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Comment Re:They shouldn't exist in the first place (Score 1) 301

Because pilots are trained extensively on both routine flight and what to do when things go wrong. If fully autonomous cars become common place we will have millions of drivers with near zero experience actually driving the car themselves. What happens if the autodrive cuts out or does something the driver doesn't want it to? Suddenly you have someone who has little experience controlling a car hurtling down the free way at 65 MPH trying to maneuver to the shoulder or their exit through traffic.

I would rather see cars that can sense other vehicles and get speed, heading and performance information from them and take control when they feel a crash is imminent and communicate the fact they are doing so to drivers of 'dumb' vehicles. for example, you are in your 'smart' car on a main road approaching a 4 way intersection, the road crossing your road has a 2 way stop. Another 'dumb' car is coming the opposite way the same distance from the intersection as you are and a 'smart' car is approaching the stop sign on the side road. The driver in the 'smart' car has decided he is going to roll the stop sign and try to beat both of you, his car detects that he is about to do this and senses through communication protocols and radar that it will most likely result in an accident with your car and/or the 'dumb' car. His vehicle takes control and brings itself to a stop in front of the sign while sending a signal to your car that it is in emergency braking and flashing a standardized visual signal (maybe something like orange strobes on all 4 corners for 2 seconds) to the driver of the 'dumb' car to alert them a dangerous situation is occurring. Your car in the meanwhile has decided to start slowing and prepare for a full stop in case the other 'smart' car skids into the intersection and the driver of the 'dumb' car seeing the signal takes the same precaution.

Systems like this would greatly reduce the amount and severity of traffic accidents while also allowing drivers to continue to drive and avoid the situation I mentioned in the first place.

Comment Re:Best car overall?? (Score 1) 318

in teh long run, the Total cost of ownership is way less than that "$30K" car.

No it doesn't
Lets take my gas guzzling Crown Victoria Police Interceptor as an example, now I bought it used but I believe they cost around $32,000 new, lets call that $35,000 to be safe and we will assume the life of a car is 100,000 miles
I get about 15 MPG because of hilly terrain, little highway driving and a lead foot. gas is about 3.70 here and has stayed about there for 4 years now but we'll call it 4.25 to offset any unexpected future price increases.
Add in 20 engine oil changes at $40 each for the good stuff
5 air filters at $15 each
3 fuel filters at $10 each
3 sets of 8 brake pads at $80 each because I'm guessing the Tesla's regenerative braking extends the lives of discs and pads so I'll just add all my brake jobs in.
1 set of 4 brake rotors at $350
6 years of Pennsylvania state emissions inspections means that I will be paying $30 more for having to do the actual inspection instead of just getting the exemption sticker.
I get $65,008.33 for the total cost over the life of the car assuming gas hits $5 a gallon in the next few years and you do maintenance more than most people.
Now I like the Tesla but considering the average midsize now gets twice the mileage of my car it is not cheaper in the long run. I will however consider Tesla in the future when they can start bringing their prices down. Until then I'll probably be looking at a Charger R/T or Taurus SHO in 6 years or so when I decide to get a new car.

Comment Re:Make it not ugly (Score 1) 335

This is the biggest thing that kills the Leaf for me, it looks like an emasculated Prius. Its hard to get anyone excited about that especially the gear heads who are the ones who typically generate the buzz around new cars. Car Manufacturers need to take a look at the Chevy Volt for ideas on how to style their green machines, if you want to compete in the American market you have to sacrifice some function for form.

Comment Re:When Danica crashed (Score 1) 756

Danica also has tons of racing experience therefore tons of experience wrecking cars. Most likely she did the death grip on the wheel the first few times she crashed and after realizing your hands hurt for days afterwards learned to let go. You can tell people that is the proper way to do it all you want but when the SHTF they will probably just hold onto the wheel for dear life. Most people will only be in a few accidents spread far apart during their lives, not frequent enough to make letting go of the wheel a habit.

Comment Re:Or let the bus drivers handle it. (Score 2) 151

The bus drivers do not but the Maryland Transit Authority has its own police department and most of those cops ride around on buses and trains all day to curb the massive problem Baltimore has with violence on public transit. You most likely had your ticket written by one of them.

Comment Re:For us non-US folk... (Score 2) 272

Actually on Verizon switching phones is as easy as calling an activation number and waiting about 2 minutes for your old phone to be disconnected and your new one to be set up. The last time I had a GSM phone about 5 years ago service was widely unavailable in many rural parts of the Mid-Atlantic region and its still impossible to get GSM signal in underground areas (parking garages, basements, certain bars, etc.)

Comment Re:Hope their drivers have improved (Score 1) 240

I have never had anything but problems with AMD products. IMO they make better space heaters than CPUs or GPUs, although I have never had to RMA 5 space heaters in 9 months. I ditched all of my AMD products last year and will never go back. I don't care who has the fastest graphics card in the world, I would still go with the Nvidia for reliability.

Comment Re:Here's why they are doing this (Score 1) 321

Except PFC Manning is allowed visits with family and friends and no one has said that he is staring at a wall for 23 hours a day. The disgustingly biased article in Salon went as far as to claim that he was denied access to newspapers and current events which has been disputed by one of their sources.

I'm not trying to say PFC Mannings imprisonment is all sunshine and rainbows, but to suggest that it is months on end of sensory deprivation and social isolation would be false.

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