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Comment Re:Vivaldi who? (Score 1) 213

I'm just pointing out that your logic is faulty, because you imply that the sheer size or valuation of the company should be sufficient to assume that the general public, or at least the audience, knows about it so that providing background information on it is unnecessary. We wouldn't do this with Cargill.

Now if you had said that, because of Slashdot's userbase and its technical/computing background, it's safe to assume that readers here are sufficiently familiar with Microsoft to make background information unnecessary, I would completely agree. But I would also say the same for Mozilla, which is a much, much smaller and less valuable company than MS. Same goes for Wikimedia Foundation, the FSF,, etc. Background info on those companies (or non-profit foundations) are not necessary here. Company size and valuation really isn't important, it's the audience of this site and the nature of the company in question.

Comment Re:Vivaldi who? (Score 1) 213

I realize that, I was responding to the OP who claimed "it's fair to assume most people know of them" solely based on the valuation of the company. He said nothing about these "most people" being on Slashdot, so I assumed he meant the general population. I pointed out that this is fallacious logic based on other companies with similar valuations which many people have probably either never heard of, or really know nothing about.

Comment Mod parent up as insightful on battery subsidies (Score 1) 295

"Rather than spend $billions on the US war machine to ensure the reliable supply of oil to the country, the US government should be subsidizing the production of batteries to store solar energy."

Mod parent up as insightful! Makes sense now that solar panels are so cheap to focus on other areas -- batteries (or similar energy storage devices like creating liquid fuels from air) being the major limiting factor now (even with many innovations in the pipeline).

Also related:

Still, another way to approach this is to make all energy sources pay their true costs up front. For example, Trump talks about millions of jobs to be created by burning more coal, but ignores all the people who will suffer and die from the pollution as an externality. So, by taxing fossil fuels so they are priced correctly in the market up-front (and ideally distributing that tax revenue equally to all citizens) indirectly subsidizes renewables, efficiency, and batteries.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 366

That's pretty bad, considering there are only 50 states.

It's not that bad. States have multiple state universities. Here in Texas, you have University of Texas, Texas State, Texas A&M and then individual branches of those schools in various places, all which rank independently.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 366

UTD for instance has some top 1-2% graduate programs of ALL out there

I can't take your word for that. Do you have some citation for that? Which UTD grad programs are in the top 1-2%? I know for sure it's none of their STEM programs. The MBA program is good, but MBA is kind of "grad school lite", if you know what I mean.

Comment Re:And Microsoft gives not a single shit... (Score 1) 213

MS has billions in the bank. They can afford the best lawyers. And their EULA explicitly absolves them of responsibility for any problems caused by their software, and EULAs have been successfully tested in court. Exactly how far do you think you're going to get with a lawsuit? Good luck with that.

AFAIC, if your company gets burned by MS like this, it's your own stupid fault. This stuff isn't a surprise.

Comment Re:And Microsoft gives not a single shit... (Score 1) 213

That is simply not true.

For one, you can get a Mac with MacOS. Yes, it's a small share of the market, but it is somewhere close to 10% last I heard, which is nothing to sneeze at. They even sell these things at fancy mall stores, and have for over a decade.

Secondly, you can buy a computer with Linux (usually Ubuntu). I think there was an article here a few days ago about being able to buy a Dell preloaded with Ubuntu for less than the same machine with Windows, which is different than the past. Of course, the marketshare here is pretty tiny too, even smaller than Macs. And of course, you can always load Linux yourself, which is really easy to do these days.

The fact is, you DO have choices. The problem is, almost no one actually does. At least 85% of PC users continue to use Windows despite shenanigans like this, and there's no sign this number is going to decrease significantly any time soon. It really doesn't matter what MS does; no matter how poorly they treat users, almost none of them will abandon the platform, so MS might as well amp up the evil and screw these people as hard as it wants for more profit (from advertising, telemetry, spyware, etc.). Personally, I think it's funny when people whine about how much of a pain Windows 10 is being, and repeat my mantra: "if you don't like it, don't use it". That just seems to piss them off, which makes me laugh even more. They've dug themselves into a hole and now they refuse to climb out, so I have no sympathy.

Comment Re:Vivaldi who? (Score 1) 213

Did you know that the two largest privately-held companies are Cargill and Koch Industries ($120B and $115B respectively)?

How many people on the street (or on Slashdot) have heard of these companies, even know the first thing about these companies, how large they are, or what they do? I barely know anything about either of these companies, except that Koch is associated with the infamous Koch brothers, and my quick Google search shows that Cargill is involved in agriculture.

Comment Re: Non Issue (Score 1) 213

If you don't like systemd, you're free to choose a Linux distro which doesn't have it. There are plenty of such distros around, including Slackware and Devuan. And if that's not good enough for you, you're free to roll your own distro. It isn't that hard to do, and all the components are freely available.

Try that with Windows.

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