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Comment Re:If it actually saved money.... (Score 1) 177

I have a hard time understanding how it cost more. Those nurse should be taking a 25% pay cut, which should directly be applied to the replacement. Holidays / sick leave cost would also be proportionnally reduced, only the fixed cost not being affected (employer provided clothing / training ?). How did they manage to fuck it up ?

Comment Re:Everyone? (Score 1) 370

You certainly have your budget priorities backward. 11K for the video part and 5-10K for installing stuff, with only 4K for the audio part ? (2K for receiver is not set on either side). I'd go with a large OLED screen before any kind of projector, sorry. Lets start with the 65" LG C7P (yes, it's big enough. Just get closer, beside your rear speakers will have better results) at only 5K. Get 2 SVS subs for another 5K, then that 2K receiver should be able to balance out the issues with 3K worth of speakers for your atmos setup. Maybe a few hundred bucks of cables / adapter, and less than .5k on the blu ray player will give you a much better experience than at the cinema (I'm considering you already have better seating options)

Comment Re:Not a lawyer (Score 1) 206

'it looks like someone has been using your broadband connection to share copyrighted material' is what the ISP said; and it's far from being bad. We don't have the wording that the ISP received, but the information that the notice would have provided to the ISP should already have been known by that ISP, thus I find it hard to believe it would have any kind of effect on your reputation.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 113

I'm pretty sure we could find somewhere in AWS data how much they are making a month with S3. They lost 10% of it just due to the SLA. That`s not counting all the engineers which had to fix things, improve system, move stuff around, prevent further failures, etc, at quite a lot of companies.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 281

Humm, indeed my friends and family is no longer representative of the kids building cheap system, and they tend to go with at least 1 GTX1080, or used to have 2 980ti, purchase large 4K tv or high quality monitor, or in my case I`m running multiple high resolution monitors. 1 or 2 1TB SSDs, one of them being m2 NVMe 4x, along with a large platter disk (or 2 for raid redundancy), 200$ on keyboard & mouse is a minimum.

Albeit one thing I`ll give you is that the price I was referring to was in CAD, but the +% should still match.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 281

A lot of people are comparing the CPU price; if I drop +50% on the CPU I barely get +10% better performances! But they fail to take into account the fact that they are dropping 3 grand on the system, so that 200 extra bucks only represent a 6% premium for 10% better performances. I expect that`s what you did too.

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