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Comment Re:Disengenous (Score 1) 306

Totally agree with this. I don't even hardly ever game anymore, but $5 purchases sure make for an easy win if I'm at all interested, just in case. I still haven't played most of them, FWIW. At higher prices, I wouldn't have bought them, either.

Comment Re:Occams Scalpel (Score 1) 962

Are you saying that the industry and gaming culture consider that acceptable behavior, or that a vocal minority of shitheads do? Extrapolating the behavior of the few and deciding the many think it's cool is of course, quite silly. Don't you think that suggesting the entire industry and all gamers have a problem is rather ad hom-y of you?

Comment Re:Pft (Score 1) 962

Do you think that because the average gamer is in the mid 30s that there are no vocal minority of immature, blubbering 12 year olds or those who act like them? Extremists and idiots always make more noise. And they either don't know or don't care (quite often both) if the majority doesn't share their opinions - if they did, we wouldn't be talking about them, would we? That's exactly WHY they do what they do.

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