick in his national anthem protest.

Comment Re:Trump hasn't even taken office yet (Score 1) 101

Mozilla gets ad revenue?

They actually get their revenue from directing searches to their partner search engine company, Yahoo for now. The search engine company runs the ads. But it looks like Yahoo might credit part of their revenue from the ads on a Mozilla-originated search to Mozilla.

Comment Re:Mozilla's 990 Form (Score 3, Informative) 101

What securities does Mozilla have investments in?

I only have the answer to why they have investments. Because they have a significant amount of money on hand, and are holding it in the way that makes the most money for a project. When you put money in a bank, they invest it too. This way generally makes more money than interest from the bank.

What Central American/Caribbean securities or hedge funds does Mozilla invest in?

Don't know that either, but I can say why they do it. Diversification of your financial holdings over multiple currencies and over multiple national economies protects you from a crash in a single economy. The reliability of the US economy is no sure thing at the moment.

Why does the Foundation license its trademarks to Mozilla Corporation, its wholly-own subsidiary? Is that normal?

Yes. In this case I think it's a difference in tax status between the non-profit and the operating company. Sometimes it's done to keep the trademarks from being assets that could be placed in peril in a lawsuit. For-profit entities sometimes offshore the intellectual property rights as a tax shield, but I don't think that's happening here.

Comment Re:Less politics (Score 4, Insightful) 101

At first, less politics more code might sound productive. But in actuality, it's "keep your nose to the grindstone and don't stick your nose in the policies made by those above your pay grade". Of course, those policies will have tremendous effects on us, and we should have a say. All the code we can make won't necessarily change them.

The classical Greek definition of "idiot" is someone who declines to take part in democratic government. It is no less so today.

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