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Comment Re:They are not government employees (Score 1) 250

Because mutilating babies so they can't get pleasure out of masturbation is a good thing according to conservatives.

Unfortunately they don't really manage to think a hint further, to the point where the friction from fucking someone in the ass is higher and hence more pleasurable when your dick ain't that sensitive anymore.

Comment Re:You live in a big leftist city, right? (Score 1) 244

Yes. And you will notice that all of them without fail are companies where "the boss" is either the founder of the company, the direct heir of the founder or he actually IS the company, plus maybe a worker or two, but he himself is very much hands-on with the actual product and not some C-Level-title floating aloof above the peasants working for him.

That's why I try to do business with smaller companies rather than corporations when I can. They DO usually care about their name and reputation.

Comment Re:No money for you, dissident! (Score 1) 76

This is pretty much the point. There is a huge difference between trying to incite people to commit violence against people and stating an opinion. The question is whether that difference will be considered. "Kill all infidels!" must not be on the same level as "I disagree with what you said and here is why I think you're wrong".

Judging by the development in other social media I cannot say with good faith that I can trust this to be the case.

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