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Comment Yes, as a media source, and a secondary backup (Score 1) 385

I still use optical media, but much less so than before.

For audio and video media, CD and DVD are my first choice, but as a means to an end. I have several used disc sources, and a couple of local stores still selling new material. It becomes an automatic backup once I rip the discs to the file format needed, but the media itself is infrequently used once on my file server.

DVD+/-R and BD-Rs became secondary backup sources. USB hard drives are much more convenient, but I'll additionally burn valuable data to blu-ray, periodically testing the discs for readability.

With a Gigabit+wireless AC network at home, I have little need for optical media for everyday use. An external USB optical drive for my laptop is more than sufficient for the odd need. I'll litter available desktop PC slots with optical drives.

Comment I'm not tossing 5 year old machines out. (Score 1) 551

The day Apple supplements my paycheque to needlessly buy new machines will be the day I needlessly buy new machines. Meanwhile, I'll keep running my 5 year old E520, equipped with an i5-2540M, 8gigs of ram and 512gig SSD, and be happy with it until it dies. It's good enough and not brutally slow for my needs.

Comment Re:Confirmed (Score 1) 515

I read the summary. I'm sure they're resetting Windows update to enable the Windows 10 download after each patch cycle. As I have Security Essentials installed, I wouldn't be surprised if the download is enabled after a definition update.

I've had to repeat unchecking the download on both my machines twice last week. I had unchecked the Windows 10 download on my desktop Thursday morning, to still have Windows 10 installed that evening.

Friday I found Windows 10 download in WU enabled AGAIN on my Windows 7 Pro laptop, and unchecked it. I went back into WU today - it was enabled again.

Comment Pleb...We're installing Win 10 NOW, too bad! (Score 1) 370

On Thursday, I left my desktop PC idle to have supper. I went back to the room 2-3 hours later to find my system updated to Windows 10. Bunch of cunts. I'm glad this didn't happen at a time I needed the machine badly.

I tried declining the EULA, but the idea of restoring to an unobserved, unknown state seemed even riskier. I left Windows 10 on, but if updates are always going to be a nasty surprise for now on, I cant trust my system to be reliable when I need it. My system could have easily been hosed fresh for my on-line test this week - I'm glad my deadline wasn't on Thursday.

Comment Re:Rally? facebook login? (Score 1) 316

You need to think the option from a different perspective.

Many have zero interest having Facebook harvest their activities, so they'll likely have zero interest visiting a site with a Facebook login. Speaking for myself, the moment a "Login with Facebook" pop up appears, I immediately lose interest visiting - One less site, more closed (but inversely more peace and satisfaction for me).

Comment Re:lack of attractive upgrade prices (Score 1) 860

I agree. Also, while many people have family and friends with the technical resources to handle any combination of the issues you mention, another cost point to include is software install and data transfer.

Not everyone has the skill, money, or connections to transfer all of this older data to a new system. Many posts suggest handling these upgrades on behalf of those not prepared to handle the upgrade, but say this in a condescending tone like Grandma merely has recipes, pictures of children and doilies and nothing of value on their system. I'm sure many know their system is old, but cannot fathom trusting others to handling their personal information. Having it professionally managed comes at great cost. It can take hours, and if they're not prepared to upgrade in the first place, what are the chances they'll spend money on transferring data? Also, many out there do not have trusting family or neighbours they would want handling their personal data either.

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