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Comment Re:Glasses (Score 1) 433

Don't forget that you have to stand straight for the glasses to work. If one of the viewer likes watching the movies lying on it's side, it's game over for the 3d effect. Then, there's the 50% brightness issue. Focus control and movement control isn't that bad and isn't something you have either on 2d movies.

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

Here you can pay 0.5$ less per gallon ( total savings of ~$8 for my car) if you are willing to queue up at Costco. Queue time routinely reach 15 minutes, and the fill rate is about 3 gallon per minute. Usually will only go if my wife is at Costco while 1 or 2 of the kids nap in the car. If we had a model X, it would always be recharging back at home, and the charge would be enough for every day except twice a year where we would have to charge it near our destination.. but then we could take the grand caravan for those days..

Comment Re: Pratchett and Baxter already predicted this (Score 1) 277

She didn't take any medication to reduce the pain, pressure points usage is the only thing she asked for (and I obliged rather easily) in order to 'stay in her bubble'. I do not know what would be an emergency birth for you (not having a returned baby and discovering it too late, perhaps? It seems like a medical inattention or error in that case -- so perhaps more of a medical issue with the baby about to die ? In this case that's why there's a need for cesarean birth..) so please send more details if you want to discuss.

Comment Re:Mostly yes (Score 1) 76

I was also winking at the latest slashdot news about vinyls generating more $$$ than downloads (in the UK) =)

Lets say that I start making music, I can just publish it, and no one will have a penny out of it, beside apple and me. If they've signed their rights off, then all bets are off too. (I do not mean I would be successful in anyway doing that though!)

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 158

Ok, that`s great then. In my area the average starting salary is amongst the lowest in Canada, and when I've seen tech worker in that range of salary, not getting much of an increase, that was either because they weren't valued employee at all (should perhaps have chosen another domain), or they were getting ripped off and didn't know about it - which is why I suggested thinking about it.

If your area allows to live comfortably on that salary then I guess it`s possible it isn`t that bad =)

Comment Re:amplifier (Score 1) 122

Actually, it depends on your amplifier.. But a good rule of thumb is that you would be safe. This 'hack' on PCs date back to when voice chats appeared .. since no one had dedicated pc microphone, everyone I knew was using cheap headphones.. And doing this without the user knowledge has been possible for quite a while --- since the input/ouput could be reaffected, which is also too long ago to remember. News, anyone ?

Comment Re: Nope (Score 1) 598

Humm, it would be nice to have 6am be the sun rise time, 12 noon, 6pm the sun set time. Lets make it so that the seconds compress and strech based on your GPS coordinates. If you work from 8 to 5, you always get '2 hours' of sunset in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon. You just get to work a long ass shift if you are in the polar circle .. (but then you also get 6 months off)

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