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Submission + - Learning on the road.

Patrik_AKA_RedX writes: "Since I spend considerable amounts of time on the bus each day, I want to use that time productively. I combine a fulltime dayjob with evening classes, so reclaiming my time on the bus as study time would be very valuable to me.
Using books and binders or a laptop is not very practical, since I don't always have a seat and occationaly busses tend to be quite crowded.
My idea involves using an ebookreader like the Sony Reader, since most of my course notes are electronic. This solves the issue with thick books and large binders. But this still leaves the problem of taking notes.
A paper notebook requires two hands, a voice recorder gets me strange looks and writting on the sides of the bus has the problem of not always having the same bus.

My question is: what do you do to learn on the road? How do you take notes, what experiences do you have with Ebook readers (dedicated devices, PDA or other) in real life situations? Is it practical to use a PDA both as reader and notebook? Do you know of any sites or forums specific about this?"

Submission + - Ebook Readers Where are they now?

Patrik_AKA_RedX writes: "I spend quite sometime on the bus each day, and most of it I spend reading. A lot of it I get from the net and have to print to take with me. IMO this is a bit of a waste of perfectly good trees so I was looking for an alternative. I've tried taking a laptop, but even the compact Armada M300 is quite cumbersome. Real Ebook readers haven't shown up in stores around here yet, the closest thing I've found is a MP4 player with ebook support, which didn't specify how much this support actually is. My question is what ebook reader-device do you have and is it worth the trouble? Also which of these devices are available in Europe?"

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