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Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

There's clearly something wrong with this benchmark since my i7-6700k with GTX 970 sli is much faster than my i5-4670k with the same video card and amount of ram, yet that site say that it's a much lower performance. I do not know what they use as metrics, but everything I look at seems off. It`s like it has been filled up by hand.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

I still have an i7-960 between my five `live` computers, which had been released late Q4 2009, so not yet 7 years old. At that time, the CPU pricing was the same as the i7-6850K. It was about 30-40% faster in games than my 9550 (it had 12GB of fast triple channel memory too!). It gets a score of 6K on cpu benchmark. It was running a pair of geforce GTX260 core 216 in the time :) Currently a headless linux server, so a tad harder to compare to my W10 boxes to get a real world comparison.

If you want to compare to that one, I`d say the improvement is closer to 150%

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

Ok, lets talk real world improvement then. With the same video card and hard drives and in game settings, Battlefield 4 went from an average of 28 FPS to VSync locked at 60fps when I moved from a Q9550 to an i5-4670k (already a 3 years old computer, 7,606 points in cpubenchmark). While the cpubenchmark yielded lower than 100% improvement, I got more than that in game. I also went from 8GB to 16GB of memory but BF4 wasn't using it all. The extra memory speed could have helped though, along with the faster PCI lines, so the whole system ended up being much faster than the old.

Comment Re:Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

Have you been living under a rock ?

In the system to my left, an 8 years old Q9550 ( http://ark.intel.com/products/... ) which while running Windows 10 will only put out 4000 points on cpubenchmark.net (and it shows!). To my right, a 1 year old i7-6700K ( http://ark.intel.com/products/... ) using less power than the Q9550, yet dishing out 11000 points in cpu benchmark. Then, there's this year i7-6850k, handing out a Q9550 more performance over the already performing i7-6700k (got 15500 points!). That's an improvement of 288% over something that was considered top of the line 8 years ago.

Comment Re:Why a browser ?? (Score 1) 237

Oh, I definitely have to agree that a lot of people install bad audio system. But I personnally favor a high end 5.1 system (well, the .1 isn't really important with a good 5 for a lot of things, but it can shine on very deep bass) over only stereo. One of my favorite scene that shows off the potential of a system is in the Quarantine movie ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ) when the firetrucks leave the station (and you ride in one).

Anyway, I didn't subscribe long to Netflix myself as I am more affected by the audio of a movie than by the quality of the video. In stereo I was being fed only 96 kbps, and 5.1 was 192 kbps, which mean that to me the stereo feed was unlistenable to. The 5.1 was fine when there was not much going on but as soon as the sound stage opened the quality was dropping abysmally.

Oh well, I just hoard blu rays...

Comment Re:What next? (Score 2) 147

It depends how badly they reused the meshes. I don`t have either game, nor the tools handy, but it could be easy to validate the mesh coordinates. If the number of vertex using the same (1e-4 difference) coordinate exceeds 5-10% and I`d have a hard time believing it was done manually and not copied. From the screenshots, I'd guess that it could be much higher than this.

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