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Ford: We're Canceling $1.6 Billion Mexico Facility, Investing In Electric and US Plant ( 432

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Today at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields unveiled a large-scale electric vehicle initiative that will run through the company's next five years. Ford plans to invest $4.5 billion in electric vehicle production by 2020, and the company said it will produce 13 new electric vehicles, including a Mustang, an F-150, police cars, and a Transit Custom van. Additionally, Fields revealed that Ford would be canceling a previously announced $1.6 billion-production facility in Mexico. Instead, the company wants to invest $700 million in the existing Flat Rock facility, generating 700 new jobs focused on EV and autonomous initiatives at that location, according to Ford. Ford described seven of the 13 upcoming EVs during its press conference today. The F-150 Hybrid will be available by 2020 in North America and the Middle East, and Fields noted it'll be powerful enough to stand-in for on-site generators in a pinch. The Mustang Hybrid will deliver "V8 power and even more low-end torque" according to Ford; it too is intended for a 2020 release. Generally, electric motors are well suited to applications where you want a lot of immediate torque, so their presence should work well in a light duty truck like the F-150. Among the other notable vehicles highlighted, Ford is planning a fully electric small SUV that can "deliver an estimated range of at least 300 miles" by 2020. The company also wants to produce an autonomous vehicle "designed for commercial ride hailing or ride sharing" in North America by 2021.

Comment Only the best . . . (Score 1) 338

Hands down, the ultimate book to read this year regarding the economic meltdown and fraudclosure scam is David Dayen's brilliant book, Chain of Title --- also great, Jane Mayer's book, Dark Money, and for further elucidation on the JFK assassination, David Talbot's book, The Devil's Chessboard.

Would also recommend Evicted, by Matthew Desmond and Someone Is Hiding Something, by Richard Belzer.

Comment "Users" doesn't tell us enough (Score 1) 560

Exactly how marijuana is used might be a factor. Smoking gets you lots of combustion byproducts: carbon monoxide, etc. Vaporizers and edibles do not. I'd like to see the breakdown, and maybe compared with cigarette smokers as well. Maybe it's the THC that is causing the effect reported, but maybe not.

Comment So WTF is the non-fake news, Einstein????? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

What is all this sudden bullcrap about "fake news" in a country where it is LEGAL to fictional ALL news (thanks to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation's multiple lawsuits in federal court) and where the Koch brothers are responsible for most of the "content" on NPR, and everything on PBS and Frontline?

I mean, WTF is all this Prof. Elizabeth Sindars/Merrimack College (WTF that is????) bullcrap about???? This is the Land of Fake News, and has been during my lifetime.

And now . . . for some Non-Fake News . . . .

Comment I'd like to take this opportunity . . . (Score 1) 204

. . . to mention something appropriate to this topic, namely Google, and other tech companies, and their hiring procedures.

We've been reading for years on, on this site and others, about the stringent interview/tests required for Google applicants (and I used to hear the same thing about Micro$oft, etc.), yet nothing brilliant has come out of that company beyond their search engine --- yes, they've purchased the occasional company and added its innovations to their arsenal, but nothing particularly creative has originated in-house.

We saw the same thing at Micro$oft, although having been a contractor off and on there, I can attest to very unmeritocratic and nespotistic hiring going on there, contrary to the publicized bullcrap ---- and no, I've never gotten an interview with them, regardless of the number of work-related bonuses they gave me, and I'm not unique in that regard, yet people of no account have received interviews based upon playing tennis or paddle ball with certain employees, or being related to others.

I see this article/posting as yet another example of what I'm stating.

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