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Comment Re:Why a browser ?? (Score 1) 237

Oh, I definitely have to agree that a lot of people install bad audio system. But I personnally favor a high end 5.1 system (well, the .1 isn't really important with a good 5 for a lot of things, but it can shine on very deep bass) over only stereo. One of my favorite scene that shows off the potential of a system is in the Quarantine movie ( ) when the firetrucks leave the station (and you ride in one).

Anyway, I didn't subscribe long to Netflix myself as I am more affected by the audio of a movie than by the quality of the video. In stereo I was being fed only 96 kbps, and 5.1 was 192 kbps, which mean that to me the stereo feed was unlistenable to. The 5.1 was fine when there was not much going on but as soon as the sound stage opened the quality was dropping abysmally.

Oh well, I just hoard blu rays...

Comment Re:What next? (Score 2) 147

It depends how badly they reused the meshes. I don`t have either game, nor the tools handy, but it could be easy to validate the mesh coordinates. If the number of vertex using the same (1e-4 difference) coordinate exceeds 5-10% and I`d have a hard time believing it was done manually and not copied. From the screenshots, I'd guess that it could be much higher than this.

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

Why are you expecting us not to tell our other half ? Lets look at an example; we started watching Walking dead a while ago. I did enjoy it initially, but soon grew tired of it. She, on the other hand quite liked it. I told her, but she asked me to still watch it with her since she favors that. I kept going until the end of the fourth season, but could not stand it anymore. So I didn`t join her on the 6th. She did resent me on it even though she understand, and that I had given her about 3.5 extra seasons after mentioning I did no longer want to watch it.

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

But then you don`t force your wife to watch those movies / shows, do you ? My wife likes all the series I watch and enjoy watching them truthfully. I don't like some of those that she likes, but she wants to watch them with me anyway. I am certainly not refusing her, but if some people are discussing the show and saying it's good, I'm certainly not preventing myself from trashing their illusions. At least I'm not reviewing shows/movies online, but I can see how that goes for many people.

Comment Re: Dear submitter, (Score 1) 408

By default that feature requires you to keep pressing the key Gibb for the car to move, release it and it stops immediately. He had to activate the feature, change the key fob press to stop, confirm his responsability, then he could use it. If I was Tesla, I would also change the menu to confirm rather than only cancel, but it's clearly his issue..

Comment Re:AMD just crapped themselves (Score 1) 153

Time is of the essence; if you want it now, if you have a very old setup, then it make sense to update. If not, it`s always worth it to keep pushing it further, until your current setup no longer does the job. If it didn`t do the job anymore, then buying what is available make sense, even if something better will come afterward. There`s always something better coming later anyway!

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