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Submission + - RapidShare Threatens Suit Over Piracy Allegations

Hugh Pickens writes: "PC Magazine reports that RapidShare, named as a contributor to digital piracy by a MarkMonitor report, has threatened to sue for defamation. "This defamation of RapidShare as a digital piracy site is absurd and we reserve the right to take legal action against MarkMonitor," says RapidShare in a statement. "RapidShare is a legitimate company that offers its customers fast, simple and secure storage and management of large amounts of data via our servers." MarkMonitor, a Web site that specializes in "enterprise brand protection," says in their study that the most-trafficked domains engaged in digital piracy included three sites —,, and — that combined yielded 21 billion pageviews per year. RapidShare acknowledged that copyrighted files do get uploaded to its site, however "these users are in the absolute minority compared with those who use our services to pursue perfectly legitimate interests." RapidShare says that it does not open and view the files of its users, and contains no search function so that other users may look for content."

Submission + - Apple's Rotten Core: Inside The Foxconn Facility ( 1

Robotron23 writes: The Daily Telegraph reports on the ongoing grim situation with Apple's manufacturing workforce in the wake of the iPad's European launch. Twelve suicides this year have occurred from employees jumping off of Foxconn factory buildings. Accounts of life working for Foxconn have emerged from within China including this translated report from an undercover reporter. Two deaths and further attempts have occurred over the past ten days.

Comment Re:I hope they don't keep it (Score 2) 1297

If you really think the Iraq War is the most despicable moment in American history you must have never taken a High School history class. I mean we have the Japanese American internment during WWII, The Trail of Tears, and certain actions during the Civil Rights movement just to name a few. And its not just America that's committed atrocities, The Holocaust, The genocide in Rwanda, recent actions by Israel, Palestine and Lebanon, and the fact that British citizens barely even have basic human rights left anymore. Its just human nature to kill and oppress each other, and we never seem to learn from our mistakes there either.

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