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Comment If only... (Score 1) 149

If only there were some sort of central repository of information that you could query to quickly find the answer to your question, ideally in less time than it took you to click Reply, type in your question with extra unimportant information, click Preview, then click Submit.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 2) 253

Maybe that's because the majority of slashdotters don't need to worry about waking up black or female. Waking up old, however, awaits us all...

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

And I strongly disagree with the GPs assertion that there is "nothing inherently wrong with bringing attorneys into it."
That seems to be such a pervasive sentiment that it has made our society one that actually believes we need lawyers to behave like reasonable people. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that has been created by - you guessed it - lawyers.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 504

Ya, I spotted it immediately. He was really brave when he was sure he wouldn't have to do it. Kind of like all the people who claim they'll leave the country over [insert socio-political atrocity]. If they ever followed through, it would really be a newsworthy event.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 485

Let me field that answer. They'll use it, just like organizations kept using WinXP pre-SP3, until the new Director of IT came along and said "Are you fucking kidding me?! What incompetent idiot let you stay unpatched and critically open to everything that has come along in the last fucking decade?! Oh, the same one who thought it's a great idea to never upgrade hardware, despite your staff barely surviving on machines that crash daily, or catch fire like those two did last week."

Comment I just got done hiring two people... (Score 3, Interesting) 538

I have spent the last several months hiring two QA engineers. I got about two dozen resumes that had been pre-screened by the corporate recruiter. All of them were somewhat qualified. I phone interviewed about half of those, and had about 8-10 people come in for interviews.

Most of them were on some kind of work program. I only saw resumes for three men, and one came in for an interview. He was from an African country. I think the other two may have been Americans, but I didn't phone interview them and am only guessing by their names.

All the rest of the resumes were women, and only 1 was American.

So while I understand the sentiment that the H1B program is being used to "replace American workers" - which I am sure it is - I personally don't see it. I did not get any qualified Americans applying for the position. There was nothing wrong with the salary or the market we are in, and nothing specialized about the positions. Now I do know that Big Corporations are able to use-and-abuse the visa program because I have seen it firsthand. But there is also some good that comes out of the program as well.

I guess this what we've been reduced to though, you have to choose one end of the spectrum, there's no in-between on anything.

Comment Let's not forget 'repairability'... (Score 1) 148

I admittedly don't know much about how this applies to carbon fiber or graphene, but it needs to be 'repairable'. You can weld steel, to either repair it or join it to more steel, to the point it is as strong or even stronger than the original (with bracing and whatnot). Anything that would replace steel would need this characteristic.

Comment Re:Asking the wrong question (Score 1) 123

Don't all of the variations have their own pieces anyway? I know we have two sets - one is a very old French version I found at a flea market which is really cool (my wife used to be a French teacher) and the other is a Simpsons version. I've played it with my kids quite a bit. I kind of think it's a great move for them to make all the customized versions, it breathes a little bit of new life into the game. It's more relevant to buy a monorail stop instead of a railroad, or Burns Manor instead of Boardwalk.

I fully expect that they will continue to churn out new versions all the time, for all kinds of things. They don't need anyone's votes, this is pure marketing. In fact, they are late to the game if they are just now talking about having a version with emoji tokens. Come on Parker Bros!

Comment Re: Deep recursion (Score 1) 69

On the UI front, at least I'll agree that some GNOME software has done that. MS fell into that big time with Windows 8, though they have walked back some of it. However I can't think of too many examples outside of those two where an existing software did big steps backwards.

On Slack v. IRC, it's not that *hard* what they added, but having the history available on reconnect, being able to paste text and images and such into chat rather than resorting to pastebins. Sure some things like emoji support may be a bit silly, but otherwise it's something that makes a lot of functionality a lot more accessible. We would be better off recognizing that IRC is *not* in fact perfect as is and think about actually competing instead of being in denial.

Comment What report? (Score 1) 165

What fraudulent report? Did it say they filed a report with the police? The news story said they were working with law enforcement, that's it.
And they gave you an email address from their domain if you have any information. (?!)

Sure, someone might have nabbed them, laptops get stolen all the time. Just somewhat interesting that this made the news feeds. Do I care? Not in the least.

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