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Comment Re:The Vista drivers work fine (Score 4, Informative) 279

This is not true. I also installed Windows 7 off of TechNet at launch, but a lot of stuff is broken. You will not get external audio jack support with Windows 7 OEM drivers on iMac 2009 machines. You will also not get internal microphone or mixer support with Windows 7 OEM drivers on iMac 2009 machines. If you intend on using any Voice over IP applications, Cisco IP Communicator, Ventrilo, Microsoft OCS - install Vista. And, updated sound drivers will not fix your problem. The Intel chipset drivers that ship native to boot camp are what are needed to map the mixer. Windows 7 driver support on iMac's are a sorry state of affairs.

Comment Start with the WAN (Score 1) 438

Take a look at network-based WAN acceleration products that will significantly reduce the overhead of SMB/CIFS traffic. This will make it easier to index, cache frequently used documents locally and improve your WAN utilization company wide. It will even cache directory lookups and they will "feel" instant to the end user.

A good example is Cisco WAAS, a cool video showing how it works is here: http://www.cisco.com/cdc_content_elements/flash/ans/index.html

See here for data sheets and specs: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps5680/Products_Sub_Category_Home.html

Cisco's solution is inexpensive and you can use your existing router investment to do all the heavy lifting.


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