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Comment Don't blame the users (Score 3, Interesting) 103

It's the vendors. Now we might be outliers, but everybody in my family installs patches whenever they come in. Maybe not immediately but at least later that day, i.e., when we're home and can be sure the phone is fully charged and maybe using WiFi if it looks like there's a lot of patches. When we were using Verizon, our phones were always getting version N when all the news and buzz was all about the newly released version N+1. When we switched carriers, Verizon still had our phones running the previous version of Android.

Comment If you can't rip people off in the theater... (Score 1) 128 'em off in the home.

A few stories down in my browser is a story about how 18-24 year-olds aren't going to the theater. Why, oh, why would anybody balking at spending $10+/seat in a theater be happy to cough up $30 to watch the same movie in their home?

If that's the best that Hollywood executives can come up with as an answer to a problem of declining box office receipts, then there needs to be a mass housecleaning of the people running the studios. Apparently those currently residing in the boardrooms... Just. Don't. Get. It.

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