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Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

Edge case for slashdot, I guess you are right. So many other nice examples keeps coming up, and a lot are also among my friends & family (ie, not just me ;) ). A single outlier is enough to prevent the envisionned death. I have a hard time trying to evaluate the current car ownership rate for people who really need it. Perhaps 5% ?

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

To kill ownership would mean that 100% of owners got rid of their cars. It only takes one to prevent that. While you think that there aren't many families in the city, you are very wrong. A lot of my coworkers had 2, 3 and even some others had 4 kids too. I was living near the bay bridge (Baele st) in SF, was going to work with my bicycle. My wife and kids would go to the beach (Pacifica was one of their favorite destination), to happy hollow park in San Jose and multiple others, to the Zoo, aquarium, in some nice montains nearby (Mount diablo trails were a win) or on the North side of the golden gate, then once I would know at which time I'd be done working we'd set ourself a rendez-vous point and I'd cycle there when she was driving back. Spending the evening in some nice place, getting the bike back on the rack, and driving home.

On the weekends we would just use the car and drive away to Santa Cruz, or Monterey and the nice aquarium, or Big Sur for some camping, or Lake Tahoe for a long weekend, or Point Reyes, or spend some time in Napa / Sonoma. And much more! I don't think anyone would say that SF is not a major US city, and this lifestyle of mine was also relatively common with my coworkers. I discovered many nice places with them & other friends on the weekends, and even if I'm no longer living there, they do and keep sharing their experiences.

So, I am sorry that you can't envision this lifestyle, but I quite enjoy it.

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

"An urban area is the region surrounding a city. Most inhabitants of urban areas have nonagricultural jobs. Urban areas are very developed, meaning there is a density of human structures such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and railways. "Urban area" can refer to towns, cities, and suburbs."

I am living in what you would call 'suburb' area. While I'm no longer in a major US city, I lived in San Francisco for a while, and there's no way we would have done what we did if we had relied only on public transportation / lyft / uber or such. I do rent cars sometimes but that do cost much more to provide the benefits that owning one does.

I was mostly pointing out that even in major us cities his point was invalid since his proposal would not solve major use cases of cars. From the summary : " Zimmer, who has long been a vocal proponent of ending car ownership, set a date for the death of the personally owned car in major U.S. cities: 2025. "

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 5, Insightful) 274

Reason #1 it won't happen; families.

Here I have 4 kids, each requiring different car seats size / adjustments. We are bringing and keeping different stuff for the kids (Stroller, diapers, their favorite movies) which stay with us without needing to grab it at our Xth destination. Keeping our previous purchases safe while we go for our next stop, and the items we don't need at that stop (no stroller at the grocery store) is a major win that lyft rides won't provide.

It might definitely help reduce the percentage of ownership, but it certainly can't sign the death certificate.

Comment Re:Why is an eight year old using a phone? (Score 1) 181

there are no law requiring you to be 13 to use the internet, in either the USA or Canada. What are you taking that from ? I'm not sure for 18 for a cell service contract either, but that doesn't matter that much if she's using it on wifi, does it ? Does all phone contract say that you can't lend it to someone under 18 ?

Comment Re:I've always wanted (Score 1) 551

Also, focusing with a DSLR manually is still way faster than auto-focus on the phones. I mostly use aperture priority mode meaning that the exposure will auto-adjust. I use my thumbs wheels to adjust the aperture, iso, and sometime over/under exposing instantly. The settings needed for the 'current' picture targets are somewhat dialed in before and only minutes adjustments are needed. After taking tons of pictures with a telephoto you can dial in the focus toward your target very quickly too. But then, the autofocus on DSLR has improved quite a lot and does a great job in most situations, and I'm still on a 4 years old dslr. I might change again in 4 years, I'll see what's best at that point!

Comment Re:I've always wanted (Score 1) 551

D-SLR means Digital SLR. Yes, that`s as old as that. With image stabilization at the sensor level. See . My current DSLR has 2 128GB SD card in it, and I can switch them around as I see fit with many other cards.

Why do I think it takes better photos ? Well I compared my Samsung S6 & my friend iPhone 6 plus pictures to those I had been taking years ago and it still wasn't equivalent to those old pictures. I was saying that it's possible that the new one will reach this level now, but it's still only a toy and not a tool. I already have a few friends who confirmed they will be updating, I guess I`ll find out soon enough.

Comment Re: I've always wanted (Score 1) 551

35mm film 'high iso' (400-800) has more noise and approximately the same resolution as that old DSLR capturing 3k x 2k I was talking about. If you were using slower film with tripod (so that the image stabilizator didn`t improve the shot that much over the old one) you can definitely reach the level of my 4years old DSLR, but you had none of the advantages.

I`ll see how it fares against a 50mm F1.4, or at wide angle level.. or even against my telephoto objectives. The thing is, when I want to take good picture, I get my gear out and set myself up for nice shots. If I just want to keep a souvenir then the samsung s6 does the job pretty well. I still have my film cameras, but last week I finally decided to throw to the garbage the films I had kept in the freezer for the last decade. I was sad to throw off the slides films though, those were the best :)

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 644

I don't know about were you live, but trees here are commonly 60-80 feet high ( which is low compared to what they are in other places). Reported height over the trees was 30 feet, and people are very often under-estimating the height the object they see are at. Thus, I'd expect 100+ feet for that drone (which is very easy to hit with birdshots). I do not know about the exact rules in Northern Virginia since I've not flown down there, but in a lot of places that would be totally fine. We do not know the other side of the story either. Also, depending on regulations, it might depend on the drone and camera use. With what I'm flying, I see almost nothing down there at 100 feet when I'm looking forward (you would not recognize someone), so by itself it would be enough to be protected against the most common complaints that can be used around here.

Also, the correct thing to do is certainly not to shoot it off the sky. Call the cops and track down the guy flying. There has been many judgments against people flying without following the regulations, and they are being hit with large fines when found guilty, while you don't risk being in trouble yourself.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 644

Most of them ? I've been flying for a while and encountered a lot of other flyers, but I've yet to see one of those shitbags you are referring to. I do agree some exists from videos I've seen shared, but the regulations are also much more complex than just 'not over my property'. I've flown both in the US (California) and Canada. No national parks is the only regulation I'm sad about, but I understand that this is needed for now.

Oh well, we will see how that goes :)

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