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Comment Re:It can't be said too many times (Score 1) 341

Non-story? Bullshit! I'm a freelance composer myself. If Apple uploaded files from my computer (forget about deleting them!), and tried to resell them to me -- and to others! -- I'd sue their asses into the twenty-second century! Man, I'm usually pretty restrained and laid-back in my posts, but this really pisses me off. I hope someone out there is following up with a lawsuit if this happened to them.

Comment Re: What's the big deal (Score 1) 134

Ah... anonymous, yes. Cowardly? Yo mama!

Seriously... my facebook avatar is the standard anonymous user... with a goatee added for "veracity". I won't even go into details about the crap I've had to put up with from LinkedIn about the fact that my photograph isn't a real one. They've deleted it so many times it's a chore re-upping it in and of itself, but worth it.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Overcoming Low-cost Competition In Web Design

Patchw0rk F0g writes: As a web developer and designer, I've been waging a small-scale war on two fronts: disingenuous design companies with low rates, and students with no infrastructure (or experience), and therefore low fees.

We've all seen them: the web design companies that offer web pages for $99.00 or less, only to provide the client with a static web page that does nothing to further their web presence needs. The client then needs to pony up further funds for a website that reflects the reality of their online needs. We've also seen the student ads on various forums, offering ridiculously low costs for web pages that fail to live up to expectations, much less the minimum requirements that are necessary in today's Google-expected RWD (responsive web design) world.

I've been developing web pages for over ten years now, and have both the requisite experience and client base to make a reasonable salary. I can't, however, develop a suitable web page for a client for a mere pittance. What suggestions would Slashdot readers have, either in the marketing forum or on the production side, to combat these substandard practitioners that beset web designers?

Comment Oh, I SO agree.... (Score 1) 327

I can't count the amount of times I've looked forward to a talk online, expecting a video (Vimeo, Youtube, whatever) of the talk, only to be presented with a series of bullet points on slides that mean absolutely squat to me, and leave out the meat and potatoes of the actual content. Pardon my French, but Fuck PowerPoint.
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Journal Journal: What a wonderful dream....

I had the weirdest dream last night: everyone in the world had access to data and information about everybody else, from academic and business information to ephemera such as winning a Guiness World Record but not bothering to tell anybody. The data kept shifting and refining itself, guiding one to a general impression of other people. It was available through both a data device, and some weird effect that fed directly into the cortex, though this was used mostly to keep an eye on your own da

Submission + - Why are the Simpson yellow, and Louis XIV's heels red?

Patchw0rk F0g writes: They're iconic: the golden figures that grace every syndicated network the world over. But why are the characters in The Simpsons yellow? And what do snails have to do with the colour violet? And why are bull-fighter's capes red? A presentation by NPR has the answers.

Nicole Cohen and Beth Novey have put together a plethora of colour-related facts in This is Colour, a short but interesting journey through the oddities and curiosities of the rainbow. Oh, and there's some trippy musical accompaniment. Just puts a capper on it!

Comment Wow. Talk about a blast! (Score 1) 71

Say what you'd like about Jobs, he was definitely in touch with what makes it for creative minds and innovative, inspiring spaces.

I've worked in many different ad agencies over the years, and the ones that brought out the best in me (aside from the like-minded co-conspirators, the good pay, the appreciation from both clients and over-seers) had this type of influential, outside-the-box aura about their domains. Whether it was a full-sized basketball hoop in the creative department, the nooks and crannies for one-on-one art director/copywriter collaboration, the amenities and sheer discorporation of the space, or the openness of the overall layout, there's something about a well-wrought, well-thought-out and inviting creative space that invites a mass of creative thinking, and ensures that the creation of great art is foremost.

Great job, Jobs. Put this one in the win column.

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