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Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 200

Right up there with people driving off cliffs who pay attention to their GPS/Google maps, not to the road, and others getting run over while crossing the street staring at the i-Phones in their hands, while the driver is doing the same. What idiot uses something unnecessarily complicated to accomplish a simple task? A Brit, that's what idiot!

Comment Re:Protectionism (Score 1) 813

Yes, that may finally (emphasis on FINALLY) be the case, even though we've been hearing that pathetic and tedious meme since the 1970s, douchey, the offshoring of jobs and replacement of American workers with foreign visa scab workers is a major livelihood killer, just kindly just STFU and read two books: Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira and his brother, and Sold Out, by Michelle Malkin.

Comment Re:Protectionism (Score 1) 813

Back in the 1800s (factual history which has been almost completely revised) the workers laid off by those money trusts which were brining in Chinese workers by the boatloads to work the railroads, and yes, just as with the American workers who complained, the Chinese were literally worked to death) the starving workers had several options: attack the well-armed thugs at the work camps freezing them out (which they did, and many perished) or next attack the scab workers (those imported Chinese, which they did, along with getting Socialists voted in who passed an exclusion act --- always called racist, seldom ever correctly explained as labor history). The only recourse today is exactly the same . . . .

Comment Oh . . . poooh!!!! (Score 1) 813

Exactly what has happened here in the Seattle area with Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA-Neocon) and Patty Murray (WA-Neocon), faux crats up the wazoo! They say the companies HAVE TO OFFSHORE THE JOBS TO COMPETE, or to replace American workers with foreign visa workers to compete, etc., yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, and shove more corporate money up my skankhole! That's why a plane needs to be flown into congress and the supremecy court!

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